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  1. I will have to get one of those score simulators! Thanks again. T
  2. I think we need that same law in all the states! T
  3. Thanks! I was thinking that I needed to know what all 3 starting numbers were so I knew where I went from there. This post is really helpful! T
  4. I would like to know which ones to get all 3 fico scores from too. I have my reports but no fico scores as I didnt want to pay for each one. Any good sites out there where I wont get charged an arm and a leg? T
  5. I know but I want to start clearing up my credit. Should I start at the original lender? Some are in a lawyers hands but I have no idea if they can prove the debt is theirs to collect on. Once I sent my dv letter I have heard nothing from them so I am not sure how to proceed or where to really start. T
  6. Oh..and these are within the sol but were charged off by the original creditors in 2007/2008. Thanks again, T
  7. Good Evening, I have $24,000 in debt with 5 different jdb's/attorneys. Should I try to settle with them or how should I go about doing this. I read the stickies and did a search and have read several ideas. Some say not to settle with jdb and some say its ok as long as its in writing. Any information you could give me I would appreciate! Thank you, T
  8. wonderful...let's hope they send the second letter stating settled in full. Good grief...I thought this was all squared away with the settlement letter.
  9. No I didnt get a 1099 as the amount that was "forgiven" was under $600. Does that make a difference?
  10. Lol..well I called and after much transfering and such I actually spoke to the original collector. She is stating that she will send out a new settled in full letter today. Lets see if I actually get it. On the other hand I was told by another collector that the rest of the debt was returned to the oc. Why is that I wonder. I didnt want to rock the boat when I spoke to the original collector. Anyway..we shall see what happens.
  11. Do you think if I called NCO and told them that I need a new letter with the settled in full on it they would send it to me. I could just tell them I need it for my record and tax purposes. Think it is worth a shot?
  12. The actual letter from NCO says This letter is notification that your account is settled in this office. In the event your check is returned by the bank, this letter will be void. Then has the license number of the agency. I have proof of payment with my bank. So should I send another letter tell them to foad basically cmrrr and see how they proceed. They keep telling me that they cant find the other letters. Today they have called 2 times so far. I called and spoke to the rep I have been dealing with and of course documented that they were going to take my number off the automatic calling system. Have the name, date and time I called too. I know...I shouldnt have called. They ticked me off so much with the hang ups that I let my anger over ride my common sense. Thanks!
  13. So...I guess I should be looking for an attorney then? Where would I start for something like that? Thank you!
  14. Good Morning, We settled a debt with NCO finacial and got the settled letter. All is right in the world. (We validated and did all the steps as we should have.) Now I have a law firm of Valentine and Kebartas calling me for the remaining amount. (Who by the way when questioned is part of Resurgent who I believe is part of NCO/LVNV funding correct?) Anyway...I spoke to the lady on the phone (she was with Nelson, Watson & Associates, LLC) and told her that I have settled this debt and I would mail out a copy of the settled letter to them that day in August of 2008. All went well and I didnt hear a thing from them. Then in December I got the first letter from Valentine and Kebartas. I called and spoke with the rep there. Stated the same thing. Sent in the copy of the settled letter. And they still keep calling me. Stating that we owe them this money. WHAT??? I sent you the fact I have sent it twice now. I am getting anywhere from 5 to 8 hang up calls a day from them...caller id is wonderful, and I can track it. do I get them off our back's. I have the proof its paid and I have sent it to two different offices a total of 3 times now. Any advice? Thanks!