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  1. I am now using CreditCheckTotal. THe format isn't as good but it is a daily puller after the trail period. You have to click the order new report from the main members page to see the new reports. If you click the link during the trial you get the option to buy new reports for $34.95. After the trial period they go to $0.00. I was also able to get my membership fee reduced to $9.95. I called the cancellation number and just told them it was too expensive. They offered the $9.95 to me to continue my membership and I took it. I also had my wife do the same thing, although they told her it was for 6 months and then she could call and they would give it to her for good. YMMV
  2. I had luck with HSBC by opeing a new account with them. Let me explain. I had an old CO from 2003ish. I disputed and it came back verified (twice). I started sending 623 requests and they told me pretty much everything I wanted to know about the account. I figured I'd wait a while and try again. My scores were low and I wanted a CC to start building with. I heard HSBC did blacklist so I applied for a new card. I was approved for a $300 CL. Not great but was better then I had before. After getting my card and waiting a month or so, I re-disputed with a FCRA 623 letter to their disputes address. I explained that I was now a customer of theirs and that this trade line was inaccurate and I wanted to build a better relationship with them (BSing really). But a few weeks later I got a letter that said they valued my business relationship with them and that they would request the old TL be deleted. Of course YMMV.
  3. TrueCredit has a message on their homepage that 3 in 1 subscribers will now only be able to update their TU report daily and that the EX and EQ report is only updatable every 30 days. I cancelled my account with them and demanded a refund.
  4. Of course I did. Maybe we will try a phone call to their legal dept.
  5. Wife has Chrysler Financial on her TU and EX credit reports. They list two different DOFDs (2-3 months apart in 2005) and we believe both are wrong. She stopped paying on this car in 2003-2004 when her previous marriage started going down the drain. Chrysler transfered it to their internal collection dept (CFC DEFICIENCY RECOVER). She paid CFC off in 2007 and they removed their TL from her report. It appears as though they were reporting an entirely different DOFD then Chrysler. So I tried sending multiple FCRA 623 investigation requests and they have not responded. I tried contacting the BBB and they responded stating they can not respond as to if she had an account or not because it would violate their privacy agreement. We really can't prove the DOFD is incorrect except the inability to report the same date to the CRAs. However they are reporting the incorrect terms on her TU (1 month on a car loan) and the incorrect amount on both EX and TU ($1050 when it was around $16K). Although this information is not really important it is incorrect. Any suggestions?
  6. TOBY D. NELSON v. CHASE MANHATTAN MORTGAGE CORP. States that violations of FCRA § 623( are a cause of action. The FTC actually chimed in and gave their opinion supporting violations of FCRA § 623( as a cause of action.
  7. An account agreement is generic by nature. So that doesn't prove anything unless it is signed by you. Do everything in writting if you can. Is the summons stamped by the court house?
  8. I would say "maybe". SInce you were a minor you could not legally enter into the agreement. Problem is it might also be considered fraud by you. I would suggest that you pay them off and wait a little bit. And then send a written dispute to the CRAs stating this account could not possibly be yours because it was opened when you where a minor. I would photocopy my DL as proof of my age. It is a little risky but I would guess that since you paid the debt off, it would be harder to nail you for fraud. Note on the fraud stuff, did you sign up with your actually DOB/age? Or did you lie? I suck at legal stuff so take it for what it is.
  9. I don't know why he will not pay. He is now claiming that we "should" have been paying him a salary for working on company affairs. Which I never agreed to and was never discussed. Since Small Claims is < $5K. What is the type of court I have to sue him in? Just Civil Court? Man, I suck at all this legal stuff but I guess it is in my best interest to try and understand it so I don't get stuck with the large attorney fees if he does file BK. Thanks
  10. Thanks for all the support. I am concerned that he will file BK after I get a judgment. I was told that if he does I can contest it and he might not get it discharged. I'm not sure he would go for a BK because he has good credit (I know it is pretty good). Lawyer is telling me he will cost between $3K and $5K. Our Operating Agreement allows me to go after legal fees as well. He is on a joint account with his wife (They have money) and he has other business accounts at different banks. I'm gathering documents now and then I have to go to the lawyers office next week. Sorry about the post, I just know what this is going to do to his credit and needed to vent. Thanks
  11. I've done a couple PFDs. Only Arrow gave me any really trouble.
  12. Not sure this is the proper forum but I thought it was funny that I am sort of a creditor (not really) and probably will soon be a judgment creditor. I was in a promotional business with a partner during this year. We promoted a sporting event and the show didn't go so well. We lost over $40K and I paid over $35K out of my pocket. I have tried to get my "former" partner to pay me his half of the losses as stated in our operating agreement. But he refuses. I have a clear as day Operating Agreement and the lawyer I spoke with said I have "pretty much a slam dunk case". I even get attorney fees as per the agreement. I really don't want to go this route but I have little choice. Being a CIC member, I have been trying to explain how much a judgment will hurt his credit (he says he has a 780+ score). I'm really trying to prevent this because I'm in the boat of having a judgment I can't get rid of on my CRs but he will not listen. To be honest, I kind of feel dirty getting a judgment against him but I don't really have any other options.
  13. Hopefully you sent it Certified and kept a copy. I would re-write them and state that you never made such agreement. You may also want to say you know this is SOL and have proof (a affidavit from you - but they don't know that) but in the interest of compromise you are willing to pay $180.00 and in return they will need to delete all trade lines and agree that the debt is paid in full and will never be re-reported to the CRAs, transferred or sold. Explain that otherwise they will not get a dime from you. I would also say that you don't believe this debt is yours but are trying to work a deal that is mutually bennifitial to you and them. Also tell them that phone calls and not permitted to your house or place of employment and that all communications need to be done through USPS mail. YMMV Get everything in writting before sending payment and then only pay with money order (do not send a check!)
  14. Well YMMV but I would either try and find someone higher up to agree or depending on debt (SOL, amount, type, likelyhood of suit) would write them and explain that I can't justify paying them when the recent activity on the account will hurt my credit more then letting it continue to age off. First method is prefered. Of course this is YMMV.
  15. If this is out of SOL then I would never admit to them that the debt is yours. They did a PFD with me but then I had to fight them to actually get it removed. I had them send me a letter on AFS letter head and they still tried to deny the deletion. If you decide to try a PFD, I would write them a letter stating you do not know what this account is but in the interest of compromise you would be willing to pay them $xx.xx in exchange for them to delete the trade line from all credit reports and to never re-report to any, and they agree to never sell or transfer this debt, and the account will be considered paid in full. I would explain that if this TL was in fact yours it would be out of SOL and therefore this is the ONLY way they will ever get any money from you regarding this account. I would offer them a very little amount and see if they bite. Like 10% of the debt. They are more then likely still making money on this account at 10% because they probably bought it for pennys on the dollar. I would also include something like "if this trade line is not deleted from my credit report within 30 days of the receipt of payment - AFS agrees to pay CoolHandLuke $5,000". Make sure you get the letter first on AFS letterhead, signed by someone with authority to sign (compliance officer/CEO/President). I would also include some statement like "This letter is in no way admission of the debt but a compromise to resolve the situation". Send the letter certified and if they agree send the payment certified via money order (do NOT send them a check). They agreed for a PFD for me and settled for about 60% of the debt amount. I was in SOL and the debt was only 2 years old. But again I had to fight them for the deletion. YMMV