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  1. Thank you for all your reply's. I did do step one and there was one 1 mistake. Fixed. Weird but true. Hence my score 594. I am not trying to go back into debt. I am trying to build the credit back up fast. Been there before and I did a lot of work and it worked before. Thanks to this board I built it back up. But long story short my small business took a IRS hit. Had to file again. So..... trying to build back up to get a home in 2 years or less. I still disagree 1 week 2 months no different to apply for credit. I am wondering like you stated the credit report is still i
  2. I disagree. I spoke with and researched online and everyone states to get a card ASAP post Discharge. http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Bankruptcy/HOW-TO-From-BK7-discharge-to-700-in-24-months-or-less/td-p/1384075
  3. Applied for secured credit cards but got denied on all three. credit report they sent me reason for decline was because no credit file found? im 594 post bk7 if wife adds me to her cards is that a smart deal i did it for her and brought her up my turn?
  4. Found that answer. Long as nothing is in her and mine name = Joint were all good. If i file BK7 shes safe. Only affects me. Unless I owe taxes and we filed married then if the BK7 is done IRS can come after her. SO no win for IRS after BK7.
  5. I have great credit. Nothing bad. I have to many high loans and credit card debts. My wife has seperate cards that are barley anything owed. If I choose to file for BK in Cali will it affect her score? Should I file for divorce first would this safe gaurd her? Im the one that has all the cards and loans not her. And her name is not on any of them. She has sperate. Thank You
  6. How can a person get off a mortgage if they are the co signer? Re finance? What if they were 90 days past due and now just recently paid. Thanks.
  7. It would of been nice if Macy's tells you that you have a limit of $2000 but if you buy a bed for $1000 they will drop your limit after. Makes it look like I am maxing out my card. I would of never bought anything. I have only had this balance for a few months not a years worth of balance. I paid it off. Never going to use. They do screwy things this is not the first time they have done things to turn people away.
  8. Thanks for the fast reply. I am going to send out some sneaky letters. Thank you.
  9. Ok so I have pretty good credit, and a good limit on my Macy's. I recently bought a bed on my Macy's and there was no balance before. Now they lowered my limit after I bought the bed. I paid off and never will use again. Macy's has nothing for us anyways. Just watch out this could hurt your credit scores.
  10. This dosnt make sense though. On my credit monitoring it says I have a new account that is past 3 months now. And my credit just dropped. Also this; So they ran my credit two time in the past 3 months. Hard inquire. So you are saying they can run my credit every day since I still have a relationship with them over 8 years ago and my credit scores can drop everyday until they stop doing hard inquires? That dosnt make sense. My credit could drop even more for them checking everyday.
  11. Yes I am not questioning the fall off. I am saying Capital One is in new violations now and this my be my change to get this whole thing, only thing off my credit reports. My credit just recently dropped in points a lot. Violations; 1. Ran my credit September 2011 without my consent, EXPERIAN (NEVER TOLD THEM TO). 2. On my credit report it states that now, out of the blue, I am 3 months past due on both old accounts, (RE AGED). From my reports; A. Discrepancies and their impact The following table lists the records (accounts, inquiries, and public records) in your credit reports at all three c
  12. They did not change that date. But I see a hard pull in September and my credit report now says that I am 3 months past due on both of them. And my credit dropped down big time.
  13. OK so there is only 2 things left on my credit and there both Capital Ones. One is Auto finance the other is a credit card both closed charge offs and over SOL. Trying to fight this for a while with no luck. They will fall off early 2013. Just saw that on my credit reports that they just re aged both debt charge offs in September and it shows that I am currently 3 months passed due on both and my credit dropped down in points, big time. There is even a hard pull on Experian. I think in September I called and sent letters in regards to SOL and I thought it was past 7 years. The showed proof th
  14. Thank you guys for all the input. I am not on any mortgage loans, wife is co with her dad in Texas. I passed on all this useful info to him to do the right thing. I and going to re apply with her off. I have great income so qualifying will be easy. I just want to protect myself mostly from garnishments. And it seem Texas dosnt do so.