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  1. I have posted a couple times regarding this matter and haev reacherd a point where i am not sure what to do next. Quick recap: September 2007, received a summons from a local attorney representing Palisades claiming i owe them $1100. I DV'd attorney and filed answer to suit. about 10 days later ik received a letter from said attorney stating i had to pay or he would file for judgement. I had received NO communication from Palisades prior to the summons. After receiving the summons i pulled CR from all three CRA's and noted 8-10 months of negative reporting from Palisades. I disputed with all three CRA's. I sat still and let time pass and no DV from either attorney or Palisades. Move to Jan 2008, received another letter from said attorney stating they were offering me a deal to pay or face judgement. I again sent DV letter to attorney and have not yet received any answer back attorney. All letters were sent CMRRR and i show that he did in fact receive the letters. Results of dispute's with CRA's show that TU has removed the account but the other two show that it was verifed. What are my next steps here. Due to the tone of the letters from the attorney i would really like to sue but not sure what grounds i have or what i should next? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. yeah i know.....they sent me the summons, i responded to the attorney and he said is hould pay or they would follow through with it(really had me shaking at that point:)). The paper says it was filed in July of last year and there has been no action taken on it yet. The funny thing is when i disputed it with experian it recently came off the report, no such luck on the other two yet.
  3. So after receiving my summons last september i sent DV to attorney representing Palisades and filed an amswer. I was sent a letter saying i should pay or be sued but no DV paperwork. After a few months went by i received another letter from attorney offering "settlement offer". I again sent a DV to attorney. Have not received any thing back yet. Questions: 1. do i amend my answer to include a suit or countersuit or do i just open a new motion to sue Palisades for their reporting on my credit report? 2. Do i send the suit to the attorney or do i send it directly to Palisades?
  4. is there a post on here anywhere that explains what all the abbreviations stand for? i.e. CA, CRA, DV, etc....
  5. Thanks for the response. I have DV'd the attorney representing the CA twice now with no validation returned, only a letter offering a settlement. I have also disputed with the CRA's and interstingly enough it came off one and no action on the others. Should i have DV'd the CA directly or not? I have some limited legal experience and have always understood that when someone is represented by an attorney in a legal action you deal with the attorney only(or if you have an attorney that you go attorney to attorney). If i do not receive a validated response from the attorney next week(15 days), what would my next step be?
  6. I received a summons recently from Palisades on an older credit card(still inside the SOL). I have never heard from Palisades prior to this summons. After checking my CR i see that they have been reporting negative information on my report for some time now. Question: Is this a violation to report this information without contacting me until now? Second question: Can a CA do a credit inquiry without my knowledge? I have two of those on my report also that i didn't give permisson for. Thanks for the info ahead of time!!
  7. I was reading on one of the other older threads that even if i CA files a suit and serves you without any prior communication or contact that they still have to send out a letter that says you have time for DV'ing them and that they must do this within 5 days. is this correct?
  8. Hi all, I have been reding these threads and using this site for a few months now and this is my first post as i have a couple of questions. In Sept. '07 i received summons from a local attorney representing Palisades seeking a judgement for an old credit card. Card is still within SOL but i never recieved any communications from Palisades prior to the summons and no documentation was filed with summons. I filed my answer and sent a DV request to the attorney. Within about 10 days i received a letter from the attorney threatening to seek judgement against me but there was no paperwork showing ANY of the requests for validation. I let it sit as there was no action being taken. A couple of weeks ago i received another letter from the attorney offering me a settlement option or he would seek judgement. I in return sent out my second DV request to attorney and am closing in on the 15 day mark for that one. I have also checked credit reports and see that Palisades has been reporting negative info on my reports for nearly a year. Here's my questions: 1. Can a CA report info without even contacting consumer or not getting debt validated? 2. If they cant can i sue them for the negative reports? and if so would i sue them 1k or 1k X the amount times they have reported? My thinking is that they dont have the proper documents on this and were just hoping for a default. ANy help would be so much appreciated.
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