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  1. Check out the new SIG My FICOs were about what I expected... But my wife's EQ was a pleasant surprise. May be time to start getting her some cards that pull EQ ...
  2. thanks for the number I have to call them today
  3. /me looks around for the number...
  4. My wife and I bought a car together which has since been paid off. We did however have 3 late payments. The same negative TL shows up on each of our credit reports. Can I send a single good will letter on both of our behalfs? for Instance... We just had a baby, got laid off, fell behind for a few months. Now looking for a home... Pretty please delete the late payments from my wife and I's credit reports... Here is our info..
  5. I know the time to fight this has past.. But this is my first time heading to court. Can someone tell me what I should expect and give any advice on how to handle this situation? Thanks!
  6. Shake Yo' Money Maker!
  7. Hello all, In 2005 I ignored a summons from HBSC Bank and a default judgement was filed against me. I then never heard anything from the again... Until yesterday. I received the following summons and it looks like they want to collect on their judgement. Other than getting out my check book is their any thing else I can do? Please advise me on how to move forward with this. I am guesssing I go and explain my hardship and the judge decides a repayment schedule? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. OMG, I can't believe that woman... How do you admit to being an thief, a liar, and a harlot and when asked if you think you're a good person answer yes... We all knew the answer to that one... FALSE!
  9. I have the same situation. Paid Toyota Motor Credit in full and have a few late payments. I disputed the late payments with the CRAs and they validated. Looks like I will taking the "Good Will" Letter approach next...
  10. What I find odd is that there is still a week left to dispute...
  11. My online CRA disputes are still in progress, but when I logged into true credit this morning my public judgment and LVNV Funding collection have been removed from my Experian report. Hopefully TU and EQ will follow suit... *Knocks on wood*
  12. http://www.transworldnews.com/NewsStory.aspx?id=36556&cat=2 Jane Fonda is a nut... lol
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