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  1. Thanks for all your responses. One of the thing she's going to complain about is first; that her name and last name they dont even match. they misspelled it completely or who ever open the account didnt know how to spell it. Second; she never had a credit card with hsbc and third; she didnt sign the papers because like she said that wasnt her name. You know how some old people are she argue with the delivery person saying that wasnt her and then she call me. I told him that I was going to pass by to take a look a this paper and check what was all this about. so he just left them there.
  2. she was served with some paper for a pretrial on January. this is the first time she's seen this.
  3. It says here that is useless to DV once you've being suit, My mother is being suit buy one of those CA Lawyer but this is what's happening. My mother never had a credit card with HSBC like the notice says, the name it has on the pretrial paper if you read it out loud sounds like my mother's name but it is completely misspelled even her last name. It looks like somebody applied for whatever it was over the phone. I was going to send the DV letter because I know this is not her. my mother doesnt speak English and she is 68 years old I know she didnt applied for no card. should I send the DV lett
  4. I sent Calvary Portfolio a DV on a debt showing on ex. it's an old debt from 2000 and they never validated but what they did they started reporting the debt on equifax they were only reporting in ex before. I called eq and I explained to them my situation and that I was planning to sue. the next day the debt was removed from eq but I dont know how to go about it with ex I dont want them reporting in any other reporting agency. the debt should be coming off my report sept of next year. what should I do? I havent sent the 15 notice letter because Im afraid they will start reporting again and Im
  5. Im in the same situation here after my score went up this month I open 6 new accounts because I only had 4 cc accounts and one was a gas card joined with my wife and I needed some credit. but what I did I made sure they all pulled TU. I had 7 inq when I started and I applied for about 8 new cards and I got approved for 6 of them the other two Im waiting for the 7-10 days letter. But my TU cr is only showing 8 inq. I've been doing the Bm**p thing. but my fico score at TU was 678 when I started and it's been a month and it went down only to 674. but only 3 of this account had showed in my cr. I'
  6. I have the unsecured credit card from BOA. I called on Friday for a recon and they told me that the card I have is an unsecured card they dont see any secured card on my account. I had checked my bank account prior to calling them. I had deposited $1000 in my checking account and I was using $500 dollars from this deposit for the cc. Went I went to check my account it shows now that I have $1500 ($1000 deposit and $500 cc). I dont know what's going on, but everybody tells me is one of the best card to have and Im keeping it. I think you should too.
  7. I've got the 7-10 days deal, but I called and I got a 500 cli.
  8. I had applied for some credit cards since my score started moving up and I started to see results. I just got a wamu for $2500 and a walmart Discover for $1700 and a Hooters for $500, a Rooms to Go for $3000. All of them I had to call the credit Dept because I have a fraud alert in my credit report, some of them were even deny. But I called the credit dept and I asked for a reconsideration like I read somewhere here and buola!!! I got approved. The point is if you dont get approved the first time, call the credit dept and ask for a reconsideration and you'll be surprise of the results. I just
  9. Sorry I forgot to say, try to build more good credit that's what I did. I jumped from been in the lows 500's in nov to hi 600's right now. Try to balance it out. Have more good credit than bad credit.
  10. What Credit Union are you using? I need to refinance my car... Does anybody knows if I could refinance my truck when Im only the co-applicant?
  11. I open a checking account with BOA and I also got a secured CC with a $500 dollars CL. But when I looked at my CR it shows the account but it says Secured line of credit. Would this affect my score or my credit? I had secured card before but I didnt think it would splicited say secured on my CR. I notice my scored went up a few point but that is it. should I keep it?
  12. they pulled Transunion, you can apply online and then call the number on the website. They will go over the application verification with you. Im just going to use it to rebuild my credit after all that cleaning up all I have is two credit card of $300 and $200 cl, on joint gas card from chevron and a auto loan. I needed some credit accounts in my report. Im adding a prepaid from BOA and one more card from CJ. just checked my fico and is 666(EQ)/671(TU)/561 (EX) from lows 500's in November last year. that's a big improvement.
  14. in november my score was in the low 500's and look at it now. 700's here I come!!!. Thanks everybody you guys dont know how much this is going to change my life. I had bad credit because I lost my job because of the 911 incident at the time I had 3 credit cars, 2 brand new car, 2 kids and a new born baby. it's been hard but here I get all the support I need to keep going. I found this site in 2006 and I started visiting and reading most of the post. Im getting my life back again. credit is not everything but it does open many doors for you.