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  1. Ok.. that makes sense thanks a lot...
  2. Am I going in the right direction
  3. No they are just trying to pressure you...they are not supposed to make threats... read the threads about debt collectors and it will clear your mind... and give you the weapons you need to battle those scum
  4. This happened in Detroit and the company got sued.. b/c a car was shutdown on trhe freeway and it was hit by another car... That company went under8-)
  5. The OC is saying that they wrote EQ and told them to delte the file but EQ has yet to delete it... I will call EQ and ask for a Method of Verifcation
  6. no it was over the phone... I can call them and see if they will send it in writing.... so do I file against the OC or EQ
  7. I have an dispute info with EQ and they verfied it. i contacted the the OC. and they said it should not be on my report. I called EQ and gave them the ladies name number and extension i disputed it and it came back verfied as mine... So what do I do Thank you
  8. When having account verifed by the OC.. should I hand write my letter to make it look orginal or should I use a letter that is already formatted on this site... What about using delivery conformation instead of the green card...(forgot what it is called.. i got this idea from the credite repair Bible book.. what are your thoughts and experencies Forgive the mispelling... I teach math8-)
  9. can you use this with an Orignal Creditor
  10. Has this worked for you... I have heard of this.. before... and it worked for them Please keep us informed.
  11. I agree.. Get it in writing and then still be carefull
  12. I'm, Sorry make that one more.. from 12--------->9 lets go... up one more point
  13. I'm, Sorry make that one more.. from 12--------->9 lets go...
  14. After 2 months of bumping every day.. two fell off today went up 1 point
  15. After 2 months of bumping every day.. two fell off today went up 1 point YEAHHHHHHHHH:D More bumps for me
  16. I called target to ask about a couple of late payments I have 1 (30) and 1 (60) back to back... The person told me that it is not even showing up late on thier system... I disputed this and it came back verified a week ago.. what is the next step...
  17. Hopefully after many INQS removed by many people
  18. With certain website like once you purchase thier monitoring program you can update your credit report (bumping) each day. Bumping is a soft pull that with enough of them (around 50 -60) you will start to bump off the Hard pull (inquires that stay on you CR for 2 years) Some people here have more than one site so they bump 2-3 times a day. This is what I have learned... some members feel it doesn't work some do... Me I am still in the early stages of bumping.. around 30