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  1. wow thanks! I was sure glad I found these boards when a few years ago I decided to repair my credit. My Orchard card is now 3 years old almost to date. I've had nothing but good payment history on it, and it reports to all 3 CBS. Worth the $8 / month if you ask me. Ditch the monthly monitoring and go with this if you have to choose between the two. make a note for yourself and another note somewhere else to remind yourself to PAY THE BILL ON TIME and that EVEN IF YOU DIDNT put a charge on it, you MUST pay the $8 per month charge the card charges... It has really helped. Almost everything has fallen off my CR and now Im left with this card , a car that I was late on occasionally showed as PAID and all the late months fallen off, only showing good... glad to hear that wireless accounts dont really affect much. I would hope that it would help in the long run.
  2. I've gotten my credit back up to where it should be, not sure how really other than following some of what is posted on here and, mostly TIME. Around 768-800 for the scores (FICO) How true are these scores? We are looking at buying a house soon, possibly within 6 months. I need a wireless phone as my company is no longer going to provide phones to us. How big of a hit would my credit take with a new wireless plan? I have very little credit currently on thebooks at the moment. Thanks
  3. Ok so, how accurate are MyFico scores? A couple years ago I was watching my credit repair efforts and my scores were pretty low. high 500's or low 600's. Since then, a couple things fell off, I resolved one and had it removed from the reports (yes they can do this). I joined around 3 years ago, and also picked up the orchard tri reporting card with the $300 limit. I checked about a year ago, and my truecredit fakos were around mid 600's with TU being 705. I checked my fico score and my fico was low, around 630. Today I just looked, and it's saying I'm a 768 or 2% risk factor (top tier!) What happened? I still have a delinquent item on my report (about to fall off) for 1k, the $300 card and a used car paid off over several years ago still on there with a few late payments. AND an account that I know was sold to a credit collection agency, paid off but shows as open-revolving 0$ balance 0$ credit line (macys) that is very old, like 12 years old. But it seems to be giving me a boost based on the myfico page statement. Is this score accurate? I'm not getting credit card offers. I do occasionally get high risk credit card offers; however lately those have disappeared. The only thing I have gotten lately was a American Express Gold Card application with a fake card attached. It seems like it had stipulations attached to it like some of the high risk cards but it might just be me being paranoid and not really reading it because Im so used to just tossing these offers, was this a legit offer? Does AMEX offer high credit risk cards? How would my other scores look to a lender? I'm inquiring because I want to get an Iphone from Verizon (who I defaulted on 8 years ago for $2,000). What are the chances they will back charge me on my new phone bill if my credit goes through? And will it? The MyFico page states it is highly unlikely that I will be turned down for credit for just about anything, which was alarmingly exciting and yet, even more dangerous for me to hear! The verizon account , will it was 'my' account was due to an ex-girlfriend who was using my phone as a method of entertainment without care for the costs. Of course I was stuck with the bill. I sent less than the minimum payments into two ac) counts (verizon and gas company) and the money was never posted to the accounts but a couple times. They were taking my money and not reducing my total payment owed. All that resulted was them harassing me through a credit agency. Turns out I was paying the wrong people, by the time that I discovered this, I had already given up rectifying it with them as it seemed they wanted to keep me in this state of paying outrageous late fees and monthly percentages. Worse, it dated my accounts which left them on the credit account longer on the reports. I don't condone ditching bills, but when it only makes it worse to pay them off, it seems like a system setup to fail. It has me feeling guilty and is something I'll have to live with honestly, but when I see people living on unemployment for YEARS while I slave away at work 50 hours a week and driving 1.25 hours each way to work, it eases my guilt. But I digress. Any advice anyone could give me would be helpful. We want to buy a bigger house soon, and I wouldn't want buying a new wireless phone to hurt this. My company pays for my phone right now, but if I want something that actually works with email etc, I have to buy it myself and expense it. Pretty nice perk, the only perk we get which I'm greatful for if I can benefit from it! Thanks folks! **EDIT** I just double checked. The outstanding credit collection account is not showing up as a credit account but a standard account, past due 120+ days , and where it say "impact negative : No" How can that be? I believe this is on the other reports too. What effect will this have? Is this a mistake on their end?
