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  1. I have had success with *B*, and so far, no of my inquires have ever come back! I hope none of them do! Maybe yours will drop back off!
  2. First of all, forgive me if this question has already been answered...but I have searched and searched through all of the crown jewelers associated threads, but see no answer. I applied for CJ and was approved. I ordered some earrings on 5/2/08 and paid by my debit card. I saw the payment pending on my online banking for several days, but then it disappeared. I haven't recieved my earrings yet. When I log into CJ, it shows the order online. Has anyone else had this happen? It has been over two weeks. Is this typical? Thanks in advance for any answers!!!
  3. Yes, I agree with everyone that the $1200 is gone...unfortunately. I didn't like the way it was handled in the first place, the guy was so rude and threatening and wouldn't work with me at all. I am just mad that I was so stupid to just believe him and let him do that to me. Now, to find out that it was all done illegally makes me furious. It really isn't even about the money. I have no problem trying to pay back debts that I owe that I couldn't during hard times. But...adding $900 to the amount that I truly owed is quite a drastic amount. (I guess this is why the congress is constantly talking about fair treatment from credit companies). The thing that really gets me is the vast amount of people out there who will go through the same thing because we, as consumers, are not aware of our rights....unless WE make an effort to find out. This is what will make me file a complaint, to try and stop them from harrassing and lying to others. I wouldn't want the job of a debt collector, but I personally will be nice to anyone who treats me with respect and works with me. I do not believe that the vast majority of people just don't pay their bills because they don't feel like it. Most obviously don't have the money, due to irresponsibility in youth, lack of education about credit, or emergencies that arise. I don't know many people who can't pay their bills, but sleep peacefully at night without constantly worrying about it! Thanks so much for all the thoughts...this board is great! Maybe I will post more from now on .
  4. That is what is so weird. There is nothing listed on any of my CR's from Aspire, MCM, Worldwide Asset Purchasing, or the Law office of David Dufek. The only thing is a hard pull from the Law office of Dufek. There is also no judgement. I guess I should be satisfied that there isn't anything on there...but I am not normally a stupid person and it just irritates me that they got $1200 out of me. Guess it just goes to show that consumers really aren't informed of their rights and they can be lied to by CA's! Thanks so much for all of your replies. sidenote: as I was writing this, I went back to look at my reports to double check and Aspire (OC) shows up NO WHERE on any of the three reports....Is that normal? It's like it never happened. Not that I am complaining, but $1200 was a lot to pay to make it all disappear.
  5. Yes, I paid it...but only because the jerk threatened me and I didn't know any better at the time. I do have proof, because they forced me to allow them to draft it out of my checking account (another dumb move by me). I figured that there is nothing to do, but they did collect the money illegally and lied about several things. They aren't even licensed in my state to collect. Not to mention the threats. They weren't even collecting for the OC, which they told me they were. Now that I know about my rights, I will question anything in the future before jumping and just paying it. Especially since I did not have the money to pay it at the time. I had to put other bills aside to pay the stupid thing. I'm sure the guy collecting is paid on what he is able to collect. I haven't studied the laws sufficiently yet, but I know that they violated many of them in this situation. I just wish I could sue them for something! (and I am not one to think you should sue just to make some money!) They were wrong and I am sure several before me and several to come will be treated the exact same way. Thanks for your reply!
  6. I have been lurking on this forum for a while and after going through some records, I figured out that I made a HUGE mistake. Last year, I was contacted by The Law Office of David Dufek about a debt from an Aspire card that had been charged off. MCM had the account and then I received the letter from the "law office" several months later. At the time, I knew none of the laws concerning collection agencies/practices. After one of the assistants contacted me (at Work several times), I finally called him back. He told me that there was a judgement against me and that if I didn't pay $1208.74, they would move forward with the judgement. He was extremely rude and I was scared. He REFUSED to let me make payments, but I did talk him into letting me pay $604 one month and $604 the next (after he contacted the "client" and called me back). Last night, I was filing all of my records and came across one of the letters, I realized that it listed the creditor as WORLDWIDE ASSET PURCHASING II, LLC-JC, and the original creditor as ASPIRE CARD. I am now almost certain this debt was bought by these people. I am also mad at myself for not demanding to see the judgement. I figure there never was one. The original limit on the credit card was $300. After researching some more...I found that neither THE LAW OFFICE OF DAVID DUFEK or WORLDWIDE ASSET PURCHASING is licensed or bonded in my state. I am in Arkansas and collection agencies are required to be both licensed and bonded. Sorry this is so long, but my question is this...is it too late to do anything about this? I already paid the shysters, but they lied to me and collected illegally. Thanks in advance!
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