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  1. Thank you all for your responses!!! Yes I have. "Everyone" involved in this tradeline knows this tradeline has been paid in full. As far as me looking for a different lender, it will be very difficult. I have locked a below 5% interest rate till the end of this month... all other lenders wanted me to put at least 20% down. I have 3 accounts I have disputed the lates on and they all say the same. I understand it is policy for them to report it this way but I believe it should be policy for them to report it "dispute resolved" as well. I guess my only option is to contact the creditor itself.
  2. I am trying to qualify for a home loan and VERY INTERESTING, the mortgage lender is not willing to work with me because of the writing put by my creditors on my report. (?) Ive disputed a couple of lates with Bank of America and obviously BofA added the writing: ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE-REPORTED BY SUBSCRIBER (FCBA); ACCOUNT INFORMATION DISPUTED BY CONSUMER The account is already closed and paid in full!! Ive searched all over this forum and couldnt find an answer to my question: How do I get this removed?? I was thinking about disputing it again, but obviously, that would only update the writing they have in there. Thank you all in advance!!!
  3. I also thought it was late to request a DV... different people say different things here... some said private student loans HAVE to respond to DV's, no matter when. So I sent it and they didnt respond to its entirety. Im just doing my best to get this thing off. I was all the way back in 2003. They did accept my offer to expunge, they sent me a letter and everything, IF I paid the full balance. I settled for less than full balance and he said OVER THE PHONE it would be expunged. I was an ignorant and sent the money anyway, with no written confirmation. Now Im paying the price. There must be some other way.
  4. The Hottest Legal Credit Improvement System for 2008 by Carolyn Warren
  5. Oh awesome!!!! Im gonna call them on monday then... so everybody has had way more luck over the phone huh? Ive tried sending them letters and I STILL have 2 names left to get rid off Thank you guys for the insight
  6. Your payment will be only $699/month. That only includes principal + interest. It does not include PMI (mortgage insurance if you get a loan for 100% house value), taxes nor any hoa fees. $421 would be if you get an "interest only" loan, meaning you never pay down your principal.
  7. Anyone any luck with sallie mae here??? I still have a charge off from them which Ive been trying to delete FOREVER now. Its actually a "Profit & Loss" charge off cuz I settled for less than the total amount. Stupid me requested it to be deleted upon payment but settled it all over the phone (grrrr I was an ignorant then) Needless to say, they never removed it. - I tried disputing over 3 different reasons online, they responded to every single one of them - I sent a DV. They responded to it with balance, payments made, etc but didnt prove I signed anything agreeing to the loan - I sent the bureaus a DV follow-up letter, saying Sallie Mae did not fully verify my account (lacking copy of my signature saying I agreed to pay this debt) ...and now I am waiting on it. We'll see how that goes... If anyone out there has had sallie mae successfully removed, please help us mere mortals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. According to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) your payment for only the mortgage would be $699.21/month, $421.44 for interest every month. Im not sure about taxes in Texas
  9. I HAVE to buy garlic and onions everytime I go to the supermarket. Can't live without them. I put garlic and onions on everything.
  10. I work in the real estate business and I speak with loan officers daily... I was pretty concerned over a client of mine who had her credit drop 22 points from one month to another when no changes have been made. No new accounts, no new inquiries (she checks her score online herself), nothing. For what loan officers have noticed people's credit scores are lower overall. Clients that before had a 725 mid score, now barely hit the 700 mark, and NOTHING has changed since they pulled the client's credit last... An inquiry wouldnt make a 20 points difference!!! Loan officers say the reason for that is the overall drop of the economy. The credit system will be changed and the scores will be figured out within different set of rules. (?) Credit scores regulate how you can get a loan, terms, etc, so maybe is time to save instead? I am not sure what is the point of all of this. Has anyone else noticed this?
  11. Yeah and it sucks. I even sent copies of my report to the bureaus =P What a waste
  12. He's talking about "rapid rescore" which is only provided by mortgage brokers and/or banks. You pay them a fee per item you need updated (not investigated) and the bureaus update it within 48 hs. This only works for simple stuff, like if you paid off your credit cards and they wont update until the end of the month for example and you have a letter from the creditor saying you have a 0 balance. This doesnt work for inquiries (i've already tried it) neither for negative tradelines (ive already tried it as well).
  13. How about my "...continued" post? Has anyone here ever tried those approaches to get rid of negative marks when buying car/home? As far as I know we can always say we are buying a car/home.