  4. I guess I wouldn't worry if it wasn't for the fact that I can't find ANYTHING near what that house was. It had everything, even how the yard slopped down toward the driveway and the garages were hidden on the side and below the house with a nice retaining brick wall that matched the brick on the house. Everything I see now has no trees, shrubs, straight flat driveway with garage in the front, the kitchen and living room is like one long room, and the construction is very flimsy. This was a beautiful custom home , albeit a bit smaller than the rest of the houses in the plan, it was a colonial. I love colonials..esp with a side extension. The walkway was even pleasant. My fiancee thinks we will be able to build. Her friends filled her head with great notions of buying land and building. She believes them over me for some reason. She does not understand that there are NO level lots left in any of the areas we are interested in, and if there is, they are very very small with many restrictions and a HIGH price tag, higher taxes, higher...everything. This was what we could afford. SO - I guess all I can do now is save up and hope that something comes available some day that I like in a decent neighborhood. Everything that even comes close though is around $350k. And that is rather far out of our reach. Sigh. I just signed the null and void contract to release the sale to the new buyers. The sad thing is, I did the math - we could afford both places for awhile. And if it came down to it, I have options. Lower the price, refi and rent it ( I would make money each month too), etc. But my financee is freaking out about carrying two mortgages. Not that I really want to but I really didn't want this house to slip away. Oh well.
  5. The dream is a bust. Just as I said would happen. Someone came in 2 weeks after our initial offering with an offer to buy the house without the contingency. I pretty much knew this was going to happen. I have the worst luck. I'm the guy that while others are talking about their bad luck, I can't get the words out to say NO I HAVE the worst luck because I'm being chased by a cloud and lightning bolts. BUT, I'm hoping to some day find something that we can afford that is equally appealing. I'm pretty doubtful as , like I said it had everything perfect about it for us. The bedrooms were small, this pushed all the potential buyers away so far but us...and until yesterday another couple. While we still have the option to carry two mortgages, we are a bit worried about doing that. The new owners are doing just that. Now obviously their paperwork has to go through etc etc but like I said, my luck is - it will go through. So, that's that I guess. Not much left in that area except lots with big hillsides for $70k. That's just the lot. Imagine what it would cost to build a comparable home WITH an inground pool. sigh. Breaks my heart at a time when I could use SOMETHING to keep my head up.
  6. Thanks for the info. We countered with them raising the price of the house to allow us to have the same seller assist. It will raise our payment to $1618 a month instead of $1607....and we will need another $200 to get into the house. SO, I plan on making sure we make that up and more when we sell our place. Which after reading the last comment, gives me some hope. I have granite tops throughout, plan on putting in new carpet and tiling the foyer area with marble that I picked up very cheap. Very nice too. I just replaced one of the last lights in this house with something much nicer and more modern looking that was inexpensive. Overall I plan on putting about $4-5k into this house to get it to sell, if it doesn't sell - then it was worth it to get my butt into gear to finish remodeling the house which really didn't need much more anyway. Tiling the foyer, carpet, two doors in closet areas, caulking and possibly repainting the kitchen (it's pepto pink now...yuck), replacing a light or two, cleaning up the outside in the back a bit, scrubing the whole place down and touching up where needed, etcetc etc. All told I think I have about 3 DAYS work ahead of me. Split that out from work hours, family duties etc and I probably will have this house ready within 2 weeks to be fully shown. Im hoping that is quick enough. I don't want to half **s it because we may be staying here awhile if something should happen toward the negative. Anyway, I WILL update. Thanks!
