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  1. Do you still have the letter the CA sent you stating they would have the CRA's remove the listing? If so, send the CRA's a copy of the letter and tell them they need to delete the listing, as it was to be "removed upon pmt as agreed."
  2. 1. Is it better to send PFD CMRRR? Yes. 2. Has settling for delete ever worked for anyone? Yes. I negotiated a PFD for DH and it is now removed from all CR's. 3. What's the standard time to wait for a response on a PFD? In my letter, I asked they respond within 30 calendar days. I would add an extra 10 days (total wait time= 40 days) just in case they waited until the very last day to send their response. 4. After the first PFD and there is no response, is it wise to call or just send out another PFD? I think I would send another PFD. Maybe others here can give you better advice on that one.
  3. I agree with Fizzle. Don't bother with them.
  4. Yes. We are waiting for LexisNexis to come in the mail. They say, on their website, it can take 30-60days for it to come back. Right now, I'm trying another avenue while we wait.
  5. I resolve not to make any resolutions. That way, I have no problem keeping them.
  6. Thanks to everyone here! And, yes, it is a GREAT way to end the year! And I have to agree with you, Red1.... EX is Satan.... EQ is their 'insignificant other' and TU... well.... TU is their dumb*** spawn who can't get anything straight the first, second, or even third time. lol
  7. I read on the USDA website that they have an energy efficient loan. Would you be able to do that?
  8. What if the collector DID come back and set fire to the most obvious escape routes (doors)? And, if children were involved.... This is a 'what if' situation. I would have called the cops on him for threatening bodily harm. But on the other hand... what if this was the straw that broke the camel's back? It doesn't mention whether or not the shooter was under extreme stress during these hard times. But then again..... you get the picture Guess the collector will never do that again.
  9. Is this a tri-merge report? It happened to us. Something went awry at the site we were using and EQ didn't show up. A phone call fixed it.
  10. Hi all! This is a great moment for us today! We have finally finished DH's credit repair and can go no further! (Tax liens/BK stay on). This is with all the help from everyone here!! Thanks guys/gals!!! 11/07 TU 1 Judgment 1 BK 1 Tax Lien (unpd) 12 Collections 22 Inq's EX 1 Judgment 1 BK 1 Tax Lien (unpd) 7 Collections 13 Inq's EQ 1 Judgment 1 BK 1 Tax Lien (unpd) 18 Collections 20 Inq's 12/08 TU 0 Judgment 1 BK (til 9/09) 1 Tax Lien (pd) 0 Collections 0 Inq's EX 0 Judgements 1 BK (til 9/09) 1 Tax Lien (pd) 0 Collections 5 Inq's EQ 0 Judgments 0 BK 0 Tax Lien 0 Collections 0 Inq's 2 CC's Current 1 Auto Loan $460.85/mo (PIF due to re-fi) 1 Auto re-fi $344.15/mo When we started, his FICO's were all under 500. Now, they're TU-644; EX-644; EQ-704 OMG! Thanks again!!! And for those of you who 'held my hand' and patiently guided me through the process(es), I just can't thank you enough. For even though I asked questions over and over again, double-guessed myself, over-analyzed and fried my brain.... you were there (I am not mentioning names in fear of leaving someone out... you know who you are). And, thanks for not smacking me upside the head, even though I must have surely deserved it now and again.
  11. Ah! GEICO! I had that kinda problem with them. They stated I owed them $5! I called the Ins Underwriter and spoke with her about it. I told her I did not owe them anything from a previous policy... that I cancelled them due to their pulling auto-pays 2wks early on 2 occasions (she tried to tell me THEY cancelled ME). I told her each occasion cost me $35 from my bank, and $25 from the grocery store; for a total of $120 in fees due to their pulling early. Then she tried to tell me it was because I owed on home owner's ins. I told her... no... that's paid once a year in advance. She finally told me GEICO would eat the $5. I now have GEICO again... silly me.... but it's a savings for us, and I keep an eye on EVERYTHING now. And... no auto pay.
  12. Flyingifr: Wouldn't stating that "I refuse to pay this debt" have some sort of ramification(s) even though the debt is SOL? This is the first letter I have received from this CA and I want to do this correctly. Or, I can still state I will not pay it, they try to sue me, I use the unknown/SOL defense? From what I understand, the original card limit was $2500 (info included in letter from the CA that tried to collect earlier this year) and now it's up to $5000.
  13. Complained to the BBB about EX's generic MOV letter. Got a letter in the mail today requesting information to be sent to a 'specialist' for EX. Gonna mail the letter out tomorrow, and will hopefully get results.
