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  1. It has been at least 2 years... not 3 yet. I figure, they can't get blood out of a stone, so it is what it is. I'll just send in my answer and go from there.
  2. The atty for plaintiff is a member of NARCA... and my CR from 07 shows that the amount was charged off/written off, so does that mean it was sold?
  3. Wow, you all have certainly thrown out a lot of information. Unfortunately, I am still lost. I'm not exactly sure of how to formulate and what to include in my answer - which I plan to have out of here by Thursday; and I also want to ask for discovery. I checked the court docs and although CAP1 is the plaintiff, the address for the plaintiff is listed c/o another atty's office different from the plaintiff's atty. I'm grasping for straws here, but the filing date in the court's system is 2007, but the filing date stamped on what I was served is 2008. Same dates, different years, and the summ
  4. Congrats... doing the happy dance for you
  5. The plaintiff only lists Capital One, no address or anything. There is a local law office listed of where to answer. I've been digging through the forums but am still muddy; I will come back and fill out the info that you need a little later this evening, but the basics are: Cap1 - principal 865.29, interest 303.57, atty fees 141.89 and court costs 147.50 I have a lot more reading to do but have my daughter and her friend here at home right now, so I don't want to interrupt their day with this. I am unemployed as well, so settling at this moment is out of the question, and the totals of my
  6. The accounts are at least 18 months old; the original OC is listed on the credit reports with the amounts. Had I known some of this stuff back then I could have dealt with it better. I was wondering if BK would be an option as well. Thanks!
  7. I know I haven't been very active - but I was wondering if I received no response because no one knew what to tell me. I am in the process of getting back on my feet and sorting this stuff out. Not sure how to proceed though... HELP!
  8. Hey y'all... I have a question or three... I am unemployed, in Georgia and do not collect unemployment benefits or any other assistance. I, too, am a victim of Capital One, well not so much because after all, it's my debt. My account is no longer with their collectors but apparently has been sold off to a company that sounds like a law firm. I have four or five other accounts that are in charged off status, but after contacting the OCs, they say the accounts are with the collection agencies. I've been trying to read through the articles and posts, but just end up more confused. I am trying