  7. Be sure to have your name removed from anything he could charge to. You are held liable for that debt. Even if he agrees on paper to do something. You can take that paper to court all day and all you will get is a big bag of NOTHING when he has nothing to give. So be sure to get your name off ASAP and work on your own credit/debt issues. Takes awhile...but one day you start breathing a bit easier because of it. Especially if you just keep your head down, keep working and keeping saving. I feel a freedom like I haven't felt in a long time not having to deal with Junk Debt Collectors or trying to get erroneous or incorrect items off of my reports. Most of what I did was in vein. Useless. But some things worked. That and a whole lot of time helped significantly.
  8. The wind has been let out of my sails folks. Agent called today, "are you sitting down, I have some particularly disturbing news" I'm thinking, they have another offer and want us to take the contingency off and carry two mortgages. "Well it seems they confused the offer..." To make a long story short, what they heard sounded like 10 thousand more than what we were offering ...another 1000 more. Why we would counter with 9000 more than what they countered with, WHO KNOWS. But they actually went to sign the paperwork under this notion. SO, the owners are apparently upset once my agent said WOH, that's not the deal. They are willing to bump up the price of the home to allow us the same 11 seller assist. BUT that makes our up front money more, and our loan more. So of course, my very emotional fiancee became....very emotional. By the time I got home, she was in a bad mood. She was wearing her bad mood pjs, her hair was in bad moods style and she had that bad mood scowl. Of course, I wanted to try to be logical about this, and try to figure out what our next offer would be if any. She of course, is ready to walk or really wants me to FORCE them to carry through the offer they accepted. You can not logic with an angry person who is tired and very emotional. We exchanged some words and of course, the day ended badly. We fought for awhile about the difference in price. I then find out that she thought I was going to put an addition onto the house as the bedrooms are a bit small but livable (like what we have now, but the rest of the house is so much more). I guess I might have jokingly mentioned the devious things I could do to get more sq ftage out of the house...but was not serious. So, I'm thinking, it's over right? No, she then yells that she wants the original offer to stand. This whole time I'm trying to calm her down, she's getting angry at me for trying to calm her down, but I just want her to see my logic. -If the sellers aren't willing to budge, we have our out if we want out now. Contract is void (hand money refunded of 1k). -If we still want the place, and they do not budge, we can simply say ok - possibly deterring more buyers in our hopefully new place because the agents just wont try as hard anymore. In the meantime, sell our current place buy take the money we were willing to go down to and bump it up another 4k. yes the difference , even after paying for 30 years - would be about 5k. And she is very worked up over it. SO - I canceled the seller agent that was to visit OUR place tomorrow to see if they could get it on the market asap, AND I did not call our buying agent back to counter like I promised. My fiancee went to sleep angry, but I'm pretty sure in the morning she is going to be anxious and call me from work requesting that I counter. SO. That's the story so far. meanwhile - in the land of reality. I'm just shaking my head because the possibility that we will ACTUALLY get this house is very slim. Lets face it. Nothing in our neighborhood has sold for over a year. The one that did wasnt an MLS listing and was sold at owners original cost. He needed to get out asap to move. Our place has more to offer I think but from the outside looks pretty drab. The inside needs work, but overall it's nicer than any other house in the market. BUT - what difference does it make. Our place isn't even on the market yet. And from the looks of things, won't be for at least a bit longer. If it's not on the market, it won't sell and that's just more days that this house we want could go bye bye. Honestly, at this point - I don't care. I promised myself that I wouldn't force the issue as it seems when I do this I over extend myself. After all, we would essentially be DOUBLING our payment per month for living. If one of us loses our job here, we won't even notice but would tighten the belt in case it was a long haul. If we lose a job over there, we have a limited time to get back on our feet. With my health always being a question, we could be fine for years...but honestly I think within some periods of the ownership we will go through some tougher times at best. Is it all worth it? I don't know. A home does not equate happiness. With ALL of that said...talking myself out of being unhappy when this all falls through which it appears it may be already, I still really want this house! (shhh just between me , you guys here, and of course the rest of the