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  1. It sounds like 16 different violations to me. Actually more, because you can get them on harrassment and continuing collections without validating.
  2. I sent Cavalry an ITS last Thursday, and gave them 5 business days to respond. I will wait until this coming Friday to see if they actually do. Do they have a reputation for ignoring ITS letters? For some reason I have this fishy feeling that they'll not be responding. If they don't, I really do plan on suing. Anyone with any advice on that? I just want to make sure I have my ducks in a row. Am I asking this question in the right forum? TIA!
  3. So since they have bonding information listed with the Texas SOS, that means that they can collect in Texas right? I tried every which way to search them in the SOS database and nothing worked except for the "Cavalry%" that someone used earlier in this thread. Before I saw this thread I had already fired off a letter to them explaining that they were in violation. Now they might think I'm stupid. bleh. Ah well, at least I still have them on FDCPA and FCRA violations.
  4. I don't have a thread that I started here, but I won against a recent CA. They were Luebke Baker and they said I owed money for some magazine accounts that I've never had. I sent them 2 DV's and then eventually an ITS... their response was as follows: They're obviously still in denial, but scared enough that they're going to pay me and leave me alone from now on!!! Thanks to all here whom I have learned how to protect my rights!!!!
  5. Well didn't they break the law by trying to commit fraud when they typed my name on a signature line without my consent? (I'm no lawyer) I guess what I'm trying to reach for is advice on how I should pursue this. I definitely want to, and if it means I have to sue them in court, so be it. (but I don't even know the process for that) I have documentation and I know that they totally tried to jack me because I know for a fact I never agreed to the terms that they put on the bogus contract. I also know for a fact that they typed my name on it without my consent.
  6. I'm not trying to be rude, but I'm not so sure that's the case Robert. I mean, I've heard/read too many success stories of people using this forum and other similar forums (am I allowed to mention them?) that have taken it much further than the point I'm stuck in, and have successfully handled the situation. The only thing is, I'm not exactly sure of the process they followed. I was referred here by a buddy that swore up and down that this place was super helpful and all I'm getting told is that there's "not much you can do"?? So I'm supposed to just go belly up to the debt collector? Seriousl
  7. That's the thing, they're not reporting on my credit report, but they keep trying to collect. All the disputes and C&D's over time has kept the 3rd party collectors from reporting. But UOP keeps hiring other collection firms. So I'm trying to figure out how to make UOP realize they need to quit harassing me or I'm going to sue them.
  8. Before I knew better about asking for investigations I dv'ed the OC and that's how I got the bogus contract. And that's ALL they sent me, along with a letter saying pretty much just that.
  9. There's really nothing more to the story. They're trying to charge me for some made up contract. I have tons of contracts and agreements I signed with them and they're all in a folder, the one they sent me is not in my folder which means it was never "real" because I'm that anal about keeping a hold of things I sign. Also all the other agreements have my actual signature on them, why would I have one with just my named typed? That in itself is fishy.The contract basically says that if I left their school I agree to pay X amount. Except that conveniently that same amount is the exact same amoun
  10. UOP is not an angel and they are not perfect. I've done tons of research and they have been fined, taken to court, fined again for all sorts of illegal/unethical practices. Some of which was student loan fraud. But I'm not here to prove how bad these people are, I'm here to try to make them go away and stop trying to collect on a bogus debt with a bogus contract.So falsifying a contract and typing my name on a signature line isn't illegal? Or unethical? I find that hard to believe. Can someone please help me with this instead of basically telling me there's nothing I can do? I'd be very apprec
  11. Well, I did some research and it seems that UOP has been in hot water over tons of issues and it seems there are actually a lot of people in my same boat. There's got to be something to get these people on. Consumer law? Fraud? Anything? I mean I'm more than positive that I'd be spending some time talking with the FBI if I sent Bill Gates a letter saying he owed me money and my proof was typing his name on a signature line. I just have to figure out how to use the law against UOP.
  12. Ok, so a while back I got a collection notice from Western International University (an arm of University of Phoenix). I never attended WIU, I attended Axia. I paid back all I owed to the student loan company that gave me my loan, but then WIU sends me a notice that I owe them money. Anyhow, I DV'ed them, (not knowing what I know now) and as proof that I owe, they sent back a contract in which they typed my name on the signature line. Now I have a lot of papers I signed and faxed into Axia. None of which include the bogus contract that WIU sent me. None of which also could even potentially all