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  1. Update: After they contacted another sister by phone, I sent ANOTHER letter to Creditors Financial, CMRRR, telling them that they are violating the FCRA by contacting third parties when they already have my direct contact info, and to only contact me via regular mail, or face legal action. Then, two weeks later, I got a letter from ANOTHER CA regarding the same account. It looks like Creditors Financial handed it over the another CA after receiving my second, more stern letter about their phone violations. OK, so now that I got a letter from the new CA, what do I do?
  2. No, and I know it's not references because those are impeccable, including from owners and presidents of companies I worked for. And since then, I've been offered two good jobs, one of which I am on now, so it all worked out in the end. As part of the settlement, the Big Bad Corporation admits to no wrongdoing, and I am not able to discuss my application of employment with that company with anyone. So, in my opinion, they got off easy. But like I said, I think they saw the large unpaid medical collections (due to my disability) on my credit report, thought the worst, and used that against me, but they will never admit that because that is discrimination. In any event, it has alerted me to try to clean up my credit to the best of my ability. The funny thing is that since this has happened, I have been able to clean up my credit to the point where my score has gone from in the 400s to the high 500s, only in a few months. A lot of it is due to the info from this message board, so thanks to all!
  3. Update: Settled with the Big Bad Corporation for mid 5 figures. Got the check a while ago. Pretty happy with it. They know they were wrong as hell! Thanks all for your help and insight. I hope none of you EVER have this problem.
  4. I took out some small student loans in 1989, the year I graduated from college. One was a Perkins loan (I think), totalling $750. They were for books emergency loans and were from my school. I never paid it and it never defaulted. Recently, I have started received bills from some company called ECSI for these loans plus interest. These loans were taken in January 1989 and became delinquent 6 months later! Isn't there some SOL on this? None of these show up on my credit report. BTW, all of my other loans were eventually forgiven due to disability in the mid 90s, and show up on my credit report as "paid by another source", and are not derogatory. What can I do to stop getting these bills from small student loans taken almost 20 years ago? Do I need to worry about this at all?
  5. In June 08, I sent Creditors Financial a letter DVing a credit card debt and in the letter I demanded that they do not contact me by phone, and only contact me via mail. They did respond to my DV with verification, but I have not heard from them other than that. Since then, they have tried to call me at my SISTER'S HOUSE (knowing damn well I do not live there and I provided them with my current address / phone number, which hasn't changedi n over 2 years!). I called them back, not knowing what the call was about. When I found out it was Creditors Financial about that VERY SAME credit card debt that I DV'd about, I was FURIOUS. I told them I had attempted to make payment arrangements with the OC. Creidotrs Financial said, "do I have your permission to record this call?". I said "NO!" Then asked them if they were going to accept my payment arrangements, they said they would not discuss, so I said I will send them a certified letter with my request. I hung up, looked at my original letter and sure enough, I DID demand that they cease all telephone calls. What can I do about them trying to reach me byu phone through my sister, 3 times since I demanded by letter that they not call me? Can this work to my advantage in the debt that I owe them? Thanks!
  6. I had an account with natural gas provider SCANA that was closed in '06 and went to collections. A month later, I paid the whole thing in full and had my gas service restored under a new account. The old account continues to appear on my credit reports in varying ways, mostly as "charge off, closed, paid in full" with a $0 balance,m but still in the negative category, since it was a charge off. I'd prefer for it to be off my CRs completely, and have tried to dispute it, but SCANA keeps coming back and verifying it. Now, my second SCANA account is closed and has a past due balance. Ir is still in the OC's hands and does not go to collections until 9/2. When I speak to the OC's reps on the phone, I tell them that I'd be happy to pay the entire past due balance in full, if they would agree in writing to remove my previous account from all my CRs as a "PFD". Each rep on the phone has told me "no, they don't do removals". Is there a better method for me to get SCANA to remove the first account from my CR? Like I said, I don't mind paying the second account off in full, I just want them both not to appear on my CRs.
  7. Hi: My 2 mortgage loans were just sold to a new servicer, starting June 08. The old lender has gotten out of the mortgage business and sold all of their mortgage loans to a willing buyer. My loans were past due a few months when they were bought / transferred. I immediately made repayment arrangements to pay the past due amounts over an 18-month period, and to have my new monthly due date later than usual. This gives me great breathing room, as I was almost 6 months past due and was right about to be sent to the foreclosure department at the original lender. Now, what I want to know is: The new lender told me that my old mortgages should now read as a $0.00 balance on my new credit reports starting next month, with the new lender having the assumed mortgages. How will this read, will this be derogatory? Will there be any past due amounts on my new mortgage listed on my 3 CRs? Can I have it set up on my 3 CRs that all my payments are on time as of June 08? What can I do to make sure this kind of move is as positive-looking on my CRs as possible? Thanks for your help.
