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  1. This one is all about a repo from 2001 in NC. It's on it's second CA. Hopefully they have realized It's two or three years outside of the SoL under the UCC and not worth their time. Also, the darn thing is due to rolloff the CR 6/08. Thanks to this site and people on it ( Does that mean "I got people" too! ?) I'm ready. I'm learning to wait...
  2. They signed for the DV on the 31st of May. I've pulled two out of three of my CR's (on the 16th of April) and it's not disputed on either of those. The calls have stopped, you know the ones from a computer with no msg or no one on the other end to answer. I thought I read that they have five days to report it as disputed. Do they report it to only one CRA ? I've used up my free CR for this year. What is the best way to get copies of one's CR once all the free ones are used up ? Waiting sucks, Don't it ?
  3. I've spent some time in law enforcement. If there were more than one CPR qualified person present we used to call it out, "I got the chest" ! Working in the city it becomes a game to "keep you on your toes".
  4. I recieved the CA letter on the 22nd of March, Mailed the DV-CMRRR back on the 29th. So it hasn't even been a week yet, but I'm still nervous what if they say they never got it and go right to a summons on me or something crazy like that ? (or do I worry too much ?) I know it takes about three days to recieve a piece of mail and three days to get one back. Plus time to gather the info together... What do you think, I should have a green card back in say 10 days and supposedly an answer in 30 ?
  5. I've sent one DV off CMRR and have attempted to find a fax # for CA but have been unable to find but one. When I call it there's no fax tone it just rings and rings. Should I send another CMRRR ? Can ya tell I'm anxious over this ? It's my first one.
  6. I recently went through similar/same thing w/ TU. I knew the liens were taken care when we closed on the property but TU verified them anyhow and would not remove them. I went online to the Registry of Deeds back in Massachusetts where the liens were recorded. There they were. I started the long process of checking all of the entries after that date looking for their release. After half a day of this I gave up. I ended up going back to the home page of the Reg of Deeds, wrote down their contact info, including the hours of operation. I waited until after the weekend and called. I explained what I was trying to do and asked for help (Yes, that's right -I thru myself at their mercy and was kissing serious butt) Donna I know you're out there listening "Thank You, I Love You". (Yup, I'm still smooching away) I stayed on the phone with her for almost an hour while she tracked down the releases. I'd have never found them on my own, for some reason the releases were entered before the liens instead of after. I mailed a copy of each lien w/ it's release of to TU. Earlier I had mailed them a NastyGram about wrongfully placing things in my CR. You know what they did ? As soon as they recieved the releases they removed them from the CR. Then two weeks later they answered my NastyGram stating that no such thing exists on my CR and therefore my accusations are unfounded.
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    Thank You. Your help is appreciated.
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    I know I saw instructions on mailing my DV into the CA, but can't find them I think it involved two mailings.... anybody pls point me in the right dir Also, should these mailings be sent to a PO Box ? Or should I search the net for a street address on these bottomfeeders ?
  9. If I don't dispute it won't it validate their claim ?
  10. I don't believe they use a seal on car loans unless it's Notary seal. And of course I've noway of checking up on this that I know of. Or even if that qualifies as "under seal". Appreciate the input though
  11. I live in NC. Purchase vehicle joint with then wife in 2000. We divorce in 2001. She keeps vehicle and turns same in for repossesion in 2001.Oh yeah she also does BK in 2001 - I do not. Fast forward to Jan 2008 - 1st CA calls and writes, I tell them I'm going to call Clark Howard's Consumer Action Center before I do anything.I did ask when the last financial transaction was- they did not have the answer to this question. Every time they called it was a different person and none of them could answer the question.They of course wanted me to comit to an $11,000+ Debt. (Newbie's stomach knotting up) Action center volunteer calls back and suggests I call an attorney - I don't think there are any NC credit/collection attys, at least none I could readily find.(newbies pucker factor now joining stomach knot) March happens and I get a letter from a new and different CA. Newbie finds these Forums in mid-March. Now you're up to where Newbie's at. Newbie's plan: Start with validation letter (found fowchart-Great item for Newbie) I have researched SoL for NC but I can't figure out if car loan is wrtten contract or promisory note - probably doesn't make any difference one is 3 yr and the other is 5yr. Also, don't know if there is more than one SoL I should be concerned with (input welcome). TU says this item will be taken off of credit report in June of 2008 Newbie certianly open to comment and suggestion. Meanwhile I'll be reading up one the mailing instructions. As well as the rest of info on the site. Sidebar : Not to worry Newbie's digestive tract back on schedule.
  12. Under SoL there is four catagories, which one does a car loan fall under - written contract mabye or promisary note. I know it's not verbal...