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  1. Ok so I got my 3-in-1. Wow can you say nonexistent scores, lol. Anyway, so what am I suppose to be looking for? Going through the other posts I kinda got some idea but just need confirmation. I understand that I need to look for inacurate information such as names and addresses. Does this mean misspellings or is that pushing it? Also, do I submit letters to all the CB's or just one? Bare with me, lol. If this is the case do I want to dispute this matter by itself or include it along with accounts, meaning all in one letter or what? Sorry for the lack of knowledge, I feel like I am learning how
  2. Thanks for the insight. I just joined today. A single mom who has been divorced for 6 years. I am sorry to admit that I had no idea until I decided I wanted to buy a car. I have tried everything from debt consolidation firms to having a friend who is a finanical advisor tell me "Don't pay them, they will fall off." I had no idea. Feel so overwhelmed I don't know where to begin. I did obtain a 3-in-1 from your creditreport.com I guess one day at a time.