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  1. Thank you all! Willingtocope: I agree with you! She stated that she opened the account with a $300.00 deposit yet it is at Midland. I did have her DV Midland and they sent back some generic letter saying that the debt was a valid debt they did not include anything that we asked for... So I sent a more heavily worded letter to them explaining that they needed to provide her proof that she owes the debt, and that they own it. Could she contact Crap1 and ask them why it a secured debt is being collected upon?
  2. I am trying to help a friend fix her credit and she has a Collection on her credit report from Midland they say they are collecting on a debt from Capital One. The account from Capital one was a secured credit card. Any advice on how to approach this issue.
  3. After a loss of employment and a serious medical issue! I was forced to file Bankruptcy, It has been discharged, I am trying to figure out how my trade lines should report. I know they should say $0.00 balance but should they read derogatory? I am just trying to clean up my Trade Lines so that they are all correct and I can put this nastiness behind me... Thanks for any help...
  4. I got Laid off last March and have been unable to pay my bills i have money saved up and was able to get threw the first 6 months thinking a job was just around the corner. I have since returned to school full time but all of my debt is stacking up and, i am unable to pay the minimums. I have applied and am getting student loans and Pell Grant to help with school. I am full time, is that considered income. If i file BK in the near future will that be considered income? Or is it "Safe"
  5. I just tried it today here is to hopin! Cross your fingers
  6. Thanks if you are ever on Zuluhed look me up either Veilbrock or Tasselhoff
  7. I have been approved for 2k in credit just not ready to buy a PC rite now... Wondering if the Credit line will "expire". They are running a financing Special 0 interest till 06/2010 i believe it ends July 31st. I am going for major surgery this coming Wednesday and I just am not ready to make this purchase untill i recover and start back to work in August... Just wondering if anyone knows if the Credit Line will stay for a couple of months...
  8. I want to go see it so bad but i have to wait for all the little brats to thin out. When we went to see the last one I had to tell some women off because she thought it was of for her 4 kids to play and chatter and text during the movie! I was so mad lol! LOL DH was so so embarrased! LOL hey it cost us 40.00 to see that damn movie and i was nto about to let some goof ball with her gaggle of kids ruin it for me lol! GOD i am a crotchity old Gay lol! I think i will see it monday evening after work... I sure hope it is good! (I am having a major surgery next Wednesday so i want to see it before i go for the surgery.)
  9. I loved playing on my MAC never had an issue with Vent wither just the logic board failure and when the logic board goes it is expensive to fix. I would buy another MAC but i am a PC guy i can fix them if they break! I play on a few servers actually, Zuluhed, shu halo ally, Erodar Horde
  10. Ok so i need/want a new PC the MAC is failing way too offten and the Lap top just does not cut it when i play World of Warcraft... Do i went to Dell and got approved for X amount. Here is my question does this account work like an open line of credit? that I can use at Dell at any time like say Macys? Or if i do not use it rite away it will be closed?
  11. IMHO this screams SCAMMMMMM!!!!!!!! another way to take peoples money because they do not know any better! I would not pay them a dime!
  12. The wireless router has like 3 empty ports... For ascetic proposes I want to have all of the wiring down in the basement but the wireless router up stairs… DSL Modem-------Router------------Wireless Router---------Laptop x 2 | | | | |_____________Desk top PC | | | | Play Station, Direct TV, 2 open ports for future Does this make any sense?
  13. Does any one know anything about making a home network? Here is my dilemma: When we moved in to our home bungalow, it had not phone plugs any where lol yeah huh lol the previous owners must have removed them all. So I installed one for the DLS internet… Well we currently have a wireless network so we can use our notebook pc’s our desk top is connected to the wireless router via a ether net cable… So we have a play station and a Direct TV box in the basement we want to hard wire the play station and the Direct TV box into the system so we can use the features they offer. But I want to keep the wireless router on the first floor. I was thinking about making a network with a wired router and the wireless router connected to that… Does any one have any recommendations on that? Why pay some one to do it when you can do t your self lol our moto!
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