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  1. I've been going over this case and so far I have filed my answers along with a request for Discoveries, Interrogatories and Admissions from them, which they have replied. They didn't ask me for any such requests yet and it has been almost a month. I would have thought that they would sent that when they sent me their responses. Anyway my discussion would be about the fact that S&H are not licensed and have to be to conduct business in my state. I filed a formal complaint with the State Department of Finance and am currently waiting for there conclusions. I want to file a motion to dismiss w/ prejudice as soon as I get that letter and/or when I hear from the court on a hearing date. I also filed my response to the complain demanding a jury trial just to mess with them. What do you think all the violations could be considered beyond the filing without a license? Like filing false or deceptive documents, out of venue, lack of standing, false representation, anything you can offer up advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you