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  1. 6 days and no response's. Sorry my question wasn't worth anybody's time,This is suppose to be a place where we can help each other. I really thought SOMEBODY might have been able to give me some insighr on how to proceed with this.
  2. Experian credit report Date July 23 2009 VERIZON NEW ENGLAND INC STATUS: paid,closed DATE OF STATUS: 07/2009 REPORTED SINCE: 12/2005 LAST REPORT DATE: 07/2009 TYPE: utility TERMS: 1 MONTHS ACCOUNT HISTORY: collection as of JULY 2009 OK since this was paid May 2008, How can this be a collection as of JULY 2009? Is this hurting my credit score by saying collection as of JULY 2009? Think i could leverage a delete of this for inaccurate reporting? This account is closed and paid as of MAY 2008. Any thoughts? Well thank all for looking. nechick
  3. With EXPERIAN you will need to call them to get that it should be 7 years from there listed date for removal.
  4. first a big thank you to every body here. i got rid of all the assets, lvnv, midland,all my lates,co, everything bad from my reports. i couldnt have ever done it with out ALL OF YOU.i didnt post much but i read read and read every day the whole site for months and months. a year and a half ago my fico scores were EXP 511 EQ 532 TU 566 today there EXP 715 EQ 727 TU 734 the only bad thing left is a paid verizon collection showing on EXP & EQ i havent gave up on that one though i will win this one to.all in all a year and a half ago between the 3 reports i had about 30 negs and 4 pos tradelines now i have 50 pos and 2 neg tradelines. thank you all so much for all the help. and to the new people dont give up if you read everthing you need is here just read and dont give up. thank you all again nechickxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  5. now that i think about cap1 is reporting inaccurate information.it was never paid, so delete or send me $$$$.they just reported this to day so im sure this new information once again made this look newer than what it is.
  6. OK Willing Then ill bring my credit report to court that said PAID, O balance. and file a counter claim for false reporting. lol thanks
  7. Thank You Willing Thats kind of what i thought. So when i here from the JDB i guess ill tell them they brought a DISPUTED, SOL DEBT. Is there anything else i should watch out for? TY NECHICK
  8. hi everybody I have a very old cap1 account that disputed with EQUIFAX as to old to report. The DOFD was around JUNE 2001. So today i got my dispute results back and now there reporting it as a paid charge off since 9/2008, with a 0 balance. So do you think they sold a SOL account to some JDB? This account has all ready aged off EX & TU, so why would they change this to a paid charge off when i didnt pay it?
  9. So i guess i can sue them under FCRA 604, FDCPA 809. Is there any more? Should i call them and tell them they now owe me $2000 but we can settle this now for $1000. Or should i send them a ITS letter? thanks nechick
  10. I dont think they do have a reason to check my report.Its none of their busness if i paid any thing off or if i moved!I DVed them they folded my life has nothing to do with them period! This was my only bad account and its SOL for reporting and collecting,MY credit report is clean with all 3. THANK YOU NECHICK
  11. Hello everybody Back in FEB i got a collection letter from NCO concerning a old ATT account. So i sent them a DV letter.In MARCH i got a letter back from them saying, Dear nechick Thank you for your inquiry regarding the above-referenced account.Please be advised that the aboved-referenced account is closed in our offices. I checked my credit report after getting their letter and the account was removed in APRIL. So here it is SEPT and i check my credit report and NCO pulled my report in AUG. Do they have PP to check my report? Is there something i can do them for pulling my report? THANKS NECHICK
  12. hi everybody i think this is a simple question that i just cant get a handle on it. on EQUIFAX if DOLP for OC is 11/01 how can DOFD OR DOLA be 3/02? and how can the CA that owns this account report DOFD as 1/02? i called my bank and all my statements from 01/02 sent to me and the last payment i sent was in 11/01. when should this age off? what can i do about the different dates?
  13. well i just got my 3rd letter requesting this id stuff.which i sent cmrrr and they signed for this started june 10 and now its aug 11. what should my next step be?
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