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  1. Thanks for all the help guys. I applied for a discover card today and hopefully will get a approval for it..
  2. Its been for sale for months but the used boat market is flooded right now on the west coast and the boat is used for extra income since I use it to guide clients with on fishing trips
  3. With this tough economy money is really, really tight and I'm not making nearly half the money I'm used to... I have truck, car , boat and credit card payments.. AFter I pay my bills I have no money left to pay my credit card payments now there about 300-400 a month My question is what can I do to help keep my credit good ? My bills are only about a week late as of now . I worked to hard to get good credit and would like to find a way of not trashing it .. I have called the company and asked about maybe deferring payments or dropping the interest rate and they said they could not make that happen.. Thanks in advance
  4. Well here is a update. Looks like all 3 cra's updated my credit report on this account. The only problem is they updated it has "paid" and did not delete it I'm going to call the collector tomorrow and ask them WTF happened. Since I taped this call and did not disclose to them I was taping them what can I do to speed up the process of having them delete this off my report ?
  5. About a month ago I had a medical collection pop up on my credit reports from a dr. visit from 5 years ago. So I called the collector and taped the phone call. i had them agree to a deletion if i paid it in full that day. I have been watching my credit reports on true credit and it has not dropped off yet. I called the collector back and spoke to the same girl I talk to before and she said she has it has a deletion in there system and she said they updated with the cra's on june 1st. My question is, is this normal for it to take awhile or do I need to dispute it ?
  6. 1) Tribute , 750 2) First premier , 375 3) First premier , 450 4) Target , 200 5) credit one , 300 6) dscu 300 7) cap one , 500 8) Hooters , 500 9) chase , 2100 going to start firing most of them soon
  7. Last month I pulled my wives credit report and found she had 3 baddies on her report and all 3 were from unpaid medical bills. So I disputed all of them and got 1 out of 3 deleted. After doing some research I discovered that one of them was 100% legit and the other one was from a urgent care. At that time we paid a co pay and our insurance was suppose to pick up the remaining but I guess they never did. Well today I got a letter from the collection agency stating that I was going to give them a call and let them know that the insurance company was responsible for this bill . The insurance number is under my social security number and I was wondering if I gave them my social could they tie me to this debt by placing this on my credit report since we are married ? Any advice would be great on dealing with this collection agency on a bill that the insurance company should have paid.
  8. Cap 1 reports around the 12th of the month for me. It reported right away when I received my new card a few months ago
  9. Well I went and pulled my fico score just to see how far off they were. My fico score was 672. They were 25 points higher I guess Maybe next month I will make the 700 club
  10. How accurrate is experians plus score ? I just checked my experian plus score at freecreditreport.com and it shows my plus score at 707 right now. just curious how accuratte it is there
  11. I guess I'm one of the annoying guys thats always on there cell phone in public. But 90% of my phone calls are work related. But you do see way to many punk kids on cell phones talking to there firends in public over dumb stuff.
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