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  1. I am posting this here as this is where I found the origianl 623 letter info. I sent off 2- 623 letters cmrr. First was to an OC (prov/wama) second was to CA (not sure who they are, I am sure for some cc). It is just a couple days short of 30 days and I have not heard from either one or had my CR changed. We filed chap 7 discharged over a year ago. wamu is reporting transferred/closed/past due180 days. I have disputed with all 3 CRA more than once and comes back verified each time so I sent them a 623 letter reminding them I had filed ch7 and they needed to report correctly. I double checked my creditor matrix and that account is listed, although in my district it does'nt matter all debts are included, listed or not. The CA has also verified more than once with the CRA. Although each time I dispute they change thier info slightly. They don't even start reporting until the month the ch7 was discharged and then report filed bk last month. I sent them the 623 letter but when the green card came back the date recieved was filled in but it was'nt signed. Around the time they received it I had a call from them (caller id) but I did'nt answer and they did'nt leave a message and have'nt heard anything else. So...wamu's time will be up tomorrow, the CA has about 5 more days. If they don't change thier reporting what next? My goal is just to get them reporting correctly I really don't want to go to court.
  2. cool! If my scores are anywhere in the 50 point range that bankrate is showing I will be estatic! I am so tempted to pull one and see where its at! LOL
  3. I am wondering how accurate anyone is finding the tool at bankrate? I last pulled myfico in Feb and when I input my info into the bankrate calculator for what was true in Feb it is right on the money. When I input the info that is true today my score is higher than I expected. I also have the score that comes with credit one cc and although it is showing an increase its not quite as high as bankrate is showing. Anyone with opinions on the creditone score? I have a year old chap7, in Feb myfico's were 530-550 am trying to get up to 620. From what I have read repair can go quickly up to the low 6's then slows. Creditone is showing me at 565 bankrate is saying 595-645. I am trying to wait another month before I pull myficos.
  4. My chapter 7 discharge was a year ago and everyone of my cc are reporting CO/bankruptcy which is not true. 1 or 2 may have been close but I honestly don't think any were actually CO at the time of filing. So I have been disputing and they are changing! I have got a couple of deletes but most have changed to never late, 30 day late or 60 day late. This does improve my score a tiny bit correct? I pulled FICO in Feb and am trying to wait until the end of June to pull again because I am sending off another round of disputes Monday. Second part of my question: almost all of the cc are reporting the wrong day for bk. It ranges from about a year before filing to a year after. 2 are reporting bk filed about a year before I actually did (reporting different dates, not the same) and never late. I am wondering if I should dispute them or just leave them alone. I feel if I dispute again they may change to the correct info and I would be worse off. If I send a FCRA section 623 letter the the OC do they HAVE TO delete if they are reporting wrong info or can they simply correct? I do have a couple of those letters out to the OC reporting I filed this year but so far no results.
  5. I have a CA that is not reporting correctly and is iib. They have different info on each report, have verified with all 3. I think I am going to try this letter. Would that be the best way to handle them?
  6. I have a ch7 discharged/closed right at a year ago. EX is reporting on my various accounts that the bk is filed anywhere from 07/2006- 04/2008. Every single account has a different date listed. I disputed each account as bk not listing correct date and today in the mail I recieved a letter from ex stating they all have been verified as correct! What is my next step? Wait out the 30 days and dispute with ex with the same reasons again? Or dispute with the OC? Accounts are all credit cards except for one which is a CA.
  7. Just as I suspected! Thanks for the excellent advice everyone!
  8. I have disputed 1 of my accounts and now TU sent me a letter wanting to see my discharge papers and list of creditors. Interestingly, I also disputed multiple accounts on DH TU and they have'nt asked for anything. My opinion is that its not my responsibility to verify the info for them. Suggestions, ideas, comments?
  9. Thanks for the excellent tips! I actually read the first response and went and tried it and I was able to get a report that way. Came back to post a thanks and I saw the other tips. Thanks so much. TU and EX down, now onto EQ!
  10. Seems like a few years ago I was able to go online to get the CR and there was a place that asked if you have been denied credit in the last 60 days (or whatever) and if yes I am sure they checked your inq and you got a free report. I have a declined credit letter from Hooters for TU and also a letter from geico saying my rates would have been better if my score was better. I went to the TU website and can't figure out how to check for free...am I missing something? I know I can send it in snail mail but really was'nt wanting to wait that long if I don't have to.
  11. I have a current auto loan with them. A couple months ago I called to get an extension on my monthly payment. The call went to an outsourced call center. The call took all of 2 minutes. The man said no problem, I asked if I should pay by phone he said no just wait for the paperwork and then send the payment in. 2 days later I got a call (again an outsourced call center) to see why my payment was late. (My payment was already past due but not 30 days). I explained to her I had called and made arrangements for an extentsion she looked over my account and said everything was in order and went over the terms with me again. I received the paperwork sent in the payment. 2-3 days later I received duplicate paperwork in the mail. It was almost time for my next pymt and I have'nt received my statement so I called and this time get a TX call center. He goes over my account and says the extension was denied. Now I never received a call or letter letting me know so turns out I owe 2 payments and have 5 days to do it. I got the money together and made the payment right before it went 60 days late. So...they did give me a 30 day late and I am just sick about it. Since I still have the loan I figure disputing with the CRA won't do me any good, but do you think I have a chance with goodwill?
  12. Thanks for the tip. It seems like I have read that paid after CO is actually better for your CR than iib so I was wondering if I should just leave it for now anyway. Does anyone know if I should DV and/or use the 1-2 punch on a CA that is reporting iib? DH has one on his report that I have no idea who they are SST/CIGPF/Corp?
  13. Yes, I was aware of that thanks. I was thinking I should put a little more time in before applying with them. Between DH and I we bk about 15,000 on Cap1 and closer to 25,000 on hsbc. They have'nt been sending any pre-approval offers so I figure they are'nt ready for us again yet!
  14. Thanks for the tips, maybe I will just hold steady for now then. I guess I was thinking that more available credit combined with more payments reporting on time would raise my score quicker. But...I can't afford to have many inq.
  15. I am working on repairing credit reports after a chapter 7 discharge one year ago. Unfortunately we bk all of the usual suspects Cap one, HSBC, WaMu. I have'nt spent the money to get all 3 of both of our FICO's yet but my EQ is 580 and DH TU is 549. I am planning to pull all 3 in maybe June. Goal is to get mid score above 620. I have Applied Visa ($350) and just received Crown Jewelers, will make a purchase by the end of the month. I applied for a Target Red card last week and got the 7-10 day message. We were both denied for Hooters. DH has a Credit One visa ($250). Should I open a Crown account for him as well? Maybe the sterling trifecta? What should we apply for next? I am also working on the clean-up of reports and we do have a joint auto loan thru GMAC.
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