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  1. Thanks for the response but it was include and discharged in bankruptcy so we don't owe them anything, they cannot list it as a bankruptcy and forclousure or repossession so I'm not selling a house that I don't have any rights to and I'm not staying. I just wanted to give them back their keys and property and not have any ties to it at all being that it was discharged 2 years ago in a bankruptcy and THEY are the ones that state each time we call that they are not going to come after us to collect the debt they just exercise their rights against the property. Thanks to everyone for their help
  2. how do you file a quit claim? Where would we get a form from, in the state of MI.
  3. 1. No, did not look for a home first. 2. Asked about credit first been keeping an eye on it for over a year(getting monthly updates) so our scores were not a surprise and are high enough to obtain a VA mortgage. 3. Not a first time buyer. 4. Spoke with VA it appears that the bankruptcy is the issue only being 2 years since discharge, and the reason they needed the utility bills was because he hasn't re-established a lot of credit history since discharge so the utilities where just an extra piece. Thanks anyway.
  4. Thanks for the response but this house is such a hazard I don't want to live here not even for free. Being that the house was included in a bankruptcy and NOT re-affirmed would we even need to do a quick claim deed or could I just write a letter and send the keys to them?
  5. Was going through First Place Bank for a VA loan. Now my husband and I filed bankruptcy which has been discharged for two years, his credit score is 670 and he has no late payments or collection accounts. First the lender asked us for a barrage of paper work just to get a pre-approval, then he gave a checklist for pre-underwriting:The underwriter will require the following items for a complete approval. I don’t need them right now, but I need to know that you can fulfill the requests: Most recent utility bills and letters from the utiities stating that you have paid on time for at least 18 mon
  6. Hello we filed bankruptcy 2 years ago and the house we're in was never re-affirmed yet they never kicked us out. So know we have a new house and are leaving this one. How do I send the bank back the keys for this house, do I just call them on my move date and tell them we're vacating the property or just mail the keys back and let them figure it out. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  7. I found the answer a collection agency can report on your credit report even if they do not own the debt they are just collecting. In my case I'm thinking they can't even do that because we are still paying the original creditor and they(the collection agency) have yet to validate a debt to me. The saga continues.
  8. Hello My husband as a old college debt that we forgot about and they have transferred the debt to a collection agency. The collection agency in question (Transworld Systems, Inc) does not own the debt but is reporting the debt as being owed to them on my hubby's credit report. Is this legal, are they able to report this debt and it is truly not their debt but it is still between my hubby and the college they are just a 3rd party collecting the money. I guess the question is are they legally allowed to report this on his report being that they don't own this debt they are just collection agents
  9. My husband and I will be buying a new house next year (we will be 2 years in on our bankruptcy) here's the question. The first house was just in my hubby's name and in order to participate in many of the programs in MI you either have to be a first time homebuyer or it has to have been 3 years since you had any ownership in a house. Although I'm not working can I apply for the mortgages using his income as "other" income? As long as I met the credit requirements and we meet the downpayment requirements could we place the mortgage in my name only versus his just so we can get extra credits?
  10. I just found out that this same collection agency is on my credit report now that I have paid them how do I get them off? Do I still follow the debt validation process or is there another way? (I now I have violated every rule in the book this is one of those situations where I knew better and didn't do it smh)
  11. I paid off a debt with American Credit Association LLC the final balance was $20 and I sent in a check for $25. When I contacted the collection agency they stated that it was being investigated and that I might get my money back. Now I understand it's only $5 but it's mine. The rep stated that they don't have to refund the $5 back that the law gives them a $5 cushion when it comes to matters like this. Are they right if so where are they getting this from, if they are wrong how do I get my money back? And what other legal support do I have.
  12. Is anyone familiar with the HUD 203K loan. My questions are do you have to purchase a HUD home and can you have a previous bankruptcy? Our bankruptcy discharged January 2009 and we are looking to purchase another home. I am on the HUD site and the information they give is very vague. Any help will be appreciated
  13. Is anyone familar with the VA loan process? Just to give background my husbands the vet and we filled bankruptcy 1 year ago but it appears that our reason for filing falls under one of their possible exceptions.
  14. We filed a chapter 7 so we owe them nothing. Our case is a little complicated. When the bk discharged the bank offered us a modification they told us that it would be reported on our cr and we could back on track. Fast forward to November. Got a copy of my hubbys cr and found out that they hadn't been reporting our payments and that the rep lied to us and found out that our payments were never going to be reported because the modification they set up didn't alter the terms of the loan(meaning we didn't sigh new loan docs) it is and was still showing up as discharged through bk. so my hubb
  15. What about buying a new house before the 2 years is up..we are in our house that was included in the bankruptcy and we just got a notice on the door that the bank wants to inspect the property. How much time does this give us? What about a land contract? we are currently three months behind on the mortgage. Thanks