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  1. I found a car i want to finance and I have a few questions. The car is $8,000 at a dealership 1. Can i buy a warranty on the car? 2. Can I only put $1,000 down? 3. How long will they finance me for 8,000? Thanks
  2. I want to send a PFD letter to a CA the OC was my dentist. I tried going to the whychat website but it doesnt seem like the letters fit what Im doing? Im still within my SOL so I cannot DV. Ive written several letters to my dentist asking for PFD and he keeps saying "NO SPEAK TO THE CA, I CANT HELP YOU" He also sent me a bill asking me to pay but for no delete. Please help what should I do next?
  3. Yes I paid over the phone with 2 checks. I paid the CA they turned me over to. But it says Applied bank I paid it to.
  4. I paid off a charge-off because they were getting ready to send me to a lawyer. I paid in full but in 2 payments within a month. The first payment was for $400 and then I made a payment of $800 On my credit report it says I paid $800 which i paid $1200 What should I do?
  5. Can the BBB force them to delete the account?
  6. Here is the history: I disputed a CA and they put a duplicate account on my CR so i dv'd twice they ignored me then i reported them to the BBB and here is what they said to the BBB. The OC informed the CA the account i owe began in 1999 and ended 2002. please see attached billing statement. They are welcome to contact a representative at the CA. 1. There was no billing statement attached 2. This still doesnt explain why there is a duplicate fraud account 3. They still have not validated the account with me yet??? How should i respond to the BBB?
  7. Can i DV a medical collection thats still within SOL?
  8. I am in the process of writing a GW letter to send due to some lates back in 2005. I forgot it was coming out of forbearence. My problem is my lates are only on EXP and TU. My credit with them is perfect with eq. 1. So would a GW letter wake them up and put the bad markings on my eq report? 2. If not, in my letter should i state please delete from my EXP and TU report? Please help. Thanks!
  9. LOL thats what I thought. I mean they mailed a letter to me at my address, why would they need me to send them my drivers license?? Weird. I mailed another DV today telling them they are in violation, they must delete within 15 days. Also they reported me again on my CR which my original letters states they are not to!!! I reported them to the BBB just know the FTC is next. What a bunch of jerks!!!
  10. After Dv'ing AFNI I received a letter stating the following on the 35th day: We have received your dipute but we are unable to confirm at this time. You have provided insufficient information to substaniate your claim. We will complete our investigation within 30 days of receipt of the following information: the specifice dispute drivers license # proof of residency phone number Then it has the amount I owe at the bottom. Please tell me what to do now? Thanks Bonnie
  11. Thanks for the replies. The CA is very very nasty. I am not even going to try a PFD with them. Oh they are so rude. I think I am going to have to pay this one way or another because in order to get a mortgage they want your report clean. So I am going to take your suggestion debtguy and write them a letter attached with a money order. I will keep my fingers crossed that they do have this deleted
  12. A $150 dentist bill was turned over to a CA from my dentist last year. I didnt know my insurance did not pay it. I sent a PFD to my dentist. They sent me an invoice? So i called and the office manager said if you pay I will call tomorrow and have it deleted. So I said can I please get a letter stating this she said no. So i sent another letter to the dentist explaining my situation and they ignored me this time. What should i do now? Also, Can the original creditor have it deleted from your reports even though a CA owns it now?
  13. I DV'd AFNI (ca) last month and received the green card Feb 5th. I havent received anything validating the debt since. Also when i originally disputed this account they put a duplicate account on my credit reports. I received an alert today saying the following: Date Opened Changed from N/A to 12/01/2006 Account Status Changed from At least 120 days or more than for payments past due to Bad Debt; placed for collection; skip This is for both accounts the original account and the duplicate account. My score went up 16 points. My question is why does it say "skip" and I thought they werent suppose to report anything since i dv'd and they didnt validate??? Please help.
  14. I dv'd this CA and they reported me again on my experian report for the month of FEB. I received a response from the dv a copy of my statement but nothing else. Is there anything I can do now?