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  1. Actually it makes perfect since. I didn't take it out and by asking for proof just shows that I want proof. They won't be able to give it to me because I NEVER SIGNED ANYTHING FOR A PAYDAY LOAN. So your arguement is at a dead end.
  2. I definately did not. I think I would remember taking out a loan 4 months ago.
  3. Well they are supposed to be calling me today (at work) which I don't think they're supposed to do. I'm going to get their address first and a contact department. Then let them know that all contact from here on out will be in writing. Which is why I have to ask for the address first because this company is so whack that if you say you're going to be sending them something they will either lie about their address or they will hang up on you. (Not that I'd mind). After that I'm going to send them a copy of the Surety Bond information and highlight it for them. I'm also going to ask for a reciept that they recieved the information. I'll also include in this an official written notice for them to stop contacting me at work. Are there any other suggestions that anyone may have on what else to include into the paper work I'm going to send them?
  4. Alright so I got a call from SRS & Associates and left a messaging say I had a pending lawsuit against me for this debt and they gave me a case number. I called them back and asked who the debt was for and they told me Fast Cash Now. I told them I had never heard of them before and I've never gotten a payday loan before. I asked them how I would get one and they told me I would go a PayDay loan company and sign papers for it. I asked for the proof of documentation and they told me I could have it in court. I told them I didn't want it to come to that and the matter would be settled if they showed me proof and they raised their voice and told me to pay it. After that the hung up on me. I called back and told the woman to record what I was saying and gave my dad power of attorney over my account. They talked to him and told him the same thing 'You will get the documents in court'. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't they supposed to give you the documentation if you request it? I'm not sure what I need to do. I've called my bank and they said there is an Apple Cash on my account in the amount of $300 and this agency is telling me I owe $800. I also closed the bank account I'm talking about because of mysterious charges. The debt collectors won't give me proof and I can't call them to discuss anything because as soon as you tell them you aren't paying the debt off in full, they either hang up or become extremely nasty and rude. Like I told them, if it's mine and they can prove it I'll pay. I don't really want to go to court or if they can even threaten to do that. I'm kinda wondering what actions I should take. Any advice?
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