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  1. Just got off the phone with the executive customer service level. They would only do a small charge reverse. I need to speak with someone higher on the ladder. Please give phone number. Thanks. Puck
  2. I pulled my reports today for the heck of it and was shocked to see a Public record of a Federal Tax Lein. I never received any notice from anyone. Don't you think someone should of sent me a notice that I owed money?? Now what do I do. Maybe it isn't mine???? I want to throw up.
  3. This is the format for email addresses at Capital One: firstname.lastname@capitalone.com. Cheers.
  4. This is the format for email addresses at Capital One: firstname.lastname@capitalone.com. Cheers.
  5. I thought this was great advice if you want to screw with a company that is screwing you. Instead of getting mad...get even. http://consumerist.com/consumer/howto/how-to-fight-companies-online-and-win-227542.php Puck
  6. I found this today. Saw that this is useful. It's pretty much like DVing the mortgage company. You know the (assholes that are fuching you over) If you are currently facing foreclosure here are some steps you can follow along with some templates for a legal request, a letter to your lender, and a motion to compel. Fight Foreclosure: Make ‘Em Produce The Note! Puck
  7. I've been on this site for awhile now and it has really helped me. We have to stop being victims and start bombarding the decision makers with our letters to regulate the banking and credit card companies. Yes we can make a difference. https://secure.consumersunion.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=2003 you might have to cut and paste the link in your browser. Puck
  8. No more letters, I'm done. I just need advise on first step. I do not want to go to small claims because there are at least 50 and counting violations at $1000.00 each plus I now want damages. I 'm in Illinois and the third party is in another state. I also intend to sue the credit bureaus. I tried looking up forms on Illinois law and don't know what forms I need to start the ball rolling. I have made it my mission to be the biggest thorn in the sides of creditors and credit bureaus. They have to know were not going to take this bull**** anymore. I have all my ducks in a row. I know I could just walk away but that's not me anymore. YES WE CAN change this. I know that this site has enormous help. I also prefer to go to court pro SE.
  9. http://www.ftc.gov/os/caselist/0623212/081219compucreditstiporder.pdf Aspire, Freedom, Majestic, Aspen S, Aspen M, Tribute, Imagine, Embrace, and Purpose Advantage credit card Puck
  10. So they can continue to report negatives as long as it states "consumer disputes"???
  11. http://www.ftc.gov/os/caselist/0623212/index.shtm Please go to the link above for settlement info. Ha Ha they lost
  12. Nascar, Thank you, I knew I wasn't crazy. Please read the original post above of what I have already done. What do you suggest is my next move? Thanks again, Puck
  13. I know what your talking about. I thought whenever your debt is purchased it is always a "third party" and should be treated under the guidelines of a collection agency. Isn't that's why it's stated in this site that they will never be able to prove it's yours (if it is) because they won't have the original paper work. since they were not the original credit card. Don't give up. This site has helped me. Puck
  14. So you do agree that since Emerge said they bought this from Providian that they are the third party and should be treated as a collection agency under their guidelines?
  15. I have a valid concern. it's my understanding that since if it was bought from Providian (which they haven't proved yet). That would make them the third party and should be held to third party regulations. I have been paying on this account from Emerge for 7 years and it never goes down. They will not give me any accounting on what i've paid. No, I do not have all my records. If I don't pay them they mess up my credit report and my score was trashed. I really do appreciate your help. I don't understand why they wouldn't have to show me some real proof. They said they don't have the origional application. What's the point of all the info on this site if it dosen't apply??? I'm just pissed off at the whole system. Puck
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