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  1. They won't remove that settled charge off but they gave me another chance.
  2. Welp I bit the bullet and applied again and was approved. CL $500 not sure about APR yet.
  3. I have a CO from Cap 1 from 2005 that was settled and is due to fall off in Aug 2012. Does anyone know how long I should wait before trying to apply again?? Are they forgiving in this situation?
  4. On Saturday, May 8th, I will be participating in the 17th Annual Entertainment Industry Foundation Revlon Run/Walk For Women (in Los Angeles) to help fight women's cancers. You too, can join the fight by making a donation on my behalf. I'dreally appreciate ANY amount you can give to this wonderful cause!! https://www.revlonrunwalk.com/la/secure/MyWebPage.cfm?pID=555857
  5. Hello All, I was just wanting you all to come check out my first design on my line of tshirts.. Check it out at http://iheartmetees.etsy.com If you like it - you should purchase Pass it along to friends and family for the holidays. Great for kids too...
  6. Hello, For those interested in hip hop/urban clothing Use Rep Code SN43885 @ karmaloop.com & get 20% off your first purchase, and 10% off every purchase thereafter.... Take a look.... karmaloop.com
  7. Here are some details - Any help that can be provided is appreciated. Capital One Status: Paid in settlement/Account charged off. $755 written off. **GW letter written last March to remove - denied Continental Finance Status: Transferred,closed/Account charged off. $537 written off. **Sent to collections - Subsequently, Collections was PAID & Removed. First Premier Bank - Still owns Status: Account charged off/Past due 120 days. $449 written off. $449 past due as of Jan 2008. **Arrangments to pay - will not remove HSBC Status: Transferred,closed/Account charged off. $326 written off. Hasn't been updated since 2007. Plains Commerce Bank Status: Transferred,closed/Account charged off. $332 written off. Not sure who owns this account now. CA not reporting on any report FYI - On Experian I am down to 11 baddies (3 of which I cannot do anything about, so I guess that means 8). To me this is PROGRESS.
  8. Ok so I finally feel like I'm making some progress. After starting this, getting frustrated, leaving it alone for a couple of months, I picked it back up. I've gone from about 16 negatives (maybe more) to 13 now. After about a month, so I'm encouraged. Soon - all I will have are charge offs and thats dumb to me since there subsequent CA's have been paid and/or removed. So I am at a loss as to what I can do about these. Any suggestions?
  9. Basically, we don't think he ever received any notices for the resale of that car. We lived in the same residence for about six months after the car was repo'd. Then moved. All mail was forwarded to our new address, and we've been here for almost two years. Never received anything regarding it.
  10. Ok so BF had a car a couple of years ago that he let go. In September of 2008, he was served. Didn't answer. (Big mistake - I made him aware.) Apparently, was issued a default judgment. Spoke to a lawyer that said he MAY BE able to get the judgement set aside, due to defective paperwork, however was unable to afford the $1500 to secure the lawyer to do this. My question is: Is there any hope of settling for less now? Anything that can be done to salvage his credit at this point? Any help that you can provide is appreciated. P.S. Had some concerns regarding the lawyer situation because he told us that if a wage garnishment was issued federal minimum wage would apply and I looked it up on http://www.fair-debt-collection.com/state-wage-garnishments.html#5 and read that in California only 25% of the paycheck can be garnished. Also, could never get any solid ideas of the results. He would only be concerned with the money and emphasize the rush on the situation. So to me it all seemed a little shady.
  11. Yes it was. However, I went to this particular collection agency's website and it said something about student loans not being "dischargeable." Thats why I'm confused. Company collects student loans, but this was not a student loan.
  12. Ok, so I understand this is the student loan section. I am very confused and just am gonna get right into my story. To make a long story short...I was enrolled in college about 9 years ago, ex-step-dad (responsible party as I was only 17 years old when starting school there) never paid. I was kicked out. Never took finals of that first semester, evicted from dorms, etc. Moved back home. Couple of years later. Was contacted by school. Set up payment plan. Fell on hard times. Stopped paying. School sent account to collections. I filed bankruptcy in 2004 due to this on top of other things (medical bills etc.). (Other collection agency was reporting, but removed themself. Now 5 years after bankrupty, a different collection agency is contacting me regarding this. My questions before I call them back are: This is not a student loan, I know, so does this fall under statute of limitations? Its been 9 years since I enrolled there and 8 since I've even been there. Apologies, if this is the wrong section. Any help is appreciated.
  13. http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?p=955425#post955425
  14. Mine are back too! From 3 to 26...blah
  15. Toni sbb for being a bad influence!
  16. Who sbb because she doesn't know if that a lie or not8-)
  17. Yeah happened to me twice. First time, they said their fault. They cancelled my account and sent a gift code for a free month. Second time, they said my subscription was gonna be cancelled and I needed to pay the monthly fee. So I had them cancel my account and found a gift code on this site and used that...so I really haven't paid for TrueCredit yet.
  18. Ok great because my EX report took a little hit by their removal.
  19. I think what they mean is you should try finding some better TU-pullers and apply with them. Hooters is sub-prime. Maybe you should see who Citi pulls in your state or another prime lender.
  20. Well my positive, unpaid, deferred accounts fell off of EX. And I'm confused why...
  21. Happy B-day Admin! Tis my grandma's bday too!!
  22. I'm so mad! The lady told me to get a letter...blah...I'll wait until Monday I guess.
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