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  1. I have been trying to get my credit straight since 2008 when I found out my father had forged my signature on student loans I was unaware of. I am currently paying one back through an attorney in Chicago which should be a Perkins Loan. Our taxes are also being garnished for another loan. We would like to resolve this but whenever we have tried we get no where. I asked for the original documents and an itemized list of our payments. I did receive a response and the original documents are actually duplicates of the same document. Is there an attorney in the Chicago area that someone can recommend. I am tried of getting run over and the attorney we had in '08 did nothing to help us. Now it is my belief that we are being double billed by Conserve/IRS and that the payment plan with the attorney may involve one of the same loans. Any help or advice would be sincerely appreciated.
  2. Sorry I was unclear. It is a summons to appear in court later this month. There is a sworn affidavit with it from the last company- Midland Funding which I am assuming is the same as Midland Credit? If I understand you correctly I should send this attourney a DV letter? Also how could I reply other than appearing in court? I am a complete novice at this part of the process. Thank you.
  3. Since I found this web site in 2007 I have been trying to clean up our debt little by little. We have contemplated filing for bankruptcy but so far have been able to scrape by. We are already paying on several debts and due to a situation earlier this year did not have health insurance and had to pay those debts on a payment plan. Earlier today I was given a judgement from Blatt, Hasenmiller, Leibsker, and Moore out of Normal, IL for my husband. This is for a Citibank debt for almost $2000. The original debt was taken out in 2003 and last paid on in 2008. It has been sold/written off by the original creditor three times in the last two years. I have written a DV letter to all of the agencies when I start receiving bills from them and none have sent any proof of validation. I have not received a phone call or letter from BHLM prior to today and wonder if they can serve me without prior contact. I also wondered if there is any possibility of us settling for less than the original amount which is what they are asking for + fees. As I mentioned above we are really trying to avoid bankruptcy and be smart about all of this. We do not have any wiggle room financially and there is no way we can come up with the $2000 by the end of the month. We live in Illinois. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I received a call this morning from someone asking for my husband, then asked if I was his spouse, then they asked me to please hold. I held for two minutes and then hung up. When I searched the number it brought up a lot of entries on Google from people saying that it was a scam and people trying to get personal info. We have an unlisted number and do not use the voice mail with the phone number. We have a message on the phone stating that if you leave a message it will not be heard. We both use our cell phones only. I have since disconnected the voice mail and have researched blocking and tracing numbers. I have also gone through the caller id on the phone and we have numerous numbers that do not have an id and when I look them up seem to be connected to identity theft and two connected to old credit cards past the SOL. We do have one credit card in collections. My question is if I block all of these numbers is that legal and o.k. or is it going to make the situation worse? No one has left a message saying where they are calling from or who they are representing. I was also wondering about the trace feature and filing a police report. I was taught not to involve the police unless it was an emergency, but I have also had identity theft problems and do not want to go through that again either. Any advice would be appreciated. If I could get more info about who was calling us I would send letters.
  5. I'm back. I had to do a lot of research and back track to get the original paperwork which did have my name in my father's handwriting. In 2008 I hired a lawyer and an accountant to look over the information that I was able to obtain and follow up on questions that I wasn't able to get answered from both the credit agencies and the IRS. I wanted to straighten this out but did not want to start paying on anything without knowing the correct amount which no one can tell me including the IRS. The lawyer and the accountant went through the same thing. As soon as they found out the correct agency to contact and sent them a letter the debt would be sold or passed on to someone else. I called the state of Georgia to file charges against my father, but realized at this point in time I just want to move on and want it over with. The longer I spend prosecuting my father etc the more I am being held back by this mess. I have focused on getting this straight and recently received a letter from an attorney here which my attorney responded to. Yesterday I received notice of a court date. I am so excited that the end of this mess is near. Thank all of you for your advice and I will let you know how it is on the other side. As for my credit report it is perfect!
  6. Another question: In the early 90's my father took out a discover card in my name and also falsified my signature on half of my financial aid documents. He also owed the IRS upwards of $20,000. I did not find out about the discover card until the mid 90's and was able to have it removed from my credit report. He has denied that he did this. I thought that my financial aid had been taken care of and nothing is on my credit report. However after my father had a stroke we went through his apt and found several documents, ss info, and personal info of mine. This year my taxes were garnished and after following up there is still debt that I owe the government for financial aid. I have contacted the US Dept of Education to get the original documents and find out what exactly should and do I owe. After calling several agencies and writing letters I have proof that the majority of the fin. aid documents have my name forged in my father's penmenship. I tried to work with finan. aid and the credit agencies to no avail. Now they have atatched a garnishment and will take 80% of anything I make. I have now hired and attourney and accountant, but we are still having problems finding the right people and the right amount. Not to mention trying to file a complaint for a forgery/identity theft that happened over fifteen years ago. My father had a stroke ,has NO assets and still denys everything. He receives his tax rebate checks even though he no longer pays taxes and they wrote the 20,000 off due to disability. Has anyone had any dealings with the US Dept of Education or their creditors or identity theft with a parent? Had anyone filed a complaint against a parent? Any advice would be appreciated!
  7. Quick question: How many times can I apply with different credit card companies within a period of time before it hurts my credit? There is a lot of info out there that says you can apply within a 14 day period to different card companies and it will only show up once. -trying to build my credit
  8. Hi this is my first post. I have been reading this thread for a few days now and it is partially responsible for me joining this web site. I am in the same situation and have been an AU on several accounts of my husband. Could you give me an example of the type of letter you would write to get the CRAs to take it off my report. Thank you so much and to the lady above thanks for your original post!