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  1. Thanks Jacque - A victory today - and hoping for a miracle mortgage approval on Monday - or a score to generate somehow!
  2. So - where does that leave me? My Truecredit FAKOS are there - and the composite comes out above 580, with the middle score at 574. But that is FAKO. I have no FICO score. I have only paid medical collections and (2) closed mortgages, with (1) old closed CC in good standing - and (1) false JDB account showing on there. No current credit at all. Am I SOL? I have 20% down - and have found a home in my price range. ********** Today I did go to a local CU and opened a secured CC - which will supposedly start reporting in about a month or so. I also applied for a CJ card today - and amazingly -
  3. Thanks everyone! I found Crowns website and called and actually got through to someone who was a little helpful. He said for them to put the cell as the home phone was not a problem - unless there were other issues. So - I applied using my street address - and they have already approved me for $1,500.00! So how do I use this now? I don't completely get the downpayment thing they have going on. He did tell me I could pay this with my debit card or a money order... As for adding the PO box - Krash - you mean that since I have a forward from my street address to the PO box - I will never see m
  4. Thanks Magdalen! I subscribe to TrueCredit also - I will do that right away!
  5. Jacque - I will sure try calling the CRA's in the evening! I didn't make it to US before they closed - but did open a secured card at our local credit union. There is no way to expedite it, but they approved me right away and said it should report at the first billing cycle. We shall see. Won't be fast enough to help with my mortgage, though.
  6. Where is the first place you would look for a mortgage without revolving credit? The problem I am having is that I have not used revolving or installment credit for 4 - 5 years - and all accounts I show are old and closed -so my lenders can't get a FICO score to generate! I am ready to write an offer now on a home - if I could get it cleared up! It sounds like you are doing everything you can to plan ahead for getting your mortgage.
  7. I am considering applying for the CJ card, and just went to their website and read their reasons for denial, which included a couple that could affect me: 1. Home phone is a cell phone I have not had a land line in almost 10 years - why should a home phone being a cell phone be an issue? Anyone else get approved with only a cell phone? My employer has a land line and they will be able to verify my employment etc. 2. PO Box - must have street address. I receive mail at a PO box because there is a 1/2 in my street address - which is a whole separate nightmare. Anyone else get approved with
  8. Whew! What a long thread. I have a couple of questions about the Crown card. 1. How do you get it - and how long does it take to get the card. 2. In reading this thread, I saw a post that said something about you put a downpayment on the item you order - and you can't put that on your CJ card - you use another CC? I don't have another CC - that is why I need CJ. Can I use my debit card to pay this? I am desperate to get a TL reporting ASAP - as my lack of credit is preventing the bank from getting a FICO score on my so I can get a mortgage.
  9. Looksbothways - You do have a bad thing going with them! I don't have any words of wisdom - I have a similar situation in not being able to get the CRA's to correctly update my address - present and past...and wrong information coming and going as yours does. Regarding your mortgage - I would suggest that since you have time before purchasing a home - you get at least one CC account and keep it current with low utilization. That should help with your current address - and give you a positive account with some age on it. After my experience with my lender yesterday - I can see that would be
  10. Thanks MatthewScott & Swirlgirl. I already have a checking acct. at our local US Bank - so I will stop and talk with them today. The month and a half to report will not help my immediate situation, though. It's great information to know of your experience - thanks so much! I know I have a shaky score from my TrueCredit FAKO's - but since my lender can't get a score at all on me - I think it would be better to take a small hit for a new card than to have no score at all. I was hoping a secured card would not be a big hit for my score. I have been caught in this don't have credit - can't
  11. MatthewScott - Thanks for the response, and congrats on your improving scores. I read your thread about US Bank last night. Could you tell me how long it took to get their secured card - and how long until it reported? I want to get this card solely to help generate a FICO score so I can get a mortgage - and I would like to write an offer on a home I have found - so need it fast! Do you know if they pull your CR to do a secured card? I have been denied credit in the past because of the problems I have had in getting the CRA's to update my address correctly - and that is part of my problem. P
  12. I would like to get a secured card ASAP to try to help me get a mortgage. My lender tried to pull my FICO score today and it came back unable to verify - not enough credit history. I don't use revolving credit. I have (2) closed mortgages and several paid medical collections and (1) fraudulent JDB account on my reports. My lender could get the reports, but no score. The CRA's say it is because I don't use revolving credit. If I go to a local credit union to apply for a secured card - 1. Will they pull my report? Even if it's secured? 2. Will they report to the CRA? I don't care if they
  13. Magdalen, How did you get the addresses added at EX & TU? I can't even get EX to add my current address - after sending utility bills, SS card and current photo DL ID! My Mom did add me to her Discover as an AU, but I need to get her address added to my CA's to get it to report? I am now in a catch 22 - I can't get a mortgage because I don't use revolving credit - and I can't get a credit card because they can't verify my address with the CRA's. The CRA's (except EQ in my case) won't update my address - even with a DL, SS card and utility bills without creditors sending it to them!
  14. I applied for a mortgage today and to my horror, my lender was not able to get a score on me. Now - I was worried about my scores being low - but not being NOT THERE. I need to talk to someone at EX & EQ to see if there is some crazy glitch preventing them from getting a score on me. She used Kroll Factual Data to pull my residential mortgage 3 bureau profile. It did give her my merged report with most of my correct info: paid medical CA's and (2) closed mortgages, with (1) fraudulent Asset JDB account. It would not give her a score, which is a deal breaker for them. I found the same th