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  1. Dillard's (GEMB): $2,800 ==> $100.00 Closed (Elite) Account after 1 year. All else is the same. I just started the whole credit card thing about a year and a half ago, I'm planning on just sticking to cash like I use too; I already have a car and mortgage and I got those without a single credit card in my wallet. Cash is KING in my books once more.
  2. I called and got some lame excuse....that they are trying to be "conservative" with credit lines, since I haven't used my card for 9 months. I've been a Dillard's Elite customer for 2 years now, but have been a regular shopper since 1991. GEMB Stinks!
  3. Just my luck. I logged in and my CLD to $100 as well, wait theres more I also logged into my Dillard's account and they reduced it to $100 as well. I havent gotten a letter with an explanations as of yet. I already put those cards in the shredder and I wont re-order cards again.
  4. Thanks for the number, Brian. I got a $750 increase. I will wait another 3 months and try again.
  5. The force is strong with you.........care to join the DARKSIDE? We have cookies. The Death Star is almost complete need coordinates to HSBC. On a more serious note: It's getting harder and harder to get these "grantors of credit" to play by the rules. I salute you for standing up for yourself. Some people are just afraid to make the first move in uncharted territory, but it's people like us and CIC! that empower those less (knowledgeable/fortunate) to defend themselves. Thanks for your awesome post and direction.
  6. I think the new changes are because of the letters you sent to the CEO or VP.
  7. When they report to all (3) bureaus its a win win situtation. I applied for a Bank of America regular credit card and I got denied, but I was sent an offer to send them $99 and they will provide me with a credit card. That worked out to be great. I would look into credit unions & prime banks in your area and ask them if they report monthly or even at all. If I could do it all over again I would have started with a secured card.
  8. Congrats! Capital One rocks! I called and had my current basic card upgraded to a rewards card and to top it off they gave me a $1,100 increase! So far they are the only ones that are giving me increases. Enjoy.
  9. That's freakishly weird. I was in the same boat back in 2006. The only difference is that I bought my home, than started to build credit. The first cards I went for were Orchard Bank, HSBC, and Dillard's. If I could do it all over again I would get the 99/500 offer from Bank of America or any secured card out on the market that is from a prime bank. Good luck.
  10. LoveBug5, Call CapitalOne's "back doo" number. This number will directly with an account supervisor. The number is 1-800-889-9939. I have gotten already in the last month $800 in CLI. Good Luck.
  11. I have noticed that after 8 months my scores jumped: TU 50 points EQ 15 points EX 32 pionts. Not too shabby, but I still have 4 Baddies on my report from 2 years ago. Only time will tell.
  12. For the last 6 months I have been trying to establish business credit. I formed an LLC, have an EIN # and even a Dunn & Bradstreet #. I have established (6) awesome trade lines, but still no actual business credit card. The problem I'm having is that I don’t want another credit card/inquiry showing on my credit file. Most business cards like Citi, Chase and BoA report on your personal credit file and not your D&B file. Building business credit is far way more difficult than building personal credit, go figure. Anyhow so basically I use my Capital One business debit card for all my purchases. Any idea what credit cards are out there, that will use a D&B number? Long live the entrepreneur!
  13. The information I provided is for the Chevron basic gas card. I checked my CR and they didn’t pull anything, just like my Dillard's card. I will be hitting the love button in May for my Dillard's and Chevron again in August.
  14. I just got a few weeks ago a $300 CLI when I hit the CLI request button under the customer service tab, on my online account. I also called and spoke to a CSR and she informed me that you can request a CLI every 4 months guaranteed whether or not you have used the funds. I she also told me that you can withdraw funds from this card like a credit card. That's pretty cool if you’re planning a trip. I hope this information helps. Thanks.
  15. Hot Damn! Now that's a CL!!!! Congrats. Chase has never been cool with me.