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    Hey everyone, I just graduated college with a degree in Finance. Any questions for me, please ask!
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  1. Yeah I agree...make them prove it
  2. Just cancel it and order a new one...takes like 3-5 days. Good luck!
  3. I live in upstate NY...I dont get weather over 40 degrees
  4. rachael24


    LOL sorry not a big fan
  5. I also agree that it sounds like they restructured...I would also be concerned about owing the cash legally
  6. rachael24


    Good points there Debt Guy...The four thoughts seem spot on...IMO
  7. Yeah I dont want to attempt to answer this...I would ask a professional. Sorry
  8. Good analogy there...It def. means the exact same thing
  9. I think you are correct. From what I have researched, at least.
  10. They def. need your scores in this situation.
  11. I have family in Scranton Mag! Small world.
  12. Living in upstate New York, I don't run into this very often...Thank God