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  1. Yes, it is Midland Credit Management. No, it is not the first I have heard from them. They have been sending me non-demanding payment offers for about a year. However, it is the first time I have actually spoken to them on the phone. I simply told the guy I was not sure what he was calling about and could he send me something in writing. He did... Contact info, blah blah blah Hours, blah, blah,blah Current Owner: Midland Funding LLC Original Creditor: XYZ Original Account #: 1234 MCM Account #: 5678 Current Balance: 1578.94 Payment Due Date: Upon Receipt Dear Mrs. Smalltown, Midland Credi
  2. here is where I am. After I posted last night, I looked at the letter from the CA again. (is MCM a JDB?) anyway, it says the name of the original creditor is XYZ and the current owner is MCM. This account is getting really close to 5 yrs since the last payment. What I really want is for this account to go away from my CR. Should I wait out the SOL then try to get it removed if they are unable to validate? This is all so confusing as to when to try to get things cleared up and when not to! Thanks!
  3. I rec'd a call from a CA asking for payment from OC XYZ. I asked them to send me something in writing. I got it today. The CA states that they are the 'servicer' of the above-mentioned XYZ account and this was a demand for payment. Now, what exactly do you think they mean by 'servicer'? Do you think they are implying that they do not own the debt? The interesting thing is that on my CR the OC is listing the debt as "sold to another lender". Can I ask the CA to validate this debt and show me where they are legally entitled to collect it? I have already disputed it and they have updated m
  4. Does KS have any laws governing payday loans? I know some states do as these people are ruthless.
  5. I received a notice today from a CA about a Progressing Ins bill. I called them (don't shoot me). The lady rattled off the dates when the policy started, when the last payment was, and when it ended. She then told me I owed them $400. When I told her that I had cancelled my policy because I got insurance elsewhere she said "send us proof that you purchased other insurance before the end date of this policy and we will send it to Progressive. They will then adjust your bill." When I asked if I should just contact Progressive directly she said "No, we are online with them and will take care
  6. I have a couple of collections on my CR that are old. One was reported in 2006 and has never been updated. Another one on hubby's report was reported in early 2006 and has never been updated again. How long do CA's typically keep records? If I DV these accounts and they are unable to verify them will they have to delete them? BTW, both of the above accounts are medical.
  7. Thank you all for the responses. This is an old CC debt. Last payment was approx. Dec 2004. SOL here is 3 years open/cc/revolving and 5 years written. If I just sit and wait it will hit the 5 year mark shortly.
  8. Answer to both responses: I honestly do not remember when I first heard from Midland. They have been sending me "settlement offers" about every other month for close to a year now. I have never called or written them and this is the only way they have ever contacted me. I did not pay this bill. The OC shows it 'paid' on their TL and MCM is reporting it now and sending me the notices.
  9. I have two accounts on my CR that have the remarks "account information disputed by consumer. meets FCRA requirements" The CA's on these accounts are still actively trying to collect. Is this OK? Should I DV them? I have not done this before, only disputed with the CR. My FICO has gone up over 66 points in the last few months and I would like to continue this trend!! Thank you for all your help.
  10. Can someone help me sort this out please... Credit One/First National Marin has a TL on my CR that shows PAID and in the notation reads "payment after collection. transfered to another lender" Midland Credit Management is sending me notices trying to collect on this account. I have disputed with the CR and the remarks read "account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements" and Midland is still trying to collect. The last payment on this account was approx. Dec 2004. What should I do now? Should I DV Midland? I have never done this and I just rec'd another letter this we
  11. jatneal. when you started you adventure, how old were these accounts? Also, were you receiving any correspondence from any of the people that had the accounts? Thanks.
  12. You stated they have an agreement dated 6 years after the account was opened. How old is this account? Is it SOL? Can they even legally still try to collect on it? I was sued last summer by a JDB on a Cap One account. I hired an attorney and was recently granted dismissal without prejudice. They were unable to produce any documents and we sited SOL.
  13. I am sorry I am asking so many questions! I am trying to figure this all out... I started this whole repair thing about 14 months ago, disputed a few items then decided to let sleeping dogs lie. Now, I am ready to get after it and get it cleaned up and I appreciate all the help on this board. I have a couple of items on my CR that says the "Dispute resolved - comsumer disagrees" or "Disputed - verified, meets FCRA requirements" I know it is WAY late but, can I still DV the CA's who have these accounts? Also, I read somewhere on these boards that the CA line can not outlive the OC line.
  14. I just pulled my free credit report from TU and I have a couple of questions please: 1-On the old/closed/co accounts, how do I know when the last payment was made and where they are on SOL? 2-I have one cc account that I have never been late on and still have a small balance. However, this account has been closed by the issuer and the credit limit is showin as zero. Is this account hurting me? Should I ask for PFD? 3-Does it help your score to have "paid after co/collection" accounts removed? 4-I have one account that reads like this: credit one bank balance zero verified 4/2008 collateral:
  15. OK...I am trying to clean up our credit reports to improve our scores for a home loan. From reading here I understand that a mortgage company will not close on a loan with outstanding collection accounts. However, if I pay these accounts now won't my scores take a huge hit because of recent activity on these already negative accounts? If that is the case, how long before my scores start to improve again? I was hoping to buy a house before I am totally old and