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  1. Do you have a HELOC by chance? I'm getting penalized by EX on high utilization.. EQ categorizes it as a Mortage, doesn't balloon my utilization there.
  2. I don't know if good will letters work with Student loans, maybe someone can share their success (or failures).. On the auto loan after 3 years they might not have good records. if they don't have records, I don't think it's fair for them to continue to report data they don't even have. I'd dispute with the CRA as not late on a specific date and see what happens.
  3. What you need to do is dispute the OC TL's with the specific statement "Balance is inaccurate, should be $0". Make sure there are no other errors (dates are more recent etc). with that you should be OK. For Midland, you are in TX, so send a DV letter based on TFC 392. (lookup Texas master thread), and hopefully they fail to validate and you have some leverage to get it off.
  4. I am just looking back at some disputes I did with them late last year and they verified.. even though I included a letter from the OC.. I am going to escalate tomorrow and if it is not fixed in 10 days, I am going to sue them..
  5. Anyone else having problems with Chase Credit cards? Mine has converted somehow to a no preset limit and reports a nice fat 0.00 in the limit field making my utilization go to hell.. I've tried disputed with Chase and bureaus to no end.. Anyone? Also, I am looking at how to escalate several things I need fixed with Experian. what's the best way to get above the person who answers the phone in India?
  6. my Chase visa card is showing with a limit of 0 (zero) on all three bureaus killing my utilization. I wrote them and their response is that it is a no-preset-limit. I remember it having a limit before.. what gives and how do I get rid of the zero? how does a card like amex report?
  7. You might want to check, but even if it is investment property if you are insolvent (your wife etc) the foreclosure protection act should take care of the tax liability of the short sale if the deficiency is forgiven
  8. it should only show once with the bank in collection status. If the debt was sold then bank should go to transferred/sold status and a collection agency could list it as a collection. you could dispute the HSBC as duplicate of CHASE
  9. first time I check my trans score since November.. it was 712 ish on the old scoring and 815 (B grade) under the new vantage.. glad they put the disclaimer at login otherwise I would have fainted.. I guess they are all trending to sell the vantage score as the Fako score every consumer buys but Fico's are still the lenders choice?
  10. I would say, dispute with the experian CRA attaching the 623 letter demanding a delete - as simple as that.
  11. I would say, dispute with the experian CRA attaching the 623 letter demanding a delete - as simple as that.
  12. The Colorado FDCPA is at: http://www.ago.state.co.us/CADC/PDF/cfdcpa2009.pdf The Colorado CRA is at: http://www.ago.state.co.us/idtheft/CoConsCreditRepAct.pdf Enjoy!
  13. I had a 1 yr old 30 day late on a CC that got corrected. When I pulled my equifax report, I got a score alert and it dropped 30 points! What gives? nothing else changed.
  14. Thanks! I was just looking for this. I disputed a known corrected account and all the CRA's came back verified. I had to send them a copy of the bank letter to get it corrected the second time. Now, I have some older lates I want to 623 and force them to remove.. Could you post a link to..
  15. Was it a charge-off you paid and sent copies of the check? or was this a debt you paid, and somehow by mistake of the company they did not post your payment before the chargeoff? They are correct in updating the balance to reflect a paid charge-off. they don't have to remove it when it gets paid. They other two were just nice to you.
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