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  1. why not? Give the info to the lawyer you used in the case, and let him handle it, if they dont delete. Im sure he would love to get some more attorney fees out of the whole deal.
  2. this is all and good to know....HOWEVER.... most of you all know, that when they call they say "this call may be recorded for quality assurance" or when YOU CALL THEM, the automated thing says the same (or similar) while your on hold THAT RIGHT THERE is 2 party consent, they informed you that hte call may be recorded, they didnt state WHICH PARTY had to record. If they have that line in there automated operator, then you do NOT have to inform them that YOU are recording.....
  3. People, stop quoting the US Postal service law. It was his neighbor accross the street, who was suckered into doing it. I doubt he wants to sue his neighbor or get her in trouble, I doubt she knew it was wrong.
  4. I always liked handing the phone to my kids (then, 2 and 4) that amused me (and the kids) greatly.
  5. this is rather normal. a dealership has several banks/lenders they deal with and usually all of them pull your credit on one deal. The good news is that all those inquiries in one small time period (2-3 weeks or so) will only technically count as one in your credit score. It recognizes the fact that your shopping for a big purchase.
  6. Sears uses Citibank for their cards. they are picky about new accounts. I work there, and it took me 2 years to finally get the damn cards (reg. and sears gold mastercard)
  7. it appears the case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning they can never sue you again for that debt. I would call the court clerk just to follow up and make sure. If its true, then who cares why? lol.
  8. eh, for that old of a debt, you can try it online...though most people swear by disputing in writing....i dont htink you will have an issue with this one doing it online.
  9. did you sign or agree to a hard pull? did he disclose the fact that a hard pull would be done? since you never had an account with them, or gave them permisison, I say collect your $1000. Start the paper trail. send them a certified mail letter asking specifically why they pulled your credit. they send you a bull**** letter back. send an intent to sue letter. do pass go, do collect $1000 i really oversimplified that, lol.
  10. im sure it was somewhere in your contract for the lease. as stated before, just dispute as obsolete, and it should go away in about a month.
  11. a CA cant pull your credit "just because" it depends on what the underlying alleged debt was for in the first place. If the OC never had a PP, then neither does the CA. They sued, they lost, there is no "account" for them to "review" Send a letter CMRR asking what their "permissable purpose" was. Then sue them for the max ($1,000)
  12. that does nothing. you get a generic form letter back... its just a load of bull, so dont waste your time. example:
  13. I would try your states AG as well........ i dont think the BBB would do much in this case.
  14. why not contact a few consumer attorney's in your state to find out for sure. A simple phone call should suffice, I dont think a lawyer would charge you for an answer to that question.....well, maybe they wont charge you, lol. better to find out for sure before going to court.
  15. Have your family member get "convinience checks" and make sure those checks say they are 0% or whatever promotion they have on the checks. I used that them on one of my accounts, worked fine, 0% interest and a 2% one-time fee of the amount of transfer, well worth the 2%.
  16. Sears isnt part of Citi, its just that Citibank bought the sears cards some time ago. Back in the day, when Sears owned their own cards (as well as owning Discover, from what I was told), they were very adament about trying to get payment on deliquent accounts. Now Sears does not own their own credit cards, like most companies, they farm them out to other banks and let them deal with deliquent stuff.
  17. answer the phone, but control the conversation. record it if possible. ask for something in writing in the mail. they are supposed to send you something within 5 days (i think) of initial contact. I know everyone says stay off the phone with CA's, but in your case, just answer, ask for something in writing, verify your home address, and if they get all hot headed, just keep recording or simply hang up. **edit** 500 posts and not banned yet, woohoo!
  18. it tends to get some attention, if paired with a well worded (read: nasty) letter. well, it USED to get attention, now they might not even care.
  19. keep it open. I work for Sears, they will start you out low, but it goes up rather quickly over time. hell, they only gave me 500 on both the reg. card and the sears mastercard, and i freeking work there! they use Citibank apply for the other sears card, you will get approved, and still get the 24 months no interest on the fridge if you split the cost between the 2 sears cards.
  20. I got the same. I was expecting it, honestly. USAA does need to make some money, and they are one of teh VERY FEW companies that I honestly dont mind them doing this. Mine got raised from 12.9 to 14.9 on both the Amex and MC. USAA has always, i mean ALWAYS treated me more than fair, and I can live with a 2% increase.
  21. shred the card and send it by mail to one of the higher ups at GEMB sure its a waste of .42 cents, but its always fun to do just for ****s n'giggles.
  22. he was trying to save you the time and aggravation of attempting to get MOV from a CRA...they dont feel they have to do anything but hit a few buttons and viola! its verified. here is a letter (from TransUnion) but similar to what you will get.
  23. yes, it is continued collection activity, even though they marked it as disputed. If they have not responded to your DV, and it is not on your credit report at that time, then they cannot put it on your report at all, until they respond to the DV. Ironically I just settled with a CA for doing this exact same thing.
  24. ohhh.....good to know. federal law trumps state law.
  25. exactly, you want to give them mulitple chances so you have it documented, that eliminates the "bona fide error" defense.
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