internet hehe). The thing I just can't convey enough to my financee is, that we are not going to find another home like this for a long time if at all. It's in our price range and to get the same somewhere else is going to cost us another 100k. We won't be able to do that, at all. Sure we could add on later some of things that cost, but - will we do that and will we still be able to enjoy it the same? I can honestly say that I do not enjoy the things that I've remodeled in our current place. It still feels like the whole place needs redone. Maybe its because the appearance wasn't worth the blood, sweat, tears to complete (3 bathroom remodels and of course the rest of the house). I still have a foyer marble tiling to do and then I would be finally finished after a few days of odds and ends work here and there. Selling when we are finally done remodeling? While this doesn't sound like a bad idea in a buyers market, the price of houses in our area are the same that they were 5 years ago. BUT, people aren't selling the places with upgraded interiors, the places that need work are selling. Because people want a GOOD DEAL. Sorry to ramble on, just a bit anxious and sad. Hoping that this resolves itself soon because I can't stand to deal with more drama. I headed into this thinking, if it happens...it happens. If not, nothing lost. But somehow my fiancee is not taking this attitude and is taking it as a personal affront having this initial deal fail like this. I just don't get it. With contingent offers like this, what are the chances you actually end up in the house? I mean, there is SO much that it takes to get into the house, especially with someone like me with a spotty credit report. (refer to broker stating I would have to pay off an asset acceptance claim on my credit AND get proof...good luck getting AA to provide anything they agree to I say...) Oh well, enough for now...I will keep you all posted. If it ends up a bust, i will post...or if we end up with an agreement and a sign out side of my house that says FOR SALE...I will post. Wish me luck (for my sanity)
  9. Thanks for the advice. No we have an agent. Met with the woman from the agency tonight to sign a conditional offer and put up $1k 'hand money'. She went over all of this very well with us including contingent on positive appraisal. I think she said that FHA loans must have these but wasn't sure...or maybe it was the bank. It's kinda funny, the mortgage broker we went with isn't sugar coating a thing. He's very straight forward and a bit rough around the edges. He's went off on a 10 minute rant about how we lent to people based solely on their lack of ability, what did we think was going to happen...they would suddenly get lucky and start working harder to afford a house they couldn't afford to begin with? He then went on and on about this and that. Actually rather scared me almost out of everything. And tonight, as I sit here - I am actually thinking that if the owners don't accept the offer, I'm the better for it. I have had health issues that they can't figure out. I swear I'm going to be done for within a couple years (or sooner if the flu hits me), I have an autoimmune thyroid disorder, constantly get infections in the ears and have a low white blood count. They can't figure out much, one doc swears its ebstein barr reactivating + the thyroid kicking my butt. Everything has (at least seemingly) great certainty that I'm paranoid and will bounce back, but it has been getting worse every week for 3 years. So with that said, I'm a bit paranoid about leaving my sweetie with a huge loan and in dire straights within 6 months without at least SOME income coming in from another person. Maybe if I find out I'm about to kill over I can get her hitched to someone else quickly? Nuff negativity on that. Honestly I love the place but I really want it for her. I think she will be VERY happy with the place. It's everything she ever dreamed of. Sure it's not a huge house, but it looks like a really nice house with everything you would think most people want. It's picturesque. The woman from the agency hugged us when we left today with what I thought were tears in her eyes. I was a bit surprised as were didn't hit the struggle part to get into the place, we only put up an offer. Oh well, here's hoping whatever happens is for the best. I'm nervous, very.
  10. That's actually what the broker stated as far as %, I had it wrong ...it was late. Yes, I believe he is trying to get the best # for us toward getting into the house. He originally suggested that we ask for the full 6% which is something like 13140 off of the house. The owner was willing to do $5000. That's a big difference. As far as comping the deal, well - it's in a neighborhood with $500k + homes. It's smaller but still 'fits in' well. It's $220, has 3 bedrooms - a finished basement , two car garage, beautiful lot, fenced in back yard with maint. free fencing, a heated inground pool with a ornate shed and manicured lawn. The owners are older and want to migrate south asap. The house was built in 1995 and has had one owner. I can't really comp the deal because the houses around there are far more expensive.
