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  1. I have had a secured visa credit card through my credit union since January of this year. I have paid on time every month. On 10.7.08 I got an alert from myfico saying that my credit score went down 10 points because of a balance increase. According to my account information for my visa I am not over limit and I am not late. I called my Credit Union and they said that they did not report any information on my account and that Equifax must have been getting the information from some place else. I am not sure what to do...The only place equifax should be getting information from regarding this account is from my credit union.. So if the staff is saying they didn't report anything then they are either lying or there is something wrong with there system. I'm angry because my credit is bad enough as it is and with the credit crunch going on right now.. I don't apprecaite this "mistake" especially when I have always paid this account.
  2. I had a first premier card that went to collections which I paid. I didn't feel they were reporting accurately so I disputed it. Now my FICO went down again because the status on this card changed to "Paying as agreed" I dont even have the card anymore - I cut it up and tossed it over a year ago. What can I do?
  3. I guess I can just call them, but I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem I am trying to file some disputes with Equifax using the "code" that is listed on my credit file with them. It has all my accounts listed, but none of the options they give me for the reason I am disputing are even close. There is no where for me to type comments as the boxes are grayed out. The options are -Item not mine -Account paid before sent to collections Thats it.. Do I have to call them or am I doing something wrong?
  4. So it's legal for three different groups (Wachovia, RJM, and MRS) to be collecting on the same debt?
  5. I recieved a letter from MRS associates regarding an account that I have with RJM Acquisitions for Wachovia. I am unable to find a lisence for Washington State for RJM to collect this debt BUT I can find a lisence for MRS Associates. So Now I have 1.) Wachovia reporting on my credit report this debt. They are reporting for 0 dollars and show transfered 2.) RJM is reporting me oweing them for this debt with Wachovia 3.) MRS Associates is trying to collect this debt on behalf of RJM The way the letter reads from MRS is that they are doing business on behalf of RJM not that they are RJM Doing Business as MRS. This seems kinda Shady to me. Whats up?
  6. I am not trying to dodge paying them. I wouldn't have gone through the process of calling them, faxing them an agreement, and sending them the money if I was trying to dodge paying them.. so I don't know how everyone came to the conclusion I was trying to do that. BUT the law says that all trade lines must be reported accurately. That means the ammount owed, who owns it, and there contact infortmation. The contact information wasn't correct so therefore they broke the law. My credit report and the letter I wrote them had there address on it.. they didn't correct it, I sent payment, and I got it returned to me.. RETURN TO SENDER. They refused to sign for it.. so it should now be there loss and it will be because I will be disputing the debt with the cra's - I have copies of my credit report showing the address and I have the letter that was returned to me.
  7. I sent a fax to a CA to offer a pay for delete settlement. They agreed to the terms listed in my offer, signed it, and faxed it back to me. The fax that I sent them had the address to there office that was listed on my credit report. This address was not corrected. I sent payment via certified mail with signature requested. This letter was returned to me today. I had to sign for it when it was returned and the lady said she did not know why it was returned. When I look on the post office the website says Undeliverable as Addressed, April 18, 2008, 8:27 am, SPOKANE, WA 99201 Undeliverable as Addressed, April 17, 2008, 8:00 am, SPOKANE, WA 99201 Anyways - I am wondering if I am off the hook now with this debt since the CA didn't provide correct contact information or something?
  8. What should I do if my 3 in 1 from truecredit shows that I have one score, but when I go to a lender and they pull my credit and it shows a different score then what truecredit shows? I know I dont expect it to be 100% accurate all the time - but I am noticing differences of 40 or 50 points on my equifax and experian via truecredit then what my score shows when I went to the credit union or tried to open an account with www.prosper.com.
  9. It does have a 0 balance, but it also shows derogatory not transfered or anything similar. Isn't it illegal for two entity's to report on the same debt? If so under what section of what law would I find this?
  10. Ok sounds good - I am going to hire an attorney because I blieve it is illegal for them to notify me which they have not. All of my addresses listed on my credit report are correct.
  11. Yes there is a TL for RJM but there is also a TL for Wachovia. I thought it was illegal for two entitys to report on the same debt. And yes there is something wrong with RJM just sitting there doing nothing. Its aginst the law for them to not notify me and they didin't.
  12. All- What was said above Sounds exactly what happened to me.. RJM has my debt also. Wachovia is still reporting on this at the same time as RJM. Can I get legal on them? Neither Wachovia or RJM sent me a letter. What can I do?
  13. I had an account with Wachovia. They sold the debt to any attorneys office for collection. However, Wachovia never sent me a letter trying to resolve with me first. Also the Attorney office has not sent me a letter regarding this account. My addresses are listed on my credit report. Can I dispute with Wachovia or What can be done?
  14. I know that paying off all of my debts will help increase my credit score. However, to see the fastest results should I -Pay off the oldest debts first or the newest? I have a debt that is 3 years old and its only for 100.00 dollars. However I have a debt that is 6 months old and its 1,100 dollars. -Will paying off certain debt types help faster (IE: Utiltie types, Bank Types)? I am not sure on this one because all of my debts are owened by collection agencies now and not the original creditor.
  15. Yes I have this card. There customer service does suck but you can get a little better service if you ask to speak to someone in America... it still sucks but at very least you can understand what is being said.
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