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  1. Do you mean, not use the credit cards ?
  2. This is probably a topic for a diffrent thread. Do you all credit gurus advice to OPT IN for receiving pre-approved card offers ? What are the benefits ? what are the disadvantages (other than ID theft possibility) ? Few years ago, I OPTED OUT. I am thinking, now that I need a card, I would have saved some shopping around and inquiries if I had left it open.
  3. Apparently Liz is correct in my case. Today (the first working day since the card approval), it appeared in my experian file. I am yet to receive the card. I am keeping the card to build enough history for a amex blue cash in future. Thanks for all the advices and comments and there is a lot for a newbie to learn from this thread.
  4. I am a newbie, in same situation as yours. Left with one old debt and like to get rid of it. Following is what I am reading and learning these days before I make a move
  5. Thanks for poitning this out. I thought most card applications when I apply, states like "APR starting from 10%" . And then determines the APR and CL based on my Credit Score, after approval. What other terms matters ? I am one of those consumers who have not been leveraging the credit availability, until recently. Good to have found this forum. I have started paying attention to my financial life.
  6. This rule is for the major CCs right?, not for store cards?
  7. Thanks a lot for the info. One of the reason for AMEX denial was "The amount of spending on your bank and retail credit card accounts over the last twelve months is too low. " I have been using only my Visa CC. Usage on store cards was like 1 or 2 cards (out of 5) 2 or 3 times in the last 12 mos. I wonder what would be considrered 'GOOD' spending on each card in a year ?
  8. I have a 2002 SBC telephone bill for ~$800 reported by Mid land. I m in TX. did 1-2 punch ~35 days ago. * CA sent me letter asking ' more info'. The letter states OC name as SBC, OC account number and $ Due. CA sent me settlement offer. * CA updated all CRs as 'disputed' * CA verified with EX. * TU deleted the TL on 8/27/2008. Now i am left with this being reported as open deteriorate accounts (not collection) in EQ & EX. I read this site a lot, but I cannot figure out whether I should DV again or try settle and PFD? My intention is to get done with this asap. Kindly help. Thanks in advance and Thanks for earlier helps. I am not sure what helped, but some thing in the last month has got my EQ FICO to 752 (from 671).
  9. Thanks, I had to learn it through failures ( 2 denials) . Now I have got my CL increased, Paid down to < 10% and got a new 2K walmart discover CC.
  10. Thanks, I had to learn it through some bad experience ( 2 denials) . Now I have got my CL increased, Paid down to < 10% and got a new 2K walmart discover CC.
  11. Thank you. This was the advice i was looking for. I will keep it. I am yet to receive it,so not sure about the terms of the card. There is a 0.25% to 1% (after 3.5K) reward point.
  12. I applies Walmart Discover In store yesterday & Got Approved for 2K. They alreday placed inquiry with eqfax. How can I CLOSE / DISCARD this card before being placed to my CRs ? just not activate? I belive, I should get a prime CC with better rewards. The only reason to get CC is to raise scores. Today for the first time I got a My FICO trial and found my score is 752 (wow!, it was 671 Aug 5 in EQ score watch). I have had only 1 prime CC all these years. Received advices that I open more prime CCs for a better score. Hoe ever Amex (Blue Cash) denied me , for EX score being low & 1 collection item. My FAKOs are very low (TU:757 EX:693 EQ:621) , Make me think that I may not get prime CC from any leading bank (amex, citi , chase etc.. ).
  13. TEXAS AMEX Blue Cach -- Pulled all 3 -- Denied -- Reason : low ex score , 1 collection , low history (7yrs) , low utilization (on store cards) , max utilization (70% on the only VISA CC) Walmart Discover - Pulled EQ - Approved 2K FAKO : TU 717 EQ 666 EX 632 FICO : EQ 650