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  1. Midland Credit was previously reporting as a collection with $2400 balance on my EQ credit report. I just ran my FICOs and they are now listing the status as "Renewed or Refinanced" with $0 balance. WTF is this?
  2. I would tell the judge that you never received legal validation from LVNV. Just because they say you owe someone, they need proof. Ask the judge to have LVNV produce the chain of ownership of this debt, or produce billing statements. I would also tell the judge that LVNV threatened to garnish your paycheck.
  3. I ran into the same situation with MNKay. They sent the same letter to me after I DV'd them. They were collecting for the "OC" Midland (Yeah, they are the OC - RIIIIIGGGGHHHTTTT). Anyways, I've been dealing with these Midland creeps for 8 months now. I'm sending them ITS letter since they never validated and continue to update/verify on my CR's. Midland :'>
  4. I've already contacted the BBB. Midland's reply to them was that they couldn't release any information to them without me signing a release form. I told the BBB I am not signing anything for Midland (who knows what they would do with my siggy). The burden of proof is on them to prove I owe them, not me. I already have them on violations for sending me settlement letters after not responding to my DV requests.
  5. I understand that but why would it be shown 24 times?
  6. Midland has been my thorny issue. I filed complaint with the BBB and they send me a letter saying they can not release my info without my authorization and signature. I basically told the BBB to tell Midland to pound sand, that I'm not signing anything, and that Midland has been and is still currently in violation due to sending me a settlement letter after I had DV'd them TWICE!! Midland needs to provide the info, since they are the ones reporting inaccurate info.
  7. Yep, LVNV is not gone from all my CR's. I am still dealing with the Midland scum sucking though.
  8. How many times should a charge off be listed on an account? I have one that has a charge off listed for 24 consecutive months? Shouldn't this only be shown once??
  9. I have a paid civil judgement showing up only on my TU credit report. I would like this for this to be removed. Can I go back to the court and file a Motion to Vacate/Dismiss, in order to get this removed? Thanks.
  10. I too had success with the BBB getting that octopus LVNV off my credit reports. I tried to have LVNV validate a debt 3 times, to which they decided to keep their filthy yaps shut. Then they tried to farm this collection out to another one of their lackey companies, Capital Management, to try to collect on their behalf. I DV'd them as well, no reply (shocker). Disputed with the CRA's, each and every time LVNV verified and updated my CRs. I finally contracted the BBB of Greenville, SC and wrote them an indepth, detailed letter advising them of LVNV's violations of the FDCPA and FCRA. LVNV's
  11. Just ran my credit reports and LVNV is no longer on my EX report! Unfortunately though, they are still listed on my TU. Does anyone know when TU updates? I want to make sure that LVNV (aka scums of the earth) are no longer poisoning my CR's. Stick your nose here LVNV!!!
  12. I have been dealing with LVNV/Resurgent scum bags for the past 7 months trying to get them to validate a debt the said I "supposedly" owed to them. After numerous DV attempts and them farming it out to another CA to attempt to collect this debt, as well as them continually verifying with the CRA's, I contacted the BBB of SC. I finally got some action. Here is LVNV/Resurgent's reply to the BBB after my lengthy, detailed complaint to the BBB: Previous Creditor: yadayadayada Current Creditor: LVNV Funding, LLC Account Number: xxxxxxxxxxx Reference Number: xxxxxxxxx Current Balance: $ 0.00 Bett
  13. If you find a CA that is even 10% compliant with the law, let me know.
  14. Was your case dismissed with or without prejudice? If it was dismissed without prejudice, they can refile against you.
  15. So if they are listing themselves as a "factoring company" as they are shown on my CR's, I could ding them for those as a FCRA violation?