  11. Greetings folks, been awhile. Anyway - finally got my credit a bit better. My credit scores are 674,674,675. My fiancee's are 715 around. She has a 100k house in her name and TWO vehicles. One is actually mine as I didn't have the credit at the time to purchase one. So here is the issue. We found a house that we love. We are not searching for anything else. It's this house or we are staying put for another 5 years. It has everything we want, where we want it, and the $$$ is very good. The seller is offering a $5 toward closing costs and the house is $219,000 without negotiating $ yet. We contacted lending tree. One person immediately called us but requested an $85 processing fee through paypal. We decline. So I talked to the agent, she recommended a mortgage broker, who we called later today and was nice enough to call us back and run our information. Basically this is what he said. With the current house being an FHA, and MY credit being just a few points shy of what they will allow for mortgage insurance, the only thing we can do is make an offer on the house contingent on the sell of her old house. He recommended asking the seller to knock another 6k toward the closing and putting the 3.75% down. How does this all sound? We can afford the house, we have already figured out that if one of us loses our job we can afford to keep afloat for 6 month minimum. One of the vehicles is 1.5 years old, the other can be paid off with $5.5 k and is 4 years old. I have one item on my report that the broker stated I would need to pay off for this to all go through (yuck, asset acceptance). She has nothing. I have no debt in my name, I do have one credit card (orchard per the recommendation of others here..thanks...) Like I said, this is a very nice house for a very good price in a very good neighborhood. The school district is ...ok..but getting better everyday as more nicer houses are being built here all the time. Overall, our expenses for heating/cooling etc will actually remain the same on the larger house as the house is much more efficient. We are not married yet but will be soon. (broker didn't think that made much of a difference). While many will say, just let it go..save up , build better credit etc etc....like I said, it's not like we are searching, we saw this house by chance and then decided to look at others in that price range. It's this house, or sit and save for another 5 years give or take. The loan he said he could get us was an FHA. she currently already has an FHA. We MUST sell this place to get another FHA as we can own two FHA's at the same time. Each of us is just barely under the qualifications to get it in our names individually. We must get it jointly for it to go through he said. He stated that many other brokers and banks may promise us the world, but we will just end up disappointed. All the numbers he ran past us seemed pretty on key for what I've been reading. It sounds like the interest rate will be 5.25% fixed 30 year. Jointly we earn almost 100k. Again, total asking price is $219,000.00 minus $5000 sellers incentive without any negotiating. What say thee?
  12. I was under the impression that these folks at Sterling were pretty good with lending to those with 'challenged' credit. I applied and was declined. Of course, they only pulled from EQ, my lowest score! We had a ring lined up and everything. Money coming in, credit on the report taken care of to the best it can be. Negative Tradelines = 6 but most are under $50 and will fall off at the end of the year or sooner. Only one is for over $1k and it was a big debacle. Original debt sold twice and boosted to over 1k from 200. Due to fall off in 1.5 years. My FICO scores are all around 620-590. Income good, same residence for several years. What to do? Nothing?
  13. same here. I admittedly had an open account for about $100 still with Verizon that went to collections. At about year 5, AFNI bought it out and reaged it back 2 years and changed the balance from around $200ish to $650+. I did all the necessary stuff to try and get it off but honestly I don't think any of this stuff works. All they do is say "yup it's real and valid" and the CB's believe them. You can send them letter after letter explaining to them that they have illegally raaged the tradeline etc and will receive NOTHING in return but nagging phone calls will increase. These companies are pretty evil. 70% of the debt they hold are valid. They up the original value of debt 500-2000% of the original and use very immoral tactics to get people to pay. Only to find out that they will have a more blemished account by paying these people. I will NEVER pay someone who is going to penalize someone for paying, or who takes the original debt and some how gets past the interest rate laws. It's a game, and coming here did help me become knowledgeable that paying is stupid. It will only hurt your credit, not help it. The best thing you can do is get them to validate a debt or to sue them. Anything else seems pointless.
