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  1. i already sent her a link to this thread and the DV link at the top of this page. She will learn. i learned alot from this site, and it helped me remove all but 2 or 3 items from my reports. Thanks all, especially Robert.
  2. Thanks Robert. I will find out exactly what they told/asked my grandparents and tell them to take appropriate actions. So just tell my sister to start a DV?
  3. Well she just got another call, saying if she didn't pay $3500 by 9pm tonight they would take her to court. She called me CRYING, and after she calmed down i realized what happened. They called her and called her a lazy b*tch, can't pay her f-ing bills, and i realized that's not BofA, thats a CA. BofA WOULD NOT say those things to her. the number they called from was 716-614-5374. after a google search i realized that was all a lie to get her to pay. i told her to stay off the phone and record all future calls (since we are in a one party state) and if she ever feels like paying the money to pay BofA directly and squeeze out the CA completely. Now they are calling our grandparents threatening them too! Scum!
  4. my sister has been contacted today about a year old debt to bank of america. its for a $3500 balance on a credit card. she hasn't made a payment in about a year (starving student). BofA stated that if she didn't make a payment today of $106 through a checking account that they can debit every month, that they will get a judgement against her and garnish her wages by 25%. she's calling me asking for advice on how to proceed since she doesn't have the money right now. what do i tell her? can they garnish her wages? we live in texas if that helps. Thanks, M3ss
  5. it's an existing house in a neighborhood that's been around for about 5 years. i've decided to hold off on the home buying process until my credit has improved further. i'll post back next year when my situation is improved. thanks for all the advice.
  6. so i'd pay approximately $699? or $699 +$421? or is the $421 included in the $699? So confused. Sorry so many questions.
  7. if i got approved for a $100,000 home loan at 7.5% interest in austin texas? i have no idea how to figure all the totals together. i've looked up rates and taxes and all that but still am boggled by all the numbers. What could i reasonably expect to pay per month on the PITI? Thanks in advance.
  8. there was a federal drug tax stamp program until 1968 i believe. there are random other states with the same thing. its usefull for cops who fail to bust someone on the drug charges, they can then attempt prosecution on tax evasion. google search for "drug tax stamp"
  9. Flak: Honestly, I have no idea. My scores are lower than yours (between 579-600) but I only have between 5 and 7 negatives on each report, and most of those are about to fall off this year. I also have 2 cards, (BofA and Target REdcard) that have perfect payment history for one year each. For both the Orchard card and the Crown jewelers i got the standard "We have to review your application and contact you within 20 days" and that usually means DENIED... but this time I got approved for $1500 on each one. So basically with everything else it seems to be a crap shoot. I wish I could tell you better advice but frankly I don't know.
  10. I owe Seton hospital $450 dollars from 4 years ago and i want this one off my record really badly as it is the one what will remain on my credit long after EVERYTHING else falls off. I took an idea I saw from this forum and wrote an email to the President and CEO, who forwarded it to the CFO, and VP. I had high hopes that after my short but sweet letter they'd let me PFD but they said "In fairness to all of our customers we cannot allow deletion from the CR,we can only mark as "Paid", but we will extend a 25% discount if you pay in full today." I then told them I had to go but got a direct line to the guy I was talking to. That sucks. Just last week I got different regional hospital to agree to it and got a letter a few days ago stating it would be deleted if paid in full. (and it's gone from one CR already) What is my next step? Do I pay since I have the money right now? Dispute every 90 days until they get sick of me? I can't wait out the next 3 years with that on my CR. I know I should have DV'd first but after my success with one hospital I thought for sure this time would work as well. It's already been disputed and verified with the CRA.
  11. Hasas... what do you mean... give supervisor another reason besides the report. How did you do it? Ahntara...does this mean i have to wait another 7 friggen years for it to fall off ?!?
  12. 10-4 i'll post back results when/if they appear! Thats awesome you got results so quick!
  13. Not that this helps your situation, but i too have a medical on my report and it came back verified. i contacted billing asking for a PFD but they refuse. So i looked up the President and CEO of the hospital and sent him an email explaining my situation asking for a PFD. I hope the message gets to him and he responds favorably. Maybe if all your other options fail you could try this. (i stole this advice from amerikaner i think.. i don't remember, i've read too many threads!!!)
  14. Already disputed. came back verified From EX report. "This item was verified and updated on Jan 2008."
  15. Should i leave this account alone and wait for it to fall off? Or will it not fall off due to my settlement payment in December? (if i have to wait 7 more years for this to fall off i'm going to shoot myself in the face with a harpoon!!!) i want to DV them and see if it falls off quicker because it's already paid for. Any advice? here is a snippet from my EQ report.. Closed Accounts AFNI, INC. ANDERSON FIN NETWORK/BLOOM Current Status: COLLECTION ACCOUNT Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $420 Type of Account : Open Credit Limit: $0 Date Opened: 2001/08 Balance: $0 Date Reported: 01/2008 Amount Past Due: $0 Date of Last Payment: 12/2007 Actual Payment Amount: $0 Scheduled Payment Amount: $0 Date of Last Activity: N/A Date of First Delinquency: 08/2001 Comments: Collection account, Settlement accepted on this account