  14. Hi Everyone! You all know me from helping my DH with his reports. Here's the skinny. Earlier this year, I received a letter from a CA demanding pmt for a 19 yr old debt. I sent them a C&D letter (advice from CIC'ers), and didn't hear anything from them again. (ExDH took a card out in my name, used it and I didn't know about it until we were divorced). Anyhoo, this is the letter I'm planning on sending this other CA which just wrote to me. They are very kind in offering me 4 different pmt plans on this debt from 1989. I'm just tired of being told to pay $5000 on a card I never had, used, or even had the 'privilege' of keeping in my wallet. Please tell me what you think, and let me know; as this is the first letter I've ever sent threatening to sue. To Whom It May Concern: This letter is in response to a notice I received from your office regarding the above account. I understand, from a previous collection agency, this account was from 1989. This is not my account, nor has it ever been my account. Also, since this account is 19 years old, I also know this account is past the statute of limitations for collection and is, therefore, uncollectible. You are to cease and desist all communication with me. You will not contact me regarding this account which is past the statute of limitations for collection and you will not report on my credit reports. If your company does contact me or report this account to the credit bureaus (Did I mention this un-verified 19 year old account is past the statute of limitations for collections?), I not hesitate to sue you for violating §805© of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. (I do know they are allowed to contact me one more time). Regards, Sunset Hmmmmm...... mebbeh I should add they will have to 'eat' the 25 cents they paid for this debt???? lol
  15. I may be wrong, but from what a mortgage broker told me, your score will drop. This is because it will make the account 'newer' by paying it off. His/Her explanation is in the following thread.
  16. Don't know if this will help, but I recently disputed a pd TL as "this was to be deleted upon payment as agreed. Please delete." It came off. Note: the TL was paid 2yrs ago...I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not.
  17. (also have another judgment that I paid and now shows up 2x both as paid, weird hoping that goes away soon...) Could this be considered as a 'double entry'? If the OP disputed this as being a double entry, could he get one removed? Just a thought.
  18. Take the advice of Bobdole369 and wait for the CR to come in the mail. You will have a record, and can go from there. Although you want to rush and get as much done as possible and as quickly as possible, it takes a long time to repair your credit and alot of patience. Also, even if you want to check your reports online, you will need your report number. It's located on the CR you receive in the mail.
  19. My home loan, in PA, the bank did almost the same thing. Since I made my pmts continously, they gave December 'free' with no tacking on of interest or adding to the loan. No papers to sign and send back. It was a 'good customer relations' letter. I don't know if they did that every year, since I sold my home spring the following year.
  20. Federal Law is that we purchase military equipment from US companies only. OH, BTW, our cops suffer too. Did you notice that they only drive American cars. That is also by state/city/local law that they buy American. Ok, how about the 'foreign' car co's who were allowed to purchase American lands and allowed to operate their business? Couldn't they be considered "American" since they employ Americans? Did you watch the congressional hearing in which a congressman asked all the CEO's if they would be willing to sell their co jets as they are sitting and fly commercial (in order to help save their companies) to raise their hands? The congressman then stated, "Let the record show there were no hands raised." The wife of Ford CEO gets to fly anywhere she wants in the company jet as well. A first class ticket for them to get to DC was $800+ round trip. Coach was $287+. Their total cost for flying the jets in with co money????...... $20K. Oh, I was incorrect in my first post regarding their $4mil paychecks too. It actually ranges between $14-$16mil for EACH ceo. Cut their paychecks to $80K..... what a savings!!! No bailout needed!!! Plus with the selling of the jets (about 8 jets for each company)! DANG!! Bailout? What bailout?? Company jobs will be saved and the bennies will trickle down to the dealers! They need to restructure their 'business' and get rid of the expensive perks: million $paychecks, million dollar bonuses, co jets, etc, etc, etc.
  21. Seems to me a CA is trying to find your addy. Look for a letter to come in the mail.
  22. Hi all! Don't know how long their 'latest stories' will remain on their website regarding debt collectors and their illegal practices....
  23. I usually put up the tree after Thanksgiving. But, being the weird family that we are, for the past three years we have celebrated Christmas the on New Years Eve, or along those lines. We go christmas shopping AFTER christmas. Wow! Get the kids aoubt $600 worth of stuff for only $100! Not to mention all the visiting we have to do on christmas day, it really works out. People think we're weird for leaving our christmas stuff up for the week after 'our' Christmas... but we don't mind. We like being weird, different, going against the norm..... lol