  14. Ok so I found a new item on my report since starting my journey over a year ago to fix my credit, talked to the OC and had them send a letter stating they did not follow the proper guidelines nor did they ever contact me about an outstanding debt and with full payment would delete the tradeline. Didn't believe them, was just about to pull out the letter and go to work then WALLA, the tradeline disappears. So I check my scores. 640-600 on TU and EX, EQ drops to 575 from 630. Sigh. I feel like I can never get ahead. Medical issues that stump doctors at a young age couple with panic/anxiety disorder that only seems to get worse every year. Thyroid disease, possibly other issues (RA, Lupus...) they don't know. Every day is a struggle. Yet I go to work every day. I eat lunch and almost pass out. My bones feel like they are going to break. My eyes have gone from not so good all my life to REALLY bad very quickly. Just diagnosed with an eye disease at 38! The list goes on and on.. I have to pull off the road due to panic attacks that I SWEAR each time will result in me dying EACH week...but I still keep on. Meanwhile, I watch as two of my mid aged neighbors in their 50's on disability for '..whatever...' sit and relax while they get their rent paid for, cars in driveway are newer, and they chain smoke and drink, while I pinch every penny , work 9 hours a day and drive over 2.5 hours a day just to stay barely afloat with a college education. So I have to ask,...why? Why am I trying? Do I keep pushing on? If my health gets any worse without a diagnosis and treatment plan, I don't know what I am going to do. But I try not to think about this and try not to look at the countless people sitting in decent middle income houses in my neighborhood who obviously do not work , because its too depressing. Eventually, people like me will give up too. And there will be noone to pay for these folks to sit at home and play. I should mention that my 'disabled' neighbors worked the system for many years to get their status and their 'payday'. One was more than happy to share his story about his 'weak muscle issues' that limited his driving ability and ability to sit for more than 30 mins, he was a truck driver and WALLA, can't drive truck anymore but can take trips to the beach, the mountains, family 2 states away, They shovel their snow, wash their cars, and all sorts of active things while I WISH I could do those things as well as them at almost half their age. Today's view of my score after this was just a slap to the face. I write this WIDE awake when i should be asleep for work, probably because my neighbors are being loud outside because hey...they don't have anywhere to go tomorrow but to the store to buy more smokes. Or how about a friend of mine, who filed BK , had 3times the debt and KNEW from the start that he was going to just file BK because as he put it "everyone gets one, they expect it" I laughed at his stupidity. Now he owns a house and a newer car. Makes less than me, but also pays less for his housing because he got a GOOD RATE. Only 2 years after BK. Now this was a while ago, I know BK rules and how banks loan vs BK has changed, but geesh - once again ...slap to the face right? Sorry for venting...carry on. Grumble.
  15. Honestly I don't think there is anything you can do. IMO once you have something on your credit report, the only thing you can do is fight to have it deleted......slowlllllllllllllly. most of the time they come back with Oh yea we are following the laws...pfft..as if. Paying them resets the timer, imo again - stupid..even if it is your debt. Why penalize yourself more? If you have a moral feeling to pay them, wait till it falls off and then send them a check. check to make sure it won't reappear after that point though. Personally, never gonna see a dime from me for this very reason. I came into this about a year ago with about 8k in hand ready to pay off 4 k in debt that was mine and about 1k worth of debt that wasn't. I learned quickly (esp because of cap1/portfolio) to NEVER pay them ONE penny...ever...no matter what they promise. Don't talk to anyone, don't give them any information. Tell them they have the wrong number, they got a pizza shop or something and hang up. As to what you can do about this, be up front with your potential employer that you have a blemish on your credit report that you are in the process of rectifying. Something that you were unaware of until recently when you checked your credit. And that you don't know anything about it , just that it exists. All, again...just my opinion...