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  1. yeah, i went with the c&d and threw in some nice colorful words here and there.
  2. So i got a new dunning letter from a new CA today for an old car repo. It's the usual, "we're offering you a discount if you pay now" letter. The car was repo'd in april of '01. So since the SOL has expired, should i send a DV or a letter stating that the SOL is past on the debt? I was thinking the SOL letter was the way to go but before i send the letter i thought i would seek some opinions on it.
  3. Before i start i just want to say i am extremely new to the whole mortgage thing and know virtually nothing about them. I have a million questions about them but will start with just a few. 1. Does anyone have some outstanding ideas of where to gather good information on mortgages (good authors, websites, etc). i dont want to start off on the wrong foot. 2. I have heard and seen some things around that say that it is possible to get cash back after the closing and people pay off credit cards or other things. How or even is this possible? I dont see how it could be, but if it is how is it done? thanks all
  4. thanks love did you deal with them through USPS or did you find an email?
  5. I have a collection account from an old car insurance policy on my CR's from IC Systems. I was unaware of the collection as I changed policies when i moved and thought the account was paid up. As soon as i saw the account my CR's i paid the OC. IC has changed the status of the account to "paid" but it is still showing up in the collection/derogatory section on my reports. I have been in contact with OC(insurance company) and requested that they have the account either removed or changed to a positive account and they have told me they appreciate the payment but that i would have to deal witht the CA regarding my CR's. The question i have are these: 1. does the change in status to paid influence my scores at all? 2. if not, does the fact that it is showing up in the derog/collection section influence my reports 3. has anyone dealt with IC Systems and gotten a favorable response from them?
  6. I just wish i could write things as well as some people on here. i write the letters, send the the ITS's etc etc and i get nothing from it except a couple deletions. i have a case in the courts right now that i have sent letter after letter to the attorney explaining the violations they have committed, filed the counter-claim, sent settlement offers, blah blah blah, and get NOTHING back from anyone. discouraging for sure.
  7. no none of the reports show any activity in the 81 month section at all.
  8. do you know the best way to get a report from TU? I cant find the link on their site for a free report if your denied credit (which i was recently)? also what do you think of an ITS letter to our friends at the Big H for their failure to respond to my first 623? i informed them in my second 623 that even if they responded now they were already in violation.
  9. well here's what I have done already. I have disputed the information three times with the CRA's. all three times it came back verified. I sent complaints to the AG and the BBB. I received letters from HSBC in response to the disputes with the CRA's, but they were similar to yours("we sold the account, blah blah blah....and the second go around asked for more information). I sent out a 623 letter in April with no response and sent out a second 623 in late may informing them of their violations for not responding to the first. I gave them 10 days to respond to the second and on the ninth day i got an email from the BBB saying that HSBC had responded to the BBB complaint and that they had sent me letter dated that day. I got the letter a couple days later and it contained some old statements from the two accounts i had questioned and stated that they were in fact reporting correctly. The problem i have is the different info on the reports and the non response to teh first 623. And yes the report was from truecredit. any thoughts on my next step with this? and by the way, i love your letter to HSBC!!
  10. this is probably a basic question, but if it is i missed the answer somewhere. Can a data furnisher report different things on a report? What i mean is this: On my three reports i have two account from the same company that are showing three different status reports..... TU report shows -Zero balance - paid EX report shows - no balance reported - transferred EQ report shows - zero balance - derogatory I have receved letters from them saying they are reporting correctly but i want to make sure before i send anything back to them. anybody have anyinfo on this?? Amerikaner, it's your buddies (the big HSBC) i am talking about here?? any thoughts??
  11. So I received my response from HSBC today. They sent me a bunch of old statements and a letter saying the matter was closed. They havent updatedy CR's yet either. They are still reporting different info on the reports. On one report it says "closed/paid" on the second it says "closed/transfered" and on the last it says "derogatory". They say in their letter that they are responding to a request from the BBB, not my 623 request(second request). They never responded to my first 623. They also say that they are not deleting the accounts from my reports as they are reporting accurately. so, are they reporting accurately with the different descriptions? and are they or are they not still in violation of the first 623 for not responding?
  12. sounds like a pattern they're into. I sent my latest ITS letter to the address on my CRA and addressed the letter the "Legal Department".
  13. Can a collection agency continue to report on the CR's even if you pay the OC in full? I had an old auto insurance policy that i missed the last months payment on because i switched. They sent it to a CA and i ended up paying the insurance company the amount owed. The CA still is reporting on my CR's under collections, only they have marked the account as paid. can they do this?
  14. honestly i dont know how that works after something like this. I do know that you cant get sued for it again. Hopefully someone will come along and help you out with this. I would say that you shold be able to send a couple of the order to the CRA's to have it removed, but dont quote me on that.
  15. thats great. At least it was only a waste of your time and nothing else. congrats.
  16. You lose. call or go down to the court and talk to them. I was served papers for family court and i didn't get them till just a few days before and they rescheduled the hearing at a more appropriate day.
  17. So whats your deal with HSBC if i may ask? I have been dealing with them myself. They have been reporting different info on my CR's so i disputed with the CRA's on several occassions. Everytime they came back verified with no change. So I sent them a nice little 623 and got no response. I let the BBB and the AG in Illinois know what was going on and then sent themanother 623. Lo and behold i got a response from the BBB yesterday that said HSBC's response was that they "had responded unfavorably with a letter dated 6-11-08(one day before the 10 day limit i had given them) and they considered this matter resolved". I havent received anything from them and dont really know what the "unfavorably" means in their response. What would be nice is if it was unfavorable to them and they deleted the TL's and sent me the check i let them know i was planning on suing for. Guess i should find out in a couple days or so.
  18. nothing..........it would mean nothing if you arent there to show up and dispute anything they may try to pull. They would get their say and they could say anything they wanted if your not there. Now you might be able to get a judge to listen to you afterwards, but why go through the major amount of trouble it would cause?
  19. 10 days seems like a long time for something to get on the computer, even for the courts. i would plan on being on there.
  20. If it was me i WOULD GO just to be sure that everything is on the up and up. Unless you get something from the court saying you dont need to be there, then DEFINITELY SHOW UP. Dont take anything for granted, cause if you dont show up and they do they may pull a quick switch on you and all the hard work you did on this would be for nothing. Missing some time from work(if you have to miss time from work) would be better than suddenly having a 45k judgement against you. GO GO GO GO!!! did i make my point???
  21. I just got a response for my response to the BBB as well from HSBC. All my response said was "We have responded unfavorably by letter dated 6/11/08. We consider this matter resolved." I have no idea what this means. I did send a 623 letter to them last week, and let them know it was the second 623 letter i had sent to them and that they had not responded to my request. All i can get from this response is that they finally responded to me and sent me something in the mail today. But the question is who is it unfavorable too, me or them? any thoughts?
  22. I've never quite been able to figure out what a collector sounds like. Exactly what is it that a collector would say that differentiates? I know. I've had this conversation before. Typically there is some interpretative difference of opinion. As best I can figure out I guess I offend people in that I don't exhibit the typical vituperative rhetoric and venom that is so common on the forum. I will admit that i have not read everyone of your posts, but it seems to me that you only wish to keep people out of court. Thats what any collector would wish to happen. They dont want anyone to fight for the rights the are afforded. If I have missed some posts in which you state differently then i apologize for this, but i am just going on what i read. I dont know you, just as you dont know me. Anyone on the interenet can be who ever they want to be. But know matter who people are or how they think, things can be picked up and/or interepreted differently through writing and typing then is maybe the intention of the speaker, either consciously or unconsciously. I've spent untold millions of dollars on lawyers and untold hours in the courtroom (on both sides of the aisle). Some of that rubs off. It causes me to realize that very little that is good comes out of the courtroom and that it is mostly a good thing to avoid being there. It also causes me to look for practical and pragmatic solutions to problems. I understand that some people on the forum think it is major macho to to establish ones bona fides in fight to the death litigation. Someone on the forum said they would never pay a nickel to a collector until they were ordered to by a judge and then the creditor would have to pry the nickel out of his clenched fingers. Now that is just dumb. It is also not me. I too have had my fair share of the US court system and have seen how the system works and the tricks that savey lawyers use to win cases or obtain the outcome they are seeking. I am still somewhat new to this area of the law, but still see the same tricks. And i am not one who suggest a fight to the death litigation, but i do abide by the theory that if the CA/JDB wants to file the suit then they better be ready to back up their claims. If the defendant wants to deal with them outside court that's anyones choice, but if they want to fight the claim, AND THEY HAVE A LIGITIMATE CLAIM, then i will be the first to stand behind them and help. But if that person chooses to take the chance in court, then they must be willing to accept the outcome no matter how it works out. And they must understand the possibilites prior to entering into their choice. I have a bias that one should pay their bills if they can and if they cannot they should seek protection in bankruptcy and that there is no shame in finding oneself in that situation. There is only shame in not learning from the experience. Agreed completely I have no tolerance for creditors or collectors who violate the law and they deserve to be punished harshly. And this is where i think we start to either disagree or misunderstnad one another on the steps that should be taken to "punish" the ones breaking the law. Hence the point of this whole conversation. I have little tolerance for debtors who lie and manipulate to avoid their obligations. There is a fine line between using the protections of the law to insure that creditors "play fair" and some of the deception I've seen on the forum. Absolutely. I agree that the laws are there to help the people and keep things fair and right and i too agree that there are people who attempt to pull the same tricks on the CA's and JDB's that they try to pull on the people which is not a good thing. And, yes we disagree on some things. There is nothing wrong with disagreement.
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