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  1. CA sent agreement letter stating that account will be marked as settled and their client (HSBC) will update CR to" reflect the status of your account ". It's a 50% settlement on HSBC card. I had previously sent my own agreement letter stating account would show as settled and balance would not be sold. CA is NCB. Should I sign & settle or hold for more airtight agreement.
  2. CA (NCB) offered 50% settlement on HSBC card that was charged off.I sent letter stating once paid no further collection would take place and TL would show as settled.Spoke with them today and rep mumbled some gibberish about why they would'nt sign and return,he did say account would showas settled as soon as check was received.Should I wait or should I pay? I'd like to move forward but do not want unpaid balance sold and have to deal with this again
  3. I had a Metris card that was charged off in 04/07. Account was sold but I can't figure out to whom. I called OC and they said debt purchased by West Asset Management, I received letter in Jan 08 from Central Credit Services listing Worldwide Asset Purchasing as their client and seeking payment. I know there's a JDB in here somewhere but I'm looking to settle - just want to make sure I only pay once. Any ideas on how to proceed. I did DV Central Credit this week. Thanks for any info
  4. Thanks for the heads up, as stated earlier credit report shows this as a charge off- is CCS the JDB or is Metris still a client?
  5. Need advice on how to proceed with CA(Central CreditServices). Balance owed $11500.Original card issued by Metris, client listed on CCS letter is WorldwideAsset Purchasing,LLC.Pulled credit report and account shows as being purchased by another lender. I cannot make settlement offer at this time.Account was closed 4/2007.What's best course of action?
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