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  1. Wow....I learned more in these last 6 posts than in the last 6 years --- what a racket. Agreed about the profiting off the misery of others.
  2. LOL! But think of the "easy" money you could have made! That is eye opening, I have learned so much along the last 6 years ---- and every time I think I "got it" there seems to be some new angle they take. I am guessing that for every one of me....there are 10 that just pay I guess the payoff on these purchases must be huge ----- I can see the lure.......hopefully this is the LAST one I ever have to deal with.......but maybe I will be an investor someday....who knows!
  3. I did not know that! I have never seen this before. Just does not seem like it should be right. In the past all of mine have been cut and dry - I guess that is why this one just feels so wrong to me!
  4. I am adding this just in case anyone else deals with this group. I sent the letter to Faloni Law - collecting on behalf of OPS12 - never received a response, but they signed for my letter on 3/6/14. Tradeline posted on my account in March 2013 from Trident Asset Management - how can they post when OPS 12 is owner of the debt at the same time? Sent validation letter to Trident 4/19 after seeing them on my CR. Checked on delivery to find it was not delivered for wrong address. (They apparently have several in GA - all the same address as OPS 12). Called Trident yesterday. Asked about th
  5. Thanks WTC.....I am thinking waiting it out is the only thing to do at this point. I actually spoke to Experian and Equifax.....and realized that this tradeline had a minimal impact on my scores anyone.....they only dropped about 10 not worth all the hassle to even fight falls off in 2/ you suggested just need to keep an eye on the courts! THANK YOU!
  6. While I appreciate your help - your approach is very harsh. I asked for help with a situation I did not understand - and feel like I am being chastized. I have been dealing with creditors for years due to my business failing...I did NOT walk away from my debts - I settled every single one of them and thought after my last Capital One payoff last year I was done - I know what I am doing and have been successful with getting everything taken care of. No, this debt is NOT MINE - legally yes, personally no. My landlord wrote up a contract with me when I cancelled my lease that he would pay it
  7. I just got off the phone with Equifax - who confirmed that their "verification" process pretty much includes asking the CA for my name and address - which of course they had. I did not realize that is all they did. I explained to the woman that I believe OPS12 (who sent me a letter) and Trident (who did not) are owned by the same company/person but are treated as separate entities. She is opening a new dispute and I am faxing her what I sent to Falino/OPS. I also noticed though that the tradeline from Trident notes my date of 1st delinquency as 5/2008. As per JCP&L (OC) the 1st delinq
  8. Well that is interesting because i have used that same terminology on ever validation I have sent over the years and never had a problem getting verification letters back.......I have seen it recommend a million times in a validation letter to ask that they not call you if you do not want to be called...... Sample letter right from CIC has the same line in it:
  9. I clarified in a later post that it was NOT a FOAD letter...i asked that they not CALL me....but requested validation be MAILED to me. So that ship has not sailed. Also, I was under the impression if a company adds a tradeline, they still need to send a dunning letter.....I do not expect them to notify me before....but I thought they were required to let you know when they have made "contact" with you....which it seems by adding a tradeline they have.
  10. I did dispute online with the credit bureaus.....Trident placed that tradeline but never contacted me. Equifax just emailed me today that they verified the debt as mine. My whole confusion here is that the dunning letter I received was from a Faloni Law acting on behalf of OPS (which is somehow affiliated with Trident) - but there is no mention of Trident in the letter. They still (we are now at 7 weeks) have not verified that debt to me. I sent a separate validation letter to Trident last week. Can I send a certified letter to the credit bureaus with THAT original dunning letter as we
  11. I appreciate all the feedback -- and while it may seem that way - i am far from angry....after all the years of dealing with this I don't get angry ---- I just get baffled how they can do things so confusing and push boundaries the way they do. For me it is not just about the car (although there is a huge difference between a 650 and a 710 when it comes to rate) - but the fact that I thought I was DONE with all of this. This came out of the blue and I had no clue that the OC even had a balance due as I was told by the landlord it was covered. That is where my frustration lies........I have han
  12. Also these are the dates they posted --- Date Opened: 12/2013 Is that correct? If that is the date they are posting as opened, if I cannot get this removed, is it 7.5 years from THAT date that this thing stays on there?
  13. It does now on all 3 - I did everything online yesterday. I did not send them any backup though - I am thinking now I should have sent the proof I sent a validation letter back on 3/6. I just stated I have no idea who Trident is and I have never heard from them before.
  14. I have never seen that before --- I cannot see how that can even be legal......the letter from Faloni clearly states that OPS 12 (sorry I was writing 9) the purchaser......but OPS12 also looks like they have had other agencies from OPS 1 - OPS 12 This was an interesting thread --- But it is bullshit too....because I sent a letter that was received by Faloni on March 6 - it was a validation - with a request to not contact me by phone and to send validation via mail only. So far I have received nothing. I believe the negative