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  1. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this, yes they do. I still tried and got denied b/c of the old account they said..
  2. I had a quick question. I had a Best Buy CC about 4 years ago that went to collections. It has since been paid in full and I have rebuilt my credit to 630 range. Am I able to get another Best Buy CC now or not? I don't want the inquiry on my credit if someone knows that once you burn them then you can not ever have one again.
  3. Well turns out they let me continue it, as long as paid off during that time everything is ok.
  4. I'm in Missouri, anyone have any experience with that here?
  5. I'm being sued by the state of Missouri for $2500 in unpaid personal property taxes. I was served by a sheriff at my house. I live in Missouri. It says that they are going to get a judgement and then garnish wages. My question is that when I go to court for it can I expect to setup a payment plan or have to pay the amount in full or they will garnish?
  6. Can you call and settle before the court date? Reason I'm asking is this just happened to me 30 minutes ago...
  7. They asked me for it all in one chunk wouldn't take partials