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  1. dont judge, you dont know the whole story, i asked for advice not criticism....i would prefer no more replies from you EVER!
  2. after appt with lawyer today, i decided that ch 13 bk is not going to work for me. lets hope when a democrat gets control over this country things will change for we lower and middle class!
  3. I am talking to an atty about filing bk ch 13 on tuesday. I filed ch 7 in 02. I have 42000 in student loans, 15000 in cc, 71000 in a mortgage(20000 equity in home) my monthly expenses "outweigh" my income over $1000 or more every month. I work 2 jobs. I don't know what else to do. The atty I spoke with mentioned maybe working "something" out with student loans. I am aware they cant be used in a bk. But I do believe there is something that CAN be done if youre facing serious financial hardship. advice? thoughts?
  4. Yes, I am spending my April Fools day talking to an attorney about filing ch 13 bk. I am in the hole over $1000 every month with student loans, mortgage, cc's and expenses. Something's gotta give! I hope he has good news. Any laymans terms on this process is welcomed. The atty I spoke with on the phone said it would be around $2000 to file and it would be figured into the plan. He also mentioned that I could possibly do something about my student loans. Thanks!
  5. I sent a letter out Tuesday offering the CA $500. Got a letter back from them yesterday(sat) saying "no we wont accept that, but we WILL take $1998.00." Even after I gave them my financial statement showing I am in the hole $1000 every month! crazy or what?! Now what should I do, sit on the debt until they will take the $500. I even told them in my original offer that if they didn't take the $500 that I would be filing bankrupcy. thoughts suggestions? Starting my 2nd job tomorrow, will be an extra $100 a week. will help a bit, but not much. I am trying at least! thanks!
  6. Is it true that as long as you send something to a cc company they can't turn you into a CA?
  7. I have a cc from HSBC that was turned into collections. The CA contacted me by phone then by letter, thats how I found out. HSBC never notified me of this CA involvement. I sent the CA a registered letter last week requesting that they accept $500 to settle the $2400 debt, and not to issue a 1099 form for this debt at any time ever, and to make sure my credit report says "paid as agreed" or I will have to file bankrupcy. I got a response yesterday in the form of a letter stating that "in order for us to consider either your offer or temporary or permanent forbearance of further collection
  8. what is the dv? sorry, im still trying to get used to all the acronyms on this site! thanks for your help! I wanted to wait until I get this "letter" from them. They said they mailed it yesterday.
  9. I have an hsbc(owned by discover) turned me over to collections. I got an automated phone call message on my answering machine from their ca today. I called them back from my cell phone. I blocked my cell and they somehow unblocked my #!!!! scary! but anyway....they said they were in cedar rapids(I'm in Iowa), but the phone # that comes up on my caller id is a 256 area code? another strange thing??? but the lady was giving me the riggamarole about settling, and paying the amount in full, making monthly payments etc... my balance is $2,200.00. I told them I would setttle with them for $
  10. Are there any legitimate ways to make money from home via the internet? Without having to put $ into it. I was working for 2 companies that I took calls from infomercials for. I was looking for something different if anyone knows of anything. Thank you in advance.
  11. I am sending out a letter to Chase and Direct Rewards(hsbc/discover) via registered mail this coming monday. I used the form that was given in this forum, but I added the threat of bankrupcy and gave them until March 31st to take my money and run. If they don't respond I guess I will let it go to a CA or JDB and see if THEY will take my money! I am offering them 25% on the balance due(give or take a few hundred). Any thoughts on this anyone? I know I am stressed about $ because I dreampt last night that the world was ending, it was a kind of a "war of the worlds" type dream...ugg! thanks
  12. Is there ANY legal way to file bankrupcy or get out from under the burden of student loan debt? I live in Iowa. I have my loans consolidated thru Direct Loans(federal govt), and I locked in the interest rate last year at 5.25%. I have them in forbearance until I can get this credit card junk resolved. HELP!
  13. I saw this infomercial today. Has anyone had any experience with this book? I purchased his other books, and really didn't get much out of them. What about the grants he says are out there? Does anyone know any free resources online to get grants? I bought that goofy guy's book( with the question marks on his jacket) --another waste of money. I can't remember his name.
  14. I have a proposal from my local Consumer Credit Counseling agency www.toomuchdebt.com they help people in most states. The payment is a high one, but they are taking the interest on these accounts down to half or less. I will have them paid off in about 4 years thru this agency. I'm using my tax refund(if I get one to pay on this also). I have friends that keep telling me to "just not pay your debts" and to wait for a settlement and pay that. But I don't want to trash my credit in the meantime, and I'm and honest person. The whole settlement thing sounds too scary and too unlike me! Tha
  15. I made a moral decision to go back to CCCS and get these cards paid off. I liked the idea about a SL Forebarance. Not my idea of the best thing because the interest will accrue like no other while they are on hold. But it is the best thing for me at this time! Until I get those raises at my ft job and keep working those pt jobs. Yes, I still manage to have fun and I use the law of attraction(watch oprah today if you can!) to have better outcomes in my life. Consumer Credit Counseling in my area is very reputable and they have helped me before. So I will see what they offer and take the n