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  1. hey everybody Im new here. I have kind of a weird situation I know everybody says that but mine is a bit odd. I live with a guy who is my boyfriend. The house is in my name, the car, the credit cards, the bills EVERYTHING. He owns his own small business here in Michigan and I work parttime (just started working again about 3 weeks ago) at a cupcake shop. I make 9 bucks an hour at maybe 30-35 hours a week. He pays for everything OBVIOUSLY. Things of course arent working out and I can NOT pay for any of this with what I make and they arent handing out jobs here. I want to leave but everything is in my name. I cant afford the 400 dollar a month car payment or the 2100 a month mortgage or the gas or basically any of the loans we took out to buy this house and the furniture. There is no negotiating with my banks to EVER be able to pay that stuff on what I make. Getting a new job isnt an option either seeing as this job took forever to get. Ok heres where I go all over the map but please try to stay with me. I have many concerns and questions and worries and theories. So I cant pay for the house, do I try to get him to take the house like sign it over to him or do I do a foreclosure and if so should I do the "deed in lieu" of foreclosure? What do I do about the car? I cant just try to resell a new car Ill barely get anything for it since I owe 24000 and if I have it repossessed they will only get chump change for it and Ill still be stuck with a car I have NO way of affording or no car and still cant afford the left over debt. Even if I do sell it I cant pay the rest owed do the math at what I make! So I have 2 plans-if he will and if he wont if he will take the house and car and I can put them in his name and he has the debt and furniture and car to pay off then I just leave with my clothes and start again in some crappy apartment...thats what I HOPE for. If he wont take the house or car or the loan debt Im screwed. Im stuck with a house I cannot afford, or a car, or a 10000 loan or an american express bill for like 3000 and all the other stuff along with it. I keep asking everybody what to do and all my friends and family keep saying is "uhhh I dunno call a lawyer". I tried that but it costs money which I DONT have. I just recently a few days ago opened my first savings account and put in my first check for like 320, so thats all I have. I do have a wedding ring that might be worth a few thousand but I would need that to buy a crappy car so I have no car payment or to be able to get an apartment. I just read that if he wont take all the debt and I have to file chapter 7 or something they will take any and all money I have so what then do I do? Cant sell the ring if they are just gonna take all the money I need that money! I have nothing! I owe on every piece of furniture in my house even my tv! I feel screwed and I dont know what to do. no one seems to be able to help me and I dont understand half the stuff said in these forums. If I can do a foreclosure and I can file chapter 7 then what about my car? How do I get rid of that without owing money that I cant possibly pay? If I file chapter 7 wont they take my 320 in my savings and I wont be able to sell the only thing I have worth money to be able to start again with because they will want the money? How do I get someone to help me step by step with no money? I dont know what Im doing and I feel so lost. My money will be so tight if he WILL take it all that it will be ridiculous and that was me doing the math NOT counting a car payment or the 239 for the hsbc loan or the 186 a month for the american express bill. So basically from what I can tell so far is if he will take the house and car and the 2 loans, I will be able to go on, pay my visa and rent and other living expenses on my own. If he wont Im screwed for one, have to hand over my house, loose my car and still have to somehow pay for the difference, and try to file chapter 7 and have the come take everything so I have no way of starting again and Ill be homeless. Is this whats gonna happen? I dont think Im late on anything but I know my credit is shot due to paying things late but I think im current on everything right now. Please someone help me! Me trying to find info for free on the internet has not been very successful so far. Please!!!!! Leah