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  1. I called the OC again yesterday afternoon to see what information they had and when I spoke to the rep. she said that what was listed on the CR might not have been payments but only an indication that the account was in a "current" status.This appears to go out to the CRA on an automated type of contact, so not really sure what is listed are payments or not and she could not tell me. Not sure I have enough info to file a police report, just alot of suspicions.
  2. I suppose I have to do that, I have been very reluctant to go that route because I have no proof this person did anything and no information on her whereabouts. Just suspicions. So what do I tell the police? What can I put in a report?
  3. Webbank covers many creditors catalog companies and such that do credit online. The only information they have in their "system" is that the account was opened online by someone with my info using a po box that belongs to a buisness that I have done some work for in the past. The only thing I can think is that a former employee of that company came across information and used it to open an account and have merchandise shipped to the po box. Part of her job was to collect the mail from the po box twice a week so she could have picked up what she ordered and took it home with her . The owner of the company has been very helpful but has little info on this employee. It appears she used false info on employment app. I just want this thing off my credit report.
  4. nascar Yes everything has been mailed to the po box belonging to someone else
  5. ok so an update to this mess 8/16/2013 called the OC who has verified the account as belonging to me and was informed that the account was sold in March of 2013 they have no documentation everything they had was sent to the "new owner" So how did they "verify" the account belongs to me if they have no documentation verification happens in August of 2013 - OC admits selling account in March of 2013 just how does that work?
  6. okay more info: account is a credit account supposedly opened by me somewhere around 07/2012 it is an account with a catalog merchant and Webbank. I never opened any such account. My CR shows payments made in July, Aug, Sept and Oct. of 2012 - I have never made any payments to this company. I contacted the OC to report fraudulent account 05/2013 this is when I first found the account on my credit report. i never received any written communication from the OC OC said they would mail paperwork to file a claim of fraud, they never did I disputed the account with the CRA and have received the results of the dispute "verified, this account belongs to you" 6/2013 I talked to CRA - they said Method of Verification is eOscar The OC then sold the account to JDB not sure when OC did not inform JDB that the account had been disputed as fraudulent I received a letter from JDB on or about 7/01/2013 I mailed a DV on 7/28/2013 that included my correct address I received a settlement offer letter from JDB on or about 08/08/2013- 08/16/2013 with the words "this is an attempt to collect a debt" I am still working to get the OC removed from my credit report
  7. Artvandelay Thank you for that information it is interesting and where I feel I may eventually end up at least filing a lawsuit against them it is good to gather as much information and ammunition as possible
  8. oic I have a time limit they don't. Typical of the way things go in life. So at what point do they need to remove the inaccurate info from a credit report? Pardon all the questions but I need to learn from you and others on this board.
  9. Admin Would you advise I send the letter now or wait until the end of the 30 days they have to respond to my dv request?
  10. Willingtocope No the second letter went again to the wrong address. It is a po box that belongs to a business that I occasionally do some work for, it is embarrassing to say the least to have this individual bringing me these letters that are obviously from a collection agency. (or is it just obvious to me?)
  11. also a second dv request would certainly be outside the 30 day window, should I include a copy or just make reference to the first dv letter?
  12. okay I can certainly do that. Does it matter that the first dv letter had my correct address on it?
  13. okay maybe I was confused. The date on the letter is 6/28/2013 the date on the envelope post mark is 7/012013 I mailed my dv on 7/28/2013 30 days from the date of the letter. The green card signed by the collector is dated 7/30/2013. So they received my dv 2 days after I posted it. On 08/16/2013 I received a collections letter from them offering debt settlement. I have not received any form of validation. So in a nutshell I received the the letter in the po box of someone else on or after 7/01/2013 and I mailed a dv request on 7/28/2013 within the 30 day window. Right?
  14. I need some help finding some information that I know I read here but now can't find at all. On 07/18/2013 receive ce d 06/28/2013 (the reason it took so long to get to me is that they are mailing these things to a po box that belongs to someone else. That person forwarded it to me.) I sent a dv post marked 7/28/2/2013013 that was received and signed for on 07/30 /2013. Today 08/16/20, I received a debt settlement letter dated 08/08/2013 on the back it clearly states "this is an attempt to collect a debt" I have received no other communication from them. Now, I know I read somewhere here that it is a violation of the FDCPA to continue collection after a written validation request has been received. I just can't find it. I am not sure if I should respond to this violation now or wait for the end of the 30 day period. Part of me wants to hammer them right now but there is a little voice saying take this slow. Advice on how to handle this is welcomed and direction to any statues and or opinion letters or other posts on this matter would be helpful. Thanks to all who have helped
  15. Thank you willingtocope. The credit report has the mortgage as IIB along with the other accounts that were discharged. My son in law is working hard to rebuild his credit and I now feel a little better that there is hope that in a year they will be able to qualify for a loan.
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