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  1. We received a letter of saying we owe money from a debt collector, So we sent off a debt validation letter back in Nov 2012 and we just received al letter which is dated February, 28 2013 . It says: Dicover Card Account ending in: XXXX Balance: XXXX Dr Mr so and so, We completed the investigation of the above refenced account. We found the account and balance to be valid. Due to the age of the account documentsare no longer available. As a courtesy we have deleted the Discover trade-line from your credit file. The removal of the trade-line from the credit file does not remove your obligation to repay the amount owing. Please contact us at 1-888-201-497X, to make arrangements on the outstanding balance. Sincerely C Bayes Sr Dispute Investigator Discover Card the Debt is way past SOL, last payment was August 2004 , The first letter was sent from a different collection agencie this last letter we recieved looks like it came from Discover Card itself, My questions are Whats next another VL? Should we get a lawyer, not sure what step to take next. Never did get a response from the first company. Help!!
  2. Should the 1099 match the student loan amount that we paid? Did we get scammed? It's about 5000-7000 off from what we actually paid?
  3. We sent out a DV letter, registered mail and they still keep calling it's a lawyers Office and haven't responded to our letter the debt is sol. What do I do next and how?