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  1. After many months of dealing with Chase, I have a modification! This came approximately two weeks after I got my first call from the executive resolution center. I had an attorney look at it. He said that I should sign it. I signed it and sent it in. My first payment is due september 1.
  2. You should read this web site to learn how to request verification of the debt. If it is close to the statute of limitations, it won't be listed that long. Time is critical. Check out the sample letters located on this site.
  3. I would definitely DV. You can request all you want. They only have to provide that specified in the law. I have sent out an eleven page DV and a very short DV. I have gotten the same results from both. Generally I get no response. I have gotten a few copies of a fax allegedly from the OC. If you DV, get to know the FDCPA and te FCRA. They will violate one or both of those. The state license may be enought to get them on the run.
  4. I got a letter from Chase this past week. It was to inform me that I had been assigned to a rep. It gave her phone number and personal extension. I've received more contact in two weeks than I have in six months. I did not speak to the rep, this week. I will call after the holiday. I did call to make a payment over the phone. I was told that my payment could not be accepted. When I questioned why, I was told that it had something to do with my modification. He was unable to tell me what. He suggested that I send the payment via overnight mail. Not sure what all that means. There was also a language barrier that was beginning to wear on my patience, so I thanked the rep and sent the payment overnight ($14 down the tubes due to Chase nonsense). ...more to come.
  5. I won't have to hold my breath, I'm a SCUBA diver. I carry my own air! I will be calling the bank early next week to "check in". I will post updates. Thanks again for the info.
  6. I'm beginning to believe that stirring the pot gets results. It may not mean anything, but I received a call from the Chase executive resolution center regarding a complaint that they received. The rep told me that my file had been sent to quality assurance and then would go to the underwriter. Good or bad, it's something. At this point in the mod process, how long can I expect it to be before an yes or no? Had I known the battle I faced, I may have consulted with a professional. Hopefully my independence didn't cost me. Thanks for all the info.
  7. Thanks 2ndtimearound. Since my last post the state rep had me contact the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions. Since Chase is a national bank, the DFI forwarded my letter to a national department. Probably a dead end. As far as the attorney.... I was not thrilled with that particular answer. However, after dealing with Chase for several years I thought the answer made sense. I did not contact the state rep to ask him to make Chase give me a modification. I did it to see if there was a way to get Chase to make a decision. I have had several conversations with Chase reps. I have gotten different responses to the same question. I have been told that someone had been assigned my case. I was then told there was noone assigned to my case. I was told that a rep would call. I was later told that noone would ever call. The list goes on. I'm not sure how Chase will judge my case. My hardship is not as bad as people with crazy termed mortgages (my mortgage is a fixed 30 year with a decent rate (6.75%)). My hardship is still real. My wife's position was eliminated in a company downsize caused by the economy. She has been unable to find another position. At the trial period payment, we are comfortable. The normal payment puts us on the edge and hanging over. I can't say for sure it would mean imminent default. Either way, I'm not goin' down without a fight. I just wish Chase would make a decision. In your post you wrote, " By law no one can tell you to go late on a mortgage." Does this pertain to a rep from Chase? My wife was told not to make the January 2010 payment. The adventure continues.
  8. I have been in a mortgage modification for 7 months. My trial plan period ended in April (according to the universal instrument form from Chase). I have been asked for the same "update information" several times. After a conversation with a Chase rep, I decided to contact an attorney. The attorney said that Chase is ignoring letters from attorneys and suggested contacting my state and federal representatives. I contacted Tom Knollman's office (Southeast Indiana representative). I received a phone call from Mr. Knollman's office. I was SHOCKED!! I was emailed a form to send to the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions. I mailed it today. I'm not sure if it will get me anywhere, but, what the heck. It's worth a try. I may have doomed my modification. At least I am going down fighting. Bottom line is, call or email your state and federal representatives! You may get a surprise. If enough people contact the representatives that WE pay, maybe something will shake out. Contact an attorney before you sign any trial plan agreement. I wish that I had. If you have entered a trial plan, keep in contact with the mortage holder. They may not call you. Be sure to keep notes of every conversation with bank reps. Keep a copy of everything that you send the bank (they will probably ask for it again). I will post updates. Good luck to all.
  9. Please forgive me if this has been asked in one form or another. I DV'd a CA on a medical bill. They sent a copy of a fax from the OC, a county hospital. Several days after receiving the "verification", I received a call from the CA. The lady said that payment arrangements would have to be made or the CA would file a small claims suit. The request for DV had a cease and desist order that stated there should be no communication other than the mailed verification. I asked the lady if she had received the DV letter. She replied yes. I asked if she saw the c & d order. She replied no. I don't really believe her. I told her that she had violated the FDCPA and that the CA now owed me $1000 in damages. I told her to send a check to me for the difference between the collection amount and the $1000. She laughed and told me again that they were going to file suit. I told her that I would have to discuss the matter with my attorney. Should I file a suit for FDCPA violation or try to settle the matter with the CA? If the CA does file suit, can I use the FDCPA violation as a way to get it dismissed? I am located in Indiana. Thanks.
  10. The CA received the letter and cashed the checks in the first part of July. The listing was updated on 7-29-08. UPDATED not removed! I will not call the CA. I prefer to use certified mail. MB
  11. My wife and I each had a small ($17 and $21 respectively) doctors bill that slipped through the cracks and got sent to FFCC, a CA in Columbus, OH. I contacted the CA and got a signed agreement for removal of listings within 10 days of receipt of payment. FFCC got the payment, deposited the checks and continues to list. Could this be considered a deceptive practice to collect a debt? Thanks, MB
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