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  1. How about, how BIG was the thong to have been able to hit her in the eye? That's scarier than the mental image of a 52 year old trying it on.
  2. I'm not enticing anyone to enter our program, if you would prefer you can read it on my personal blog so there is no confusion.
  3. I posted this blog about dirty collection attorneys. I cannot post where I originally found it for the fear of slander, but if you were to search for "The Bad Debt Collection Process" in quotes you might find the original yourself.
  4. Most attorneys will not challenge this, but it is my understanding that in some states the conditional verbage is a "contract by cohersion and would be considered null if the attorney were to challenge it. Check the law library on that one before you send it just to cover yourself.
  5. Paid to the court. My experience is usually that courts won't change a date unless the plaintiff requests it. It just struck me as odd.
  6. I have not confirmed yet, but wanted to see if anyone here has knowledge. I have a client trying to get a continuance in Denver county, Colorado. She spoke with the clerk and was told that for the $55 filing fee they would guarantee a continuance. Anyone experience this ever?
  7. Wow, I'm just catching back up here, but that's bad news when their dumping clients and can't accomplish anything. To add some input about settlement companies having bank contracts...No, we do met with some of them to push settlements so we can properly set expectations, but our company for one does not take ANY kickbacks from the creditors. WAMU offers incentives for setlement and CCCS companies that are gettig debt resolved with them, but when I met with them last year we declined any incentives they were offering and simply asked that they pass the valu on to our clients. About disclosing the damage to the credit report, IRS tax liabilities, and possibility of suit... we disclose all of it in both phone conversation, and multiple times in writing.
  8. V&K is not too bad to deal with, but it's end of month, they're trying to make their numbers. The BOA offer is good, and I would do everything you can to take it. Cap One is nasty in Virginia, they have in house counsel and WILL sue and take it to garnishment. You're in a tough spot, with all of the medical and your current situation, you may want to consult a BK attorney. One concern would be the car that is not in your name.They may not allow you to factor it into the budget, only the attorney could answer that. I don't know that it is the best answer, but definitely worth thought. From the sound of your situation, and the state you are in and your time of delinquency, I would say stay away from a debt settlement company. It's not right for you, but if you can drum up money I would statr settling on your own as quick as possible. They cannot put you in jail. V&K normally gets Chase accounts, and will do 50% pretty easy. The term "blue chip" is to scare you, but look out for a summons down the road. They may sue. I have not seen them sue often, but stay on top of it. If it gets to that point, the boards will be very helpful.
  9. If it's bought paper, the Tulsa office is the best to deal with. Duke is a great contact there to get it resolved. Horsham is corporate, but they tend to have attitude. Try Duke for some southern hospitality, if there is any among collectors.
  10. It's most likely a stipulated agreement or stipulated judgment. Basically, you are granting them the judgment without having to go to court. Should you fail to make a payment, they can go for garnishment or account levy. Most of the time I would say stay away, but if they are giving it to you in writing that they will delete when the account is paid, you should be ok. I would clarify with them that it is just an agreement and not a consent judgment. You don't want the judgment if you can avoid it. Make them put the delete in writing too.
  11. Then maybe back out of the lie and let's go with the truth from the beginning, OP got the number form a "friend" who thought they might be able to settle, and ask them what they can do for you. Worst case, they send you away with the settlement you already have been offered.
  12. I apologize for the negative perception everyone has for debt settlement companies, but some of us actually are in it for the right reason and want to help... If I was such a bad person would I be giving away the services we sell for free here? While the industry is loaded with crooks and criminals because of the cash flow and heavy front end fee loaded programs, not everyone in it is horrible and trying to cheat consumers. You may not always agree with my advice, and that's fine too. I'm here to learn as much as the rest of you and give information where I can. If a moderator feels that this information in some was has hurt the consumers chance at resolving their debt, then just say go away and I will.
  13. BOA will give you 20% at charge off, whatch the bottom of the mailing, it will have a DPD and a code in the bottom right hand corner. When you see "150XXXXX" call and offer them 20%. They'll give you 4 months to pay it out. (This does depend a little on the branch collecting, but if you can get through to the NJ branch they will take this)
  14. You did not get this number from me or anyone else, but they will take 45-50% and 12 months to pay off if you are with a thrid party. It's something new they started doing. I am not soliciting your business. Call 866-544-5501 x 46198 and ask for Deanna. Tell her you are calling to give POA to your settlement comapny, provide your info and have her note that "Whatever name you choose Company" is your power of attorney. Call back about an hour later and ask for Debbie or Erin at the same extension, tell them you are "John" from "Whatever name you choose Company" and you're client is in position to try a settlement. Tell them you're working with about 475/month and could use any help they could give. Have your calculations ready 475 * 12 = 5700 which is 47.5% of the balance. Maybe make it a little lower if you want. Tell them you can probably get another $25/month out of your "client" but that's it and see what they say. They'll give you 12 months to pay, and they'll put it in writing. Have a fax number ready.
  15. Discover is high most of the time, 60-70%. If you have a good hardship and put it in writing to them, and it is prior to charge off, they will occasionally dump out a 30% offer right at charge off. Watch your mail closely, they don't call and the window of opportunity is very small.