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  1. I have a quick question for you all. For an address change/update with EQ, is it easier to call, fax or mail? If so, does anyone have good contact numbers? AND, since I live in Texas, do I use CSC? Good contact numbers for them ?? Thanks, guys!
  2. Christ, this is starting to scare the crap put of me! Who has the double-six piece? Anyone? Anyone?
  3. This is a bit off topic since its regarding a company and not me. I work for Mervyns and I found out recently that Mervyns has stopped communications with a few key lenders. I would assume this is a liquidity issue. So the lenders then stopped shipment of merchandise and tried to convince all other lenders to stop shipments of merch. Now, the media picked up on this and is saying that Chapter 11 could be filed by next month. (including the Wall Street Journal) Has anyone heard about this? Will this liquidity issue come back to bite us if we do file chapter 11 and a motion is filed by cred
  4. I completely understand that statement. That was exactly my point. The question IS the answer. I just didn't agree with the original argument. Rhetorical questions are tough.
  5. Leave, don't leave. Doesn't matter. If one is wise enough to question anything in this world and especially in this website, they'll do alright. I'm sure you were once financially ignorant like most of us and there are plenty of resources out there for learning what rich people know about money and practice with money. You are completely spot on everything and I agree that the credit system is a useful tool when resources are tight and ignorance is high but pretty much a waste of time and attention when one truly starts managing money correctly and begins losing the bad habits and ignorant
  6. Excuse the tone if it comes out a bit rough but I've always had a problem with the analysis of the FICO bank card score being called a "sucker score." If the above statement (willingtocope) is accurate, then why would your score go up if you bring your utilization down? If it truly was a "sucker score" wouldn't be the opposite be true? If companies only want your money and the most of it, then one paying more interest is to their advantage. I'm aware that your score is not affected with a $0 balance but it IS a fact that your score goes up if one manages credit wisely. I think that the "suck
  7. Sound advice. I think I'll take your advice and use it for the DP. I may even postpone it for a couple more months and try to finance 5k instead of the 9k. Thanks for your advice and time! Off to shop!
  8. Ah! And in these two responses is the gist of my problem. This is exactly the main question I had. I have an average FICO of 670. I thought by paying off one loan, it could push me to a lower APR on that loan. On the other hand, I thought, well no. Save the money, use it towards down payment, then lower my monthly payment, and finance less money. To answer the question, I have 5500 dollars in debt. One $3000 SL, another one for $1800, and the rest spread out between five CC's. Everything is current. Another thing to know is that I'm thinking of using my credit union for the loan and not
  9. Strange but I haven't felt the impact as of yet. I haven't had a single inq come back on my report and I've been using CIP and TU for a while. Must be some sort of definitive protocol for this that simply doesn't apply to everyone.
  10. Hello, all! I have a question. I'm going to have to finance about 9k on a new car (something I really wanted to avoid). Anyhoo, I've been working my credit score for a while now thanks to this board. I'm now in a position to pay off one of my student loans in one lump sum payment of $1800. If I do this, will it raise my credit score? I'm just trying to raise it as much as possible before talking to my credit union. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Don't know if anyone has seen or posted this but I thought it would be pertinent. http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/841394/ Check out the first post on the page.
  12. I have something better than that book...three words.... CREDIT INFO CENTER.
  13. Thanks for all the responses! I've never bought a car before but I have had secured loans which I have paid. I have one derogatory on Ex and one on TU but they're the same thing; a debt that was charged off but now rehabbed and paid off. Looks like I'm just going to have to roll the dice here. Thanks again!