  8. Then I fall under GA law. My address is in GA.
  9. Sorry, my permanent address on my credit report states "Georgia". Even though my profile here says Texas. Is there still a difference?
  10. Hi everyone. I sent 3 DV letters to different CAs on my various CRAs in late April and early May. I have only heard back from one of them as of today with verified info. What would be my next step, and how long do I need to wait to go the next step? Thanks.
  11. Yeah, it looks like they did pull it. It says the date and everything. But that still doesn't mean that was the underlying reason for the rescinding of the offer. And it still doesn't absolve them from following the laws set out by the FCRA. I just spoke to a very good employment lawyer in TX who also knows the FCRA well, and did a similar case like this last year. He thinks that so far, I have a great case against them and that he told me not to communicate with either the headhunter or anyone at the company until we get this demand letter fired off to them, which will probably be by Monday. So, it looks like I'm off to the races!
  12. Yes, Flacorps. I am a member of two protected classes. Age and disability. Although this is a huge corporation, this is a very large industry.
  13. OK, I am still looking for a good employment lawyer who is licensed in TX so I can get his or her advice before I fire off any communications to the Big Company making them aware that I know they violated the FCRA. But in the meantime, I did speak with a good friend who is a hiring manager at a large corporation and he gave me a very different perspective on this whole matter. He told me that he thinks it would not be in my interests at all to disclose anything to the headhunter, because the headhunter is more concerned with his relationship with Big Company, who he does a lot of business with. He suggested that since the headhunter was involved in the failure to follow federal law, that that he could become much more cooperative with the company to provide them with any leads about what my strategy would be or even a coverup for the company. He said that he has seen this before, and his policy is to never trust the headhunter if they have a contract with the company. Also, he said do not trust that the company will "do the right thing" in re-extending me an offer, or will act in good faith with me since they apparently did not act in good faith by breaking the law and violating my right to due process by not giving me a "pre-adverse action notice" before rescinding my offer. He said that you do not know what the real reason that they rescinded their offer to you was. He said that the "credit history" could be a phony reason they are using to kick you out of the job for another, more nefarious reason (he said that as a hiring manager, he has seen that happen several times. As an example, if someone is in a "protected class", such as age, national origin, religion or disability, the company might want to make up a legal but bogus reason in order to cover up for the discrimination.) He says that on its face, the "credit history" reason sounds bogus, and uses the fact that they never provided me with a copy of the credit report, or that, when confronted, the HR rep could not verify to me what their exact credit policy in hiring was! He basically said, "how do you know that they are even telling you the truth? That they even pulled your report?", and strongly suggested to me that I immediately cease any communications with either the company or the headhunter until I speak to an attorney. Then, he said that instead of sending them a nice letter gently telling them I know about their violations of the law but I only want my job back, that what I really should do is have my attorney send a letter and be unequivocal about my position that the company violated the law and that I intend to sue and seek unlimited, high-end punitive damages for their willful violations of the law. Do not tell them that you just want your job back, he says; first of all, the job is gone and you cannot trust this company or its headhunter to go to bat for you anymore. The headhunter told you that the hiring manager loves you and is disappointed about this whole matter, but how do you know this is true? Just because the headhunter told you this? The same headhunter that participated in violating federal law with the company? As far as you know, my friend says, the company might already know they broke the law, and are just trying to cover it up or hope you are not smart enough to figure that out. So, in a nutshell, as a hiring manager, his perspective is: the less I interact with this company or any of its agents, the better. Then, have an attorney fire off the letter, or at least, send off a letter that my attorney has reviewed. He thinks that once any communications notifying the company that the law was broken is received by the company, that it'll run up the corporate flagpole and the company will get all legally prepared, or possibly even cover their dirty trracks. so it's best not to raise anything like that until you're ready to deal with them on that legal level. Remember, this is a billion-dollar company and I'm just one person, so I need to come at them with guns blazing, he said. You cannot appeal to their sensitive side and ask for reconsideration at this point. Your federal rights have been violated, they will know they are in the wrong, and they will soon ask you what it is you want to make this disappear. THEN, he says, see about the job, if you so choose. (But he says he would go for a settlement instead, because at this point, you really can;t trust this company to handle you fairly upon employment). They would most likely not offer you the job back anyway without getting you to sign an "agreement not to sue", so the job and the suit are two issues that, from this point on, go hand in hand. OK, so that is a totally different perspective, but defintely one to consider. He does seem to make some very good points.
  14. I signed nothing with the headhunter at all. The only docs I signed have come from the big company. In fact, I've never even met the headhunter. He called me out of the blue one day to recruit me for this position. Even if the company tried to use the headhunter to do the dirty work of telling me that the offer has been rescinded, that means the headhunter was acting as an agent of the corporation and therefore, the corporation still bears corporate responsibility for his actions.