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  1. I have been trying to get a Kay's card for a few years now - every time my credit got a little better, I applied again and would get denied. Today I was at the mall and walking past the store and gave it a shot and they approved me! I have a $400 credit limit with a "Starter Account" which means I have to pay 20% down. After some months of on time payments, they are supposed to allow me to not make a down payment and increase my limit from what they say. I bought a Christmas present for my daughter's grandmother and a necklace for my daughter to spend up about $200 so we'll see how it goes - I will surely make the on time payments - I wonder how long it will really take. Fingerhut gave me a $50 credit limit increase after 2 months LOL Thanks for all the help and support on the board ... I am finally seeing some improvement with my credit thanks to all the great advice here
  2. I was just in a car bind - this is what my experience was and what I did: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forums/obtaining-credit-cards-auto-loans-financing/307998-looking-advice-car-loan.html I am really happy with my car now ...
  3. Just wanted to let you all know that I got one of those Fingerhut FreshStart accounts and after 2 months, I paid it off and got a $200 CL there. I was buying a lot of stuff and then paying and then ordering other stuff - I just got a $50 CLI LOL, wow $50! Not complaining - I only had the account for 2 months (not counting Fresh Start time) ... hopefully the next one will be a little more than $50. I actually like their stuff - they have some good sales on their site and I am happy with the prices I pay there for their on sale items - I got this really nice name brand winter coat for $20 with free shipping! Anyway, I had fun with all the Labor Day sales - I shopped everywhere that I had credit at (which is only like 2 places LOL, still) and got some great deals ... this part of the credit building process is pretty fun
  4. Hello - I finally got a car yesterday - it took all this time that I went without a car ... I saved up about $1500 and I got an installment loan for $1500 that I have to pay back over 10 months. With the $3000, I bought an older Mercedes in really good condition on Craigslist, registered plates and got the car detailed. It was well worth the wait and patience to wait rather than going the shisty car loan route. I almost buckled a month ago and almost financed $14k for a PT Cruiser ... I am so glad I didn't because I love the Mercedes 10 times more! It drives really smooth and looks really nice! I can't believe I went so long without a car, and it feels wierd not having one and not having to carry a car seat around wherever I go (I found a way to bungee cord the car seat to the stroller so it can all move around smoothly) and not having to drag the stroller and all that down 2 flights of stairs ... anyway, I am happy to start this new chapter of my life!
  5. Though CyberCollect was the original agency that initiated the charges, Payliance now owns the debt. I sent a letter to Payliance letting them know that this is an illegal debt and I cited the statute above, and they responded back saying: "The check payment terms offered by the merchant authorize us to re-present your checks plus the state assigned returned check fee electronically. It is out policy to notify you of this consequence for dishonored checks at the time of issue by placing notification decals in our client's places of business." First of all, they obviously did not look at the date that they collected on the check or the statute that I sent them regarding the fees. Or how in the letter I described that there was no notification clearly posted (I just went over there and took pictures). There are two agencies involved and I know the action to take against CyberCollect, but what do I do with Payliance? Can I file suit against them and for what exactly?
  6. I didn't know what credit scores were when I was 24 LOL ... I wish I did tho Good luck, I am sure a goodwill letter will work for you - I have written many and got several things adjusted in my credit - don't use a template letter online, unless you really customize it - I had the most luck with letters that were heartfelt and personalized to the situation.
  7. Yes, just for the benefit of other people in the same situation, the first week without a car is the hardest, figuring out how you are going to do all the things you need to, but once you get in a new routine, it is actually quite easy. I have some friends that are also willing to loan me small amounts of money that I can pay back over the next few months so all in all, I am finding a way to make it work ... thanks for all the well wishes
  8. Hi - thanks for all the advice - I had been reading everyone's thoughts and had not posted a response. I am really trying to buy the car outright instead of financing - I am currently saving up and living without a car. I have a special needs baby with lots of hospital appointments and our hospital is 45 miles away, and FORTUNATELY I have been light on appointments this month and the ones I did have, I was able to get rides to. I am hoping to have the money saved up within the next couple weeks ... I'll keep you posted
  9. I went ahead and called and they told me to slow down and get my loans out of default status and then pursue forgiveness, LOL - I will try again maybe after a year once I am in good standing ...
  10. hmmm ... I guess not ... I just read here: FinAid | Loans | Public Service Loan Forgiveness I would have had to have been making payments while working the job, and my loans were in default while I was working there
  11. ** Sorry - I think I posted this in the wrong section ** Hi - I have some student loans in default status and they have been like that for some time because the payments required to rehab them I could not afford. I wanted to start my rehab process later this year, however I read on this page: FinAid | Loans | Loan Forgiveness that an ... ... may be eligible to have all or part of their loans forgiven. I did work at such an agency for three years - does anyone know if I may be eligible for a partial forgiveness?
  12. There is an agency called Cyber Collect which is the one that caused me to incur all the bank fees. Then they I guess sold the debt to this other CA which is trying to collect a total of $120 (3 checks x $40). The debits began occuring about 2 weeks after all the checks cleared. I was thinking that I would have a suit under either FCRA or FDCPA if after this letter where I informed them that they are trying to collect an illegal debt, they continue to attempt collections. Do you agree? As far as Cyber Collect, I certainly will write to my Attorney General and file my own small claims against them to recover my fees - it is definitely in excess of $300 since I had bounced a couple of my real checks because of the overdraft and then had to pay other business's fees on top of that. It was right before Christmas too - it was all such terrible timing - wish I could get punitive damages too ...
  13. Thanks for citing that statute - yes, definitely this debt is invalid according to that - I sent them a letter to stop their collection efforts and if they do not respond within 30 days to my letter and I see that they are still reporting to the credit bureaus that I will file suit against them. Thanks for the help!
  14. Hi - I wrote 2 checks to a local gas station some time ago, and they were paid on the second re-deposit (they were returned the first time, and then paid 2 days later). Soon after that, some organization kept debiting my account $40 and causing my account to overdraw and I had all these fees - I had no idea who they were, so my bank coordinated me just opening a different account and closing that one. I found out later that it was some collection agency called Cyber Collect that was debiting my account for a check fee - apparently, there was a notice at the gas station saying that I agree to those fees, but when I went back to the gas station, the notice is all the way at the back of the gas station behind a bunch of merchandise - definitely not visibly posted. Now they have this in collections and I disputed it with the agency and they sent me a copy of my check with a note saying that the amount was for a fee. What can I do? I actually paid about $350 in fees from overdrafts at my bank from them putting in $80 worth of charges every day until I froze that account - they never got the $80 because I never had it in there. Any advice? Thanks
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