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  1. I have found out from personnel expierence if this was a non assest BK, You don't have to list all creditors. Just notify them of the BK and provide Discharge papers and they have to stop now. I found this out in another forum, and under the revised bankruptcy code.
  2. I wanted to make sure everybody knows, the bank is reporting a 0 balance, they just keep updateing the credit file as was (in bankruptcy)
  3. Can a bank keep reporting (was in bankruptcy) after the discharge date on your credit reports.
  4. The macy's card my wife had was a dual card. It had two different accounts tied to one card. One side a macy's the other a visa. If you included it in BK7 then both accounts were discharged right? On to credit reports, how do you dispute inaccurate reporting when the creditor listed on the creditor list has two different accounts tied to same card. On her report it shows macys then it shows Department Store visa card. I need to fix inaccurate reporting by both of these.
  5. Bank of America is still reporting (was "in Bankruptcy" 1 year 6 months later, which is affecting my equifax report. They can't continue to report can they
  6. I was disputing a tradeline that was reported accurately, but was not worded correctly. (Second mortgage included in BK7). US Bank said they couldn't fix that, so I disputed with transunion, sent paperwork, they sent back report showing it deleted. Plus they want paperwork showing Case number and list of creditors, can they Put the tradeline back in or what.
  7. We have a shell also and I have noticed that as well and was wondering also
  8. Under descriptiion it shows closed by consumer, under current status it says unrated or bankruptcy. Is this comment in the current status column hurting my score and should it be disputed.
  9. If a account on credit report under (description) show closed by consumer but under (current status) show unrated or bankruptcy. What is current status really suppose to show if the account has been closed approx. 6 years ago.
  10. Reaffirmed second mortgage on same day bk was discharged. Creditor refuses to fix my credit report because paperwork (reaffirmation ) was delivered after discharge date. Said that (technically it was discharged) and they have to list it that way, even tho I have made the payments. I had sent paperwork to CRA showing proof of payments. don't know if it will do any good now after finding this out. Now what can I do if anything.
  11. Methuss are you 100% sure? Can you possibly tell me where that says at in the new law, because I am going to challenge my lawyer on this, but I need to make sure please that is all.
  12. This is the deal, we reaffirmed this loan (second) on Dec 4 2006. The Bk7 was discharged on Dec 4 2006. The bank will not fix my credit report that shows this loan discharged even tho it was reaffirmed, because they recieved the paper work 8 days later. wouldn't the day it was signed be considered the day it would be accepted. They said that they could not do anything because they didn't receive the paperwork before the discharge date.
  13. I am just asking to see if he is responsible, the whole reason for asking is that my credit report shows it included in bk, called the bank said they didn't receive paperwork until after discharge date and that they can't do anything about it cause techicnally it was discharged. the reaffirmation needed to be in before discharge date. wouldn't the date of signing for the reaffirmation be considered as when it should be accepted.
  14. Reaffirmed second mortgage with bank, bankruptcy discharged chapter 7 on 12-04-06, bank recieved paperwork on 12-12-06. Why am I paying on a loan that techincally was discharged and if I stopped paying what can the bank do about it. Is the attorney responseable for this issue. Of course this affects my credit showing as well
  15. US Bank said they would fix it, I was just confused as to what the letter